Sunday, November 25, 2007

Final Four

Winner of the SU Connection Region: #2 seed HCRE
How did he get here: 28-3 over #7 seed Russ, 18-17 over #3 seed Mullen, 19-6 over #4 seed Oleary
Why he wont be SU's next HC: Would have to pry him from UConn
Odds to win it all: 7 to 2

Winner of the NFL Region: #1 seed Kevin Rogers
How did he get here: 23-11 over #8 seed Coach P, 21-14 over #5 seed Coughlin, 11-11 over #7 seed Chow (tie goes to higher seed)
Why he wont be SU's next HC: Hasnt been a HC
Odds to win it all: 7 to 1

Winner of the BCS Region: #1 seed Mike Locksley
How did he get here: 23-3 over #8 seed Davie, 23-10 over #4 seed Pelini, 18-2 over #7 seed Foster
Why he wont be SU's next HC: High Risk/Reward type
Odds to win it all: 5 to 2

Winner of the Small School Region: Paul Johnson
How did he get here: 18-5 over #8 seed McDonnell, 20-9 over #4 seed Golden, 10-8 over #2 seed Kelly
Why he wont be SU's next HC: Rumored to UNC
Odds to win it all: 5 to 1

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Does SU care about FB?

If they do they will fire GRob. Historically SU has neglected FB, yet wanted to have a good team. From letting Arhbold crumble, to stealing concessions, to letting facilities lag to a HS level, to keeping P one year too long, they have shown that they just dont care. They want to bring in the money associated with a Top 25 program but dont want to spend any money in doing so. Well you cant have it both ways. You need to either be commited or settle on being like Northwestern. Please stop toying with us all and pretending that you care. The people running SU have been killing this program slowly, yet the scapegoats are TGD and GRob.

Want further proof? Just ask yourself this question: Would GRob survive at ANY other school? He wouldnt even have a chance anywhere else. Yet here the talk is that he may be back for next year? Why in the hell would you bring him back? He has shown zero ability to coach. If he were a competitve 2-9 then I would be fine. But SU gets out scored by 18.2 points per game. Only THREE teams in all of D1A are worse. There is no way that you can convince me that SU has the 4th worse talent in all of the land. It isnt about Wins and Losses. If this team were well coached and had a 2-9 record then by all means bring GRob back. Friggin Minnesota is 1-11 and yet are only outscored by 10.45ppg. CSU is also 2-9 yet they only get outscored by 6.6ppg. Stanford is 3-7 but is only outscored by 10.4ppg and has a win over USC. They have shown something. What has SU shown? We have had no life. That is why GRob needs to go. Not Ws and Ls, but the fact that we are not even competitive. Even Duke is more competitive at 16.1ppg.

And the major issue the last 3 seasons has been the OL. Well GRob's first year he had 3 returning starters and produced one of the worst OLs in the country. There wasnt a lack of talent there. Then GRobs second year he had 2 returning starters. What happened? Same result. Now this season he had really 4 returning starters (I count Chavers. If he was good enough to start the season in 06 then he should be good enough this season. Unless of course GRob cant evaluate who should play). By now the OL should know the system. So what happened this year? SOS.

Please SU let FB people make the decision on whether to keep GRob or not. If you know FB he should be gone. If you dont, then stay the hell out of the way.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tale of the Tape: Cincy vs Syracuse

The Final ToT of the Season (I know its sad):

UC: 1819 vs SU: 1870
Advantage: UC... who has the 4th oldest Law School

City named after
UC: George Washington vs SU: Siricusa, Sicily
Advantage: UC... Cincinnatus was a Roman General who after war relinquished his powers much like GW

Local nut job
UC: Charles Manson vs SU: Tom Cruise
Advantage: UC... Cruise is still at large

Local Brothers
UC: Nick/Drew Lachey vs SU: Baldwins
Advantage: Push... there are no winners here

UC: Greater Cincinnati (which is in Kentucky) vs SU: Hancock International
Advantage: SU... atleast ours is in the same state

Also misnamed…

Coney Island Amusement Park
UC: in Cincy vs SU: in Brooklyn
Advantage: SU... cant beat the original

Sticking with names...

