Monday, December 3, 2007

And the winner is.....

Orange Nation has voted Mike Locksley as the guy who should be SU's new Head FB coach. Unfortunately this wont happen because SU doesnt care about FB. Hopefully this time next year the candidates will be as good as this crop, otherwise SU just screwed itself. Luckily for SU most of these guys should still be available. However Coughlin, Mason, and Oleary will all be a year closer to retirement. BTW the Oleary buy out can be worked around. If SU went to UCF and said we will pay you $200K per year over 5 years, give you a 3 for 2 FB series (which is priceless since no BCS team will give them 1 home game let alone 3), and will lobby for you should the BE expand, do you really think UCF would say no?

Final Results

Mike Locksley 16
Paul Johnson 11
Kevin Rogers 2

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