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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Game Prediction

By scrambled E.G.S.

PSU 45
SU 16

Last week we got the margin spot of but were off 4 pts for each team. This week we will get it right.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Early Expectations

Looking at SUs sched what are the expectations as of now? I will divide our opponents by where I project them to be overall.

Top 75-100
Maine, Akron, and @Louisville
Maine is 1AA but is usually a strong 1AA so I will include them here. Two games are at home and the other is a team we have played well the last 4 years, winning the last 2. Worst case scenario we should be 2-1 here. But I think we will go 3-0.

Top 50-75
Minn, NW, RU, @UConn
Three of these are at home. And all four are beatable. I think SU should be able to squeeze out at least 1 W here.

Top 25-50
USF, WV, Cincy, @Pitt
Again 3 are at home. While any would be a mild upset, none are out of the question. But I think we go O-fer here.

Top 25
Dont see any way SU wins this one.

So as of right now I think 3-9 should be the minimum expectation. Anything less will be a disappointment.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

NFL Predictions

NYG 20
PHI 10

CAR 14
ARI 28

TEN 21
BAL 20

PIT 21
SD 7

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking Back at BE Predictions

So how bad do I do? You can read them here

Final BE Standings
Cincy 11-2 (6-1) had them 8-5 (4-3)
Pitt 9-3 (5-2) had them 6-6 (2-5)
WV 8-4 (5-2) had them 10-2 (7-0)
RU 7-5 (5-2) had them 7-5 (3-4)
UConn 7-5 (3-4) had them 6-6 (2-5)
USF 7-5 (2-5) had them 9-3 (5-2)
SU 3-9 (1-6) had us 5-7 (3-4)
Louisville 5-7 (1-6) had them 7-5 (2-5)

Cincy won the BE. I had them in third place. The games I got wrong were: @WV (26-23), @UL (28-20), and @Hawaii (29-4). I had Cincy losing all 3.

Second place was a 3 way tie between Pitt, WV, and RU. For Pitt I missed @SU (34-24), @USF (26-21), @ND (36-33 OT), WV (19-15), @UConn (34-10) which I had them losing, as well as Bowling Green (17-27), RU (54-34) which I had them winning. For WV I missed @ECU (3-24), Cincy (23-26), @Pitt (15-19) as games I picked them to W and Auburn (34-17) as a game I picked them to lose. I got RUs overall record dead right. However I missed teh BE record and the following games: @Pitt (54-34), @USF (49-16) in which they won and UNC (12-44), @Navy (21-23) in which they lost.

UConn is next finishing 5th. I missed @Louisville (26-21), @SU (39-14) in which they won and Pitt (10-34) in which the lost.

Then comes USF. Boy was I wrong on them. I missed Pitt (21-26), @Louisville (20-24), RU (16-49) in which they lost and KU (37-34) in which they won.

Tied for last place were SU and Louisville (hey at least we werent alone). For SU I missed Akron (28-42), Pitt (24-34), UConn (14-39) in which SU lost and @ND (24-23) in which SU won. Finally we have Louisville. I missed UK (2-27), UConn (21-26), Cincy (20-28) in which they lost and USF (24-20) in which they won.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Final Big East Predictions

This season is almost impossible to predict. The teams are so close. Which means we should see home field be the deciding factor. Here are my predictions:

WV 10-2 (7-0)
USF 9-3 (5-2)
Cincy 8-5 (4-3)
RU 7-5 (3-4)
SU 5-7 (3-4)
UConn 6-6 (2-5)
Louisville 7-5 (2-5)
Pitt 6-6 (2-5)

Cincy 8-5 (4-3)
Ws: Eastern Kentucky, Miami OH, @Akron, @Marshall, RU, USF, Pitt, SU
Ls: @Oklahoma, @UConn, @WV, @Louisville, @Hawaii

This is a hard team to figure. They have a big loss in Mauk, plus lost some players on D. I expect them to take a step back this year but how far? The sched is easy early. They start off with 4 cupcakes sandwiched around OU. They should start off 4-1 before BE play. That will give them confidence going up against RU. Cincy has given RU problems and the game is at home, so I see Cincy getting to 5-1, but having played no one. Then they have a bye before playing @UConn. That could be the make or break game for Cincy. They win that game they could go 11-2. They lose that game they could go 5-8. So will the extra week cool them off or better help prepare? If they lose the next 4 games are USF, @WV, @UL, and Pitt which all can be Ls. Then they finish with SU (which has played Cincy tight the last 3 years) and @Hawaii (who isnt nearly as good but still isnt an easy trip).

UConn 6-6 (2-5)
Ws: Hofstra, @Temple, UVA, Baylor, Cincy, Pitt
Ls: @Louisville, @UNC, @RU, WV, @SU, @USF

I almost feel like I could cut and paste the Cincy preview here. UConn too will fall, but how much. They start off with 4 games they should win to get to 4-0. Then they go to Louisville which could be a make or break game. They win that they could go 10-2. They lose they could go 4-8. That is followed with @UNC, Bye, @RU. Those are 3 road games that UConn could easily lose. If they do they are in trouble. If they make it out of those 3 with a couple of Ws they will be looking real good and have confidence going into home games against Cincy and WV. Then they finish @SU, @USF, and home against Pitt.