City Nickname
UC: Queen City vs SU: Salt City
Advantage: SU... not that there is anything wrong with that

Some may call them Queens…

School Pres
UC: Nancy Zimpher vs SU: Nancy Cantor
Advantage: SU... why did Zimpher have to be such a "nancy" with Huggins? Hopefully Cantor wont be one too come Monday

Speaking of Nancys…

Public Service
UC: William Howard Taft (UC law) Pres and Chief justice vs SU: Donna Shalala Secretary US Department of Health and Human Services
Advantage: UC... Taft's father wouldnt let him play FB at Yale (undergrad) cuz it was not safe and not a gentleman's sport. Wuss.

Taft was round like a…

UC: a Bearcat vs SU: an Orange
Advantage: SU... Otto is fierce

Speaking of fierce…

Interior Design
UC: top notch program vs SU: Thom Filicia (alum) from Queer Eye
Advantage: Push... dont ask me my place is a mess

While we are on Queer…

UC: alum Randy Harrison (Queer as Folk) vs SU: Tom Cruise (Syracuse native)
Advantage: SU... I was gonna make a joke but Cruises lawyers wouldnt let me

Ok enough of this, time for some manly categories…

UC: Rich Franklin (UFC) vs SU: Mike Rotunda (WWF)
Advantage: UC... ultimate fighting is for real

Adult Mags
UC: Stephanie Heinrich (UC and Playboy alum), Carmen Electra (native) vs SU: Vanessa Williams (alum)
Advantage: UC... aaaahhh Carmen. Also Miss Heinrich was one of Hef's girls

UC: Goetta (ground meat and oats) vs SU: Heids Hotdog
Advantage: SU... I never been to Heids but goetta sounds gross.

UC: Skyline (over spaghetti) vs SU: Dino (normal)
Advantage: SU... not a chilli fan but I dont see the point of adding it to spaghetti

Sticking with food…

Ice Cream
UC: Graeter's vs SU: Byrne Dairy
Advantage: Push... we all win with ice cream

And now the manliest sport of them all…

1st year of FB
UC: 1885 (5th oldest) vs SU: 1889
Advantage: UC... if it werent for their age they would have no tradition

All Time Wins
UC: 522 vs SU: 670
Advantage: SU... UC has a losing overall record at 522-538-51

Bowl Games
UC: 4-4 vs SU 12-9-1
Advantage: SU... not many are as good as SU

Head to Head
UC: 3 wins vs SU: 4 wins
Advantage: Push… it should be tied by midnight Sat

UC: Miami vs SU: Colgate
Advantage: UC... they have played Miami since 1888 (8th oldest) while SU hasnt played Colgate (65 meetings) since 1987 and only 3 times since 1961. However UC trails the Miami series 45-59-7

UC: Nippert (35k) vs SU: Carrier Dome
Advantage: SU… theirs is out of date.

Nippert is one of the oldest stadiums (1924) and was named after Jimmy Nippert. On Thanksgiving of 1923 he was cleated in a game against rival Miami. He died of blood poisoning on Christmas. His grandfather donated $250k toward the stadium to help complete it.

Founding Member of
UC: Metro Conf vs SU: BE Conf
Advantage: SU... we made the BE

UC: Gino Guidugli (#1 UC passing yards), Greg Cook vs SU: McNabb, Graves, McPherson Advantage: SU... not very close

All time leading rusher
UC: Reggie Taylor vs SU: Joe Morris
Advantage: SU... Lil Joe was big

UC: LaDaris Vann (#1 UC yards) vs SU Quadry Ismail
Advantage: SU... didnt even have to take out the big guns

UC: Jason Fabini vs SU: Jim Ringo
Advantage: SU… RIP

UC: Sam Garnes vs SU: Donovin Darius
Advantage: SU... easy win for SU

UC: Jim Obrien (who is also #2 UC WR yards) vs SU: Gary Anderson
Advantage: UC... bonus points for hitting SB V game winner and being a real FB player

Former coach
UC: Sid Gillman vs SU: Ben Schwartzwalder
Advantage: UC... Ben won a title in CFB but Sid won an AFL title and had a bigger influence on the game

While we are on coaches…

Dick MacPherson
UC: Asst during the early 1960s vs SU: Head Coach
Advantage: UC... Don Nehlen and Urban Meyer were also Assts at UC

BBall Coach
UC: ??? vs SU: JB
Advantage: SU… this wouldn’t have been so one sided if Huggins was still there. Boy will they be sorry when WV comes to town.

Sticking with BBall…BBall Great
UC: Oscar Robertson vs SU: Dave Bing
Advantage: UC... the Big O wins this one

Denver Nugget
UC: Kenyon Martin vs SU: Melo
Advantage: SU… Melo comes through

Mellos sidekick at SU…

"Jerry, Jerry, Jerry"
UC: Jerry Springer vs SU: GMac
Advantage: SU... how the hell was he mayor?

Moving on to another sport…

UC: Sandy Koufax (alum), Kevin Youkilis (alum), Pete Rose (son of city), Marg Schott (Reds owner) vs SU: Skychiefs
Advantage: SU... not giving this to UC until that SOB Rose admits what he did. Bonus negative points for Youkilis (and his beard), as well as Schott, although she was a character.

Characters are found on TV shows created by…

TV writer/producer
UC: Earl Hamner (The Waltons/Falcon Crest) vs SU: Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) Advantage: SU... he gets bonus points for A Few Good Men

And on TV are gameshows…

$20,000 Pyramid
UC: Nipsey Russell vs SU: Dick Clark
Advantage: For the category, here is your subject. Go!

Salt potatoes… Things that are side dishes?
Lake effect snow… Things that arent good cold?
Erie Canal… hmmmmm
Destiny USA…. Things that are fictional?
Sorry time is up. What if I said “44”?... ooooh SU

From TV to…

UC: WXRP's Jennifer Marlowe vs SU: WFAN's Marc Malusis
Advantage: UC... where is Loni these days?

We now have satellite radio. And a satellite (Sputnik) launched the space race which led to…

UC: Neil Armstrong (UC teacher) the first man on the moon vs Eileen Collins (alum) the first female pilot
Advantage: UC... unless of course you believe it was staged

And finally this year’s weekly category…

Bizarro Swish (aka manly guy who kicks ass)
UC: David Canary (Adam Chandler in All My Children) vs SU: Thomas Everett Scott (Michael Brantley in Boiler Room)
Advantage: UC… he plays the most powerful man on All My Children. I bet he could build some nice facilities with all that money.

There you have it folks. SU will win this one and send the SRs and GRob out on a high note. And remember the numbers never lie.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Poll Results

SU Bracket

Oleary beats GRob 27-7... I thought GROb had a very winnable bracket and was surprised he lost by so much. Oleary now moves on to the Region Final to face...

HCRE defeats Mullen 18-17... HCRE squeaks one out and now takes on Oleary for a trip to the Final 4.

NFL Bracket

Rogers gets a 21-14 W over Coughlin... I doubt Coughlin will be available anyway baring a Giant meltdown.

Chow wins 25-9 over Green... Chow is an unlikely but popular candidate. The only reason he would consider SU is if he craves to be a HC.

BCS Bracket

Locksley defeats Pelini 23-10... this wasnt eve close. Locksley is looking like a strong contender to win it all.

Foster beats Mason 17-12... Mason is my pick to win this bracket but loses to the Cinderella Foster.

Small School Bracket

Johnson wins 20-9 over Golden... Johnson is a strong candidate but if Davis goes to Arkansas, we likely lose Johnson to UNC.

Kelly gets an 18-11 W over Kill... I am still unsure about Kelly. UC is all about the D this year. How much of that is talent that was left for Kelly? If he had 2 seasons of success at UC instead of just 1, then I would be more in favor of him.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tale of the Tape: UConn vs Syracuse

This week's ToT:

School founded
UConn: 1881 vs SU: 1870
Advantage: SU... Storrs Agricultural School (as UConn was founded) has nuttin on us

Campus location
UConn: the middle of nowhere vs SU: a city
Advantage: SU... unless you are an Aggie (as the UConn teams once were) or like Ram-napping (as they used to do to Rhode Islands mascot)

UConn: 64th vs SU: 50th
Advantage: SU… cant believe UConn is that high

Top program for
UConn: Puppetry vs SU: Communications
This is a hard one to call so I will defer to Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog…

Thank you. Thank you. I am so pleased to be part of the ToT this week. God what has come of my career. I keed, I keed. I love King Ottos work. He is so great that I would like to sniff his butt. Anyway the advantage here goes to UConn. They truly are a great school... for me to poop on!

School paper
UConn: Daily Campus vs SU: Daily Orange
Advantage: SU… although they have better stories to write about (laptops, pellet guns, etc).