Louisville 7-5 (2-5)
Ws: UK, Tenn Tech, Kansas St, UConn, @Memphis, Midd Tenn, Cincy
Ls: USF, @SU, @Pitt, WV, @RU

Another hard team to figure. With all the players lost and off the field turmoil how will this team respond? They could pull together and really surprise. Or they could totally fold. Again the sched early is very favorable. They could be 3-0 going into BE play. Then if they beat UConn they could be 6-0 going into the USF game, which is the make or break game. They win that they could go 10-2. They lose that they could go 6-6. After USF they have @SU, @Pitt, Cincy, WV and finish @RU.

Pitt 6-6 (2-5)
Ws: Bowling Green, UB, Iowa, @Navy, RU, Louisville
Ls: @SU, @USF, @ND, @Cincy, WV, @UConn

This is everyones break out team of the year. But with QB and OL unsettled I think they are a year away. They start off with two teams they should beat but Wanny has been good for a WTF L early. Then they have Iowa, who they could easily lose to. Next up is a game @SU which could trip them up as well. A road game sandwiched between Iowa and USF isnt good. They lost to Navy last year but should get a road W here. Then are games against RU and @ND, which they could lose. That is followed by UL and then the hard finish of @Cincy, WV, @UConn. There really isnt an easy game in there, and IMO they have the hardest sched.

RU 7-5 (3-4)
Ws: UNC, @Navy, Morgan St, UConn, SU, Army, Louisville
Ls: Fresno St, @WV, @Cincy, @Pitt, @USF

They are another team that should fall. And the sched is set up awfully. They open with Fresno St, which I think will be an L. Then they have 2 weeks to prepare for UNC. That is their make or break game. They lose that they could end up 4-8. They win that they could go 9-3. They next 2 after UNC they should win OOC. Then they have a hard 4 game stretch @WV, @Cincy, UConn, and @Pitt. Then they end easier with SU, @USF, Army, and Louisville.

USF 9-3 (5-2)
Ws: UT Martin, @UCF, @FIU, @NC St, Pitt, SU, Louisville, RU, UConn
Ls: KU, @Cincy, @WV

I dont think USF is as strong as last year but the other BE teams have gotten much weaker. They could very easily be playing for the BE title Dec 6th @WV. They match up well with WV but a Fla team playing up North in Dec makes me think USF wont win that game. Besides WV, KU is the only team that USF should struggle against. Every other game is winnable.

SU 5-7 (3-4)
Ws: Akron, Northeastern, Pitt, UL, UConn
Ls: @NW, PSU, @WV, @USF, @RU, @ND, @Cincy

Ok maybe I am showing my bias here but I think SU could surprise. The young talent is there. Akron and NE should be Ws. Young teams dont usually win on the road so count those out. That leaves PSU, Pitt, UL, and UConn at home. PSU would be a program changing upset. The other 3 are all winnable. The make or break game for SU is Pitt. They win that I could see a Bowl being possible. They lose that it could be another 2-10 year.

WV 10-2 (7-0)
Ws: Nova, @ECU, Marshall, RU, SU, @UConn, Cincy, @UL, @Pitt, USF
Ls: @Colorado, Auburn

This is another team that I think will be down. But they have too much talent on O for the rest of the BE. The biggest threat to them is USF but they get them in Dec. With a new coach, a QB that gets hurt often, a RB who is small and may not be able to handle running between the Tackles, and not much on D, this team could easily fall. Plus when WV is favored the usually under achieve and when they arent favored they over achieve. Even with all of that going against them I cant see them losing to a weak BE. The way the sched is lined up they could go undefeated. OOC teh only real threats are @Colorado and home against Auburn. I think they lose to Colorado. That is a trap game. Colorado is in the 3rd year of a new coach and that usually is the break out year. Plus going cross country, isnt a good thing. Auburn I think has the speed to slow down WVs O much like USF has. Then you look at the BE they should win the home games. The road games should be Ws as well. WV is too fast for UConn or UL to slow down. Then they have Pitt, who WV will be pumped to beat as pay back. If I had to pick a make or break game for WV it would be Pitt. The week before is @UL and could be a trap. But I think they get by that. So Pitt becomes the big game they need. They lose and they could lose to USF as well. They win and they are likely BE champs.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BE rankings

It is still early for my official preseason BE rankings but since it is BE Media Day and all I figure why not make a list for now.

BE based on which team is the best
1. WV
2-6 USF, RU, Pitt, UConn, Cincy
7. Louisville
8. SU

I think that WV is the only legit Top 20 team in the BE. The conf is deep though as 2-6 are all in Top 40 caliber. Louisville is impossible to get a read on. Then you have SU pretending to be a D1A team. When you take the sched into account I think we will see

1. WV
2. USF
3. RU
4. Pitt
5. Louisville
6. UConn
7. Cincy
8. SU

Most likely to surprise their fans
1. Louisville- they have an easy sched but can the off the field mess be overcome?
2. SU- if they win 2 BE games it will be a huge surprise.
3. WV- they could surprise by not winning the BE

Most likely to disappoint their fans
1. Pitt- they have questions at QB and OL yet are a BCS contender?
2. RU- the loss of Rice could cost them a Bowl this year
3. UConn- after a share of the BE last year the team should fall

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Court Vision

If I had to pick now I would go with him in the Derby.

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