UConn: Jonathan vs SU: Otto
Advantage: SU... War Otto.

Speaking of war, Jonathan was named after Jonathan Trumbull, who was the only Colonial Gov to side with the Americans during the Revolution.

While we are on history…

FB history
UConn: none vs SU: tons
Advantage: UConn... who cares look at their nice facilities

First year of FB
UConn 1896 vs SU 1889
Advantage: SU... 1896 if you want to call that football. More like 2000, when they joined D1A.

All Time Ws
UConn: 456 (or 454 if you dont count Temple or Louisville) vs SU: 670
Advantage: SU… and their Ws are against a weak schedule

Biggest Bowl Game
UConn: ’04 Motor City Bowl vs SU: '59 Cotton Bowl
Advantage: UConn... the Motor City Bowl is basically the SuperBowl, plus they beat Toledo!

Rivalry with BC
UConn: is BCs bitch vs SU: is our bitch
Advantage: UConn… they threatened a law suit if I didnt pick them

All Time QB
UConn: Dan Orlovsky vs SU: McNabb
Advantage: SU… slight edge

All Time RB
UConn: Walt Trojanowski vs SU: Jim Brown
Advantage: SU… easy win, just like our game against UConn last year

Sticking with FB players…

Dwight Freeney grew up
UConn: in state vs SU: as player
Advantage: SU... he would be in the Arena League if he went to UConn

Speaking of arenas…

UConn: Rent (40k) vs SU: Dome
Advantage: SU… fitting that they have a MAC sized stadium

Both Stadium names come from…

United Technologies
UConn: Pratt & Whitney donated Rentschler airfield to Conn vs SU: Carrier put up money for Dome
Advantage: UConn... theirs was a gift to the state while ours ended up being one of the worst deals of all time

Stadium located
UConn: not even close to campus vs SU: on campus
Advantage: SU... nuttin like having to take a long bus trip to a home game for UConn

While we are on trips…

Fans travel
UConn: only to home games vs SU: up and down the eastern seaboard
Advantage: UConn... you try traveling to a pasture to watch a game

Speaking of pasture, as in needing to be put out to…

UConn: HCRE vs SU: GRob
Advantage: SU… hes coached 33 years, is a great recruiter/evaluator (you can read it in any press guide), and his record shows he is a good coach.

Sticking with coaches…

BBall coach
UConn: JC vs SU: JB
Advantage: SU... B comes before C, who is a miserable prick

Owe BBall and FB success to
UConn: Syracuse's teams paving the way vs SU: no one we are self made
Advantage: UConn... why do the hard work?

Fans also love
UConn: womens BBall vs SU: LAX
Advantage: SU... and they like their soccer too. That tells a lot.

Staying with Womens Hoops…

Former womens BBaller married
UConn: SI writer (Lobo to Steve Rushin) vs SU NFL star QB (Raquel Nurse to McNabb) Advantage: SU... I cant believe Lobo met a man. Thinking of her makes me want to McPuke
You can also puke from drinking too much…

Beer sales
UConn: cannot be done after 8pm vs SU: anytime you want
Advantage: SU... nuttin like a late night run to the Nice N Easy (while drunk and underage) and having no problem getting beer. Aaaah college.

Speaking of drinking…

JFK link
UConn: Ed Kennedy Jr alum vs SU: JFK spoke at commencement
Advantage: SU... BTW how is Ted and Ed the same?

Sticking with politics…

Cant believe they elected
UConn: Joe Liberman vs SU: Hillary Clinton
Advantage: Push... there are no winners here

People in state wear sweaters
UConn: around neck vs SU: like you should
Advantage: SU... how annoying is that?

Speaking of annoying…

The Devils spawn
UConn: Chris Berman was born in state vs SU: Tom Cruise was born in area
Advantage: SU... atleast we got rid of our demon child. Berman still lives there.

Berman thinks he can play in a…

UConn: The Monkees (Peter Tork went to HS in Storrs) vs SU The Velvet Underground (Lou Reed alum)
Advantage: UConn... not a trace of doubt in my mind

But Berman is really just a…

Round short dude
UConn: Khalid El Amin vs SU: Otto
Advantage: SU... Otto is cute and cuddly. El Amin is just a fat boy.

Speaking of fat boys…

UConn: Julius Nasso (Steven Seagal movies) vs SU: Dick Clark (everything on TV)
Advantage: UConn... I couldnt imagine a world without those great Steven Seagal movies. Too bad he ate himself out of a career.

And finally this year’s weekly category…

Bizarro Swish (aka manly guy who kicks ass)
UConn: Rebecca Lobo vs SU: Grace Jones
Advantage: SU… they need to bring A Date with Grace Jones back to TV

There you have it folks, the Orange will beat the Nuthuggers... I mean meggers in an upset.
And remember the numbers never lie.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The OL

-SU is #116 in rushing yards per game. The only teams rushing for less per game are Texas Tech, Notre Dame, and Duke. TT never runs so they dont count. ND is a mess. And Duke just plain is aweful. The #115 team (Baylor) is a over 14 yards per game higher. We arent even close.

-SU is #117 in rushing yards per carry. Again ND and Duke are the only teams trailing. The #116 team (Army) is 0.43 yards per carry higher. That is almost 1/2 a yard.

-SU's 10 oponents thus far give up an average of 144.43 yards per game on the ground. SU is averaging 63.3 yards per game against these teams. SU cant even get to 1/2 of what these teams average.

You cannot convince me or any other sane person that SU's OL is the 117th best talent wise in the country. It just isnt true. There is no reason what so ever that we shouldnt be getting over 100 yards per game (which by the way would put SU #108). It is pretty sad that if SU averaged 37 more yards per game we would still be amoung the worst in the nation. Yes THRITY FRIGGIN SEVEN more yards and we still suck. The talent isnt there to have a strong run game. No one can argue that. However this staff has made a bad OL into the 3rd worst in the nation. The is no excuse for that. Anyone who thinks things will magically change next year is kidding themselves. Keeping this staff around another year will only put SU into a deeper hole. It is time to do the right thing and cut our losses.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tale of the Tape: USF vs Syracuse

USF: 1956 vs SU: 1870
Advantage: SU... my parents are older than USF, which was built on Henderson Air Field an old WWII airstrip.

USF: 9th largest in country vs SU: small private school
Advantage: USF... larger pool of hotties

School known as
USF: commuter school vs SU: communications School
Advantage: SU... 99.9% of the reason to go to college is to get away from parents and party

School Paper
USF: The Oracle which was first student paper to use color vs SU: Daily Orange
Advantage: SU... we are good cuz of content not pretty colors

Sticking with color…

USF: what you pick off trees vs SU: what you call your teams
Advantage: USF... oranges are healthy, watching SU isn’t

But it wasn’t always that way…

1st year of FB
USF: 1997 vs SU: 1889
Advantage: SU... close oh wait that is 1997 and not 1897

Some notes on USFs brief history:
Lost first game to Kentucky Wesleyan 80-3.
That maybe bad but they have never been shut out in a regular season game. Their only shut out L was their 100th game in the Meinke Bowl (14-0 NC St).
USF at one time had a 21 game home W streak.

All Time Ws
USF: 76 vs SU: 670
Advantage: SU... who has nearly 9x as many

Bowl Games
USF: 1-1 vs SU: 12-9-1
Advantage: SU... slight edge

USF: Raymond James vs SU: Carrier Dome
Advantage: SU... we have our own place

USF: Rocky the Bull vs SU: Otto the Orange
Advantage: SU... Otto can roll over any opposing mascot

USF: Herd of Thunder (HoT) vs SU: Sour Citrus Society
Advantage: SU... heard of lame names?

The band plays the…

Fight Song
USF: Golden Brahman March vs SU: Down the Field
Advantage: SU… just because

Coach looks like
USF: Jim Haslett vs SU: Bam Bam
Advantage: USF… even Bam Bam knows SU should use the Spread instead of the WCO

Bam Bam had an early version of the Sledge-O-Matic…

USF: Gallagher (alum) vs SU: Marcy
Advantage: SU... juicy

Sticking with melons…

Strip Club
USF: Mons Venus vs SU: Adult World
Advantage: USF... where they show you their butt and their trap stays shut, at the nudie bar

Speaking of paradise…

Area known for
USF: sunshine, beaches and babes vs SU: snow, snow, and more snow
Advantage: USF... sign me up

While we are on sun…

USF: Sun vs SU: Carrier
Advantage: SU... loud house wins this one. Interesting note the Sun Dome opened in 1980 as well (November) but broke ground in 1977 (vs 1979 for SU).

Other notable building…

Tallest Structure
USF: Sulphur Springs Water Tower vs SU: Lawrinson
Advantage: SU.. one holds something to drink the other people who drink

And one can go drink in the…

Party district
USF: Ybor City vs SU: Armory Square
Advantage: USF... they built this city on cigars

Staying with the…

Joy of Beer
USF: free samples at Busch Gardens vs SU: actually sold at a CFB stadium
Advantage: USF... you cant beat free beer

And you also cant beat good eats…

USF: Outback vs SU: Dino
Advantage: SU… OSI Restaurant Partners (Carrabbas, Outback) HQ is in Tampa

Which is why the Outback Bowl is in Tampa. Speaking of Bowl…

Major sporting event
USF: SuperBowl vs SU: Sweet 16
Advantage: USF... its the biggest event of the year

Another big event…

City holds State Fair of
USF: Florida vs SU: NY
Advantage: SU... NY is the emperor of states

Fairs often have carnies and…

Circus freaks
USF: live in area during winter vs SU: only come when circus is in town
Advantage: SU... they are scary. Although there usually are some midgets.

Speaking of Freaks…
Crazy local
USF: Tony Little vs SU: Tom Cruise
Advantage: USF... you can do it

As long as you train, say your prayers, and eat your vitamins….

USF: Terry Bollea vs SU: Mike Rotunda
Advantage: USF... he is the greatest of all time brother

MSG Hero
USF: Hulk Hogan vs SU: GMac
Advantage: SU... an atomic leg drop isnt as devastating as a GMac bomb. Whatcha gonna do when GMac goes wild on you?

MSG games are often aired on…

USF: Ann Liguori vs SU: Mark Malusis
Advantage: SU... she couldnt be any more annoying, boring, or clueless

Sticking with the Fan…
USF: Mike Francessa was a student vs SU: Adam Schein
Advantage: USF… maybe one day Adam can be as big as Mike (his career not his waist)

And continuing with sports…

USF: Lightening vs SU: Crunch
Advantage: USF... NHL beats AHL but how does Florida have an NHL team. It just doesnt seem right

Minor League Baseball
USF: Tampa Yanks vs SU: Skychiefs
Advantage: USF... baseball season lasts a month in Syracuse

Horse racing
USF: Tampa Downs vs SU: Vernon Downs
Advantage: USF... and while you are in the area you can hit the greyhound track too

Mail used to be brought by horseback aka the Pony…

USF: Serengheti at Busch Gardens vs SU: Elmira
Advantage: SU... ED was faster

Staying on trains and travel…

USF: Streetcars vs SU: OnTrak
Advantage: USF... trolleys are cool

But they cant get you to…

USF: Florida's the boot of America vs SU: Siracusa, Sicily
Advantage: USF... better to be the boot than the ball

While we are on balls…

USF: Bolitas vs SU: State run
Advantage: USF... tax free if you win

Sticking with the underworld…

USF: Lowry Park vs SU: Burnet Park
Advantage: USF... where you can also see Henry Hill and Jimmy Conway holding people over the lion cage.

Mob Boss
USF: Santo Trafficante Jr vs SU: Stefano Magaddino (Buffalo)
Advantage: USF... he was rumored to be involved in the Kennedy assassination

Speaking of Kennedy…

JFK link
USF: alum Ruth Paine (friend of Oswald's Wife) vs SU: commencement speaker as a Senator Advantage: SU... how can you be friends with a Commie

We were protected from Commies by soldiers stationed at...

Military Bases
USF: MacDill Air Force Base vs SU: Fort Drum
Advantage: USF... it is home to US Central Command and US Special Operations Command

Who give us the freedom to choose…

Miss America
USF: Nicole Johnson (1999) vs SU: Vanessa Williams (1983)
Advantage: SU... we have the first African American Heisman winner and Miss America winner. Although she lost the crown due to nude photos.

While we are on controversy…

Controversial alum
USF: Debra Lafave (teacher got with student) vs SU: Marv Albert
Advantage: SU... getting with a student is wrong. Plus who hasnt worn women's underwear

But he was also accused of biting, which is often associated with…

Scary Movie
USF: Once Bitten (Lauren Hutton alum) vs SU: Jaws (Carl Gottlieb alum)
Advantage: USF... I rather be bitten by Hutton than a shark

And vampires suck just like…

Nick Carter
USF: lived in Tampa vs SU: born Jamestown
Advantage: Push... there are no winners here.

Other Alumni
USF: Tony La Rusa, Elayne Boosler, Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa hubie) vs SU: Marty Glickman, John Zogby, Megyn Kelly (Fox News)
Advantage: SU… we can add many more to that list

And finally this year’s weekly category…

Bizarro Swish (aka manly guy who kicks ass)
USF: Hulk Hogan vs SU: Derrick Coleman
Advantage: Push… both were once badass but are now out of shape

There you have it folks. SU continues USF’s slide from number 2 to number irrelivant. And remember the numbers never lie.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Round 2

SU Connection Bracket

1. GRob
Current Position: SU HC.
Why him: he is the incumbent and it is his job to lose.
Why not: he has done a poor job coaching the team.

4. George O'Leary
Current Position: HC UCF
Why him: former SU assistant would know what takes to W here
Why not: has done so so job at UCF. Resume issue.


Current Position: UConn HC
Why him: he is SU alum and former assistant. He has shown to be a good HC.
Why not: he hasnt shown the ability to recruit. Would be stealing HCfrom conf rival.

3. Dan Mullen
Current Position: OC Florida
Why him: would bring Meyers O and former SU assistant. Sexy pick.
Why not: no HC experience


NFL Bracket

1. Kevin Rogers
Current Position: QB coach Vikings
Why him: former SU OC would know what takes to do job. McNabb guy.
Why not: can he handle the HC position? Will be going back to old ways.

5. Tom Coughlin
Current Position
Why him: big name and SU alum
Why not: would need to be let go from GMen. Also hasnt been in collegein awhile

7. Norm Chow
Current Position: OC for Titans. Ties to TGD
Why him: O master mind
Why not: hasnt been a HC and not likely to leave NFL for SU

3. Dennis Green
Current Position: unemployed
Why him: big name and former HC at NFL and college level. From PA
Why not: has been out of college game for awhile


BCS Bracket
1. Mike Locksley
Current Position: OC Illinois
Why him: great recruiter
Why not: can he coach

4. Bo Pelini
Current Position: DC LSU
Why him: successful several BCS stops
Why not: can he be head guy. Why hasnt he gotten HC job yet.


7. Bud Foster
Current Position: DC VT
Why him: great D mind
Why not: can he HC

6. Glen Mason
Current Position: B11 TV guy
Why him: successfully built Kansas and Minnesota
Why not: age. Not Sexy pick.


Small School Bracket

1. Paul Johnson
Current Position: HC Navy
Why him: has been successful several places
Why not: can he recruit at BCS level

4. Al Golden
Current Position: HC Temple
Why him: can recruit and has made Temple decent
Why not: would likely bring DeLeone


2. Brian Kelly
Current Position: HC Cincy
Why him: has been successful several places
Why not: stealing conf mates HC

6. Jerry Kill
Current Position: HC S Illinois
Why him: has nice O
Why not: coaches 1AA

Poll Results

GRob's fate
Well according to SU fans it looks like GRob is pretty safe as 41.67% feel he is coming back no matter what. And another 16.67% feel he is back with only 1 more win. On the contrary only 18.75% think he is gone baring a miracle. And finally 22.9% are on the fence thinking he needs 2 more Ws to be safe. Usually the fan base is less patient than the AD so this seems good for GRob. However TGD may be trigger happy to cover his own ass.

SU Bracket
Grob 29-10 over Deleone
HCRE 28-3 over Russ
Mullen 28-4 over White
Oleary 22-14 over Mac

NFL Bracket
Rogers 23-11 over P
Chow 27-6 over Whipple
Green 17-15 over Marrone
Coughlin 20-12 over Fassel

BCS Bracket
Locksley 23-3 over Davie
Foster 13-10 over Crowton
Mason 15-8 over Fisher
Pelini 13-13 over Coker

Small School Bracket
Johnson 18-5 over McDonnell
Kelly 10-10 over Brown
Kill 10-9 over Heacock
Golden 11-10 over Solich

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Joe Torre

I am extremely disappointed that he went to the Dodgers. Now there is zero chance of a return to the Yankees. Can you imagine Joe showing up at a Yankee game this year or next ala Clemens? Suzyn Waldman would provide us all with the funniest 3 hours in baseball history. I think she would have spontaneously combusted.

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