Monday, December 22, 2008

My Playoff Solution

Screw the lame BCS. Lets make a playoff. First you need teams. Well we can give the BCS confs auto bids (6) and have 6 at larges. Then seed based on BCS standings. So we would have:

1. OU
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Bama
5. USC
6. Utah
7. Texas Tech
8. PSU
9. Boise ST
10. OSU
12. Cincy
19. VT

The only Top 12 team not to make it is TCU who loses out to auto bid VT. BCS teams are happy as they get 10 of 12 slots. Non BCS team are happy as teams like Boise St dont get screwed out of the BCS. Team like Texas Tech dont get screwed by the 3rd team conf rule. And teams like Texas dont get screwed by tie breaking rules.

So where are the games played? The closest NFL venue to the higher seed. Having true road games are not fair. But neither are completely neutral games. So give each team 10k tickets and the rest are sold locally. Since the higher seed is closer the majority of the tickets will go to their fans. But having it in a NFL venue will take away a little from the home field advantage and give the lower seed a chance. Also I think a venue should only be used once a year. Which would give us:

Dec 13th
VT vs USC in PHX
Cincy vs Utah in Denver
OSU vs Texas Tech in Dallas
Boise St vs PSU in Philly

Dec 20th
Bosie St/PSU vs OU in KC
OSU/TT vs Florida in Jax
Cincy/Utah vs Texas in Houston
VT/USC vs Bama in ATL

Then for the Final Four and Champ game have it at neutral sites. So assuming higher seeds win:

Dec 27th
Bama vs OU
Texas vs Florida

Jan 12th (Mon)
Florida vs OU

I would give 2 weeks before the Champ game. It builds up some hype and gives the teams a chance to get healthy and gameplan. Also it allows time for Bowls. Most Bowls are just for fun. I would have the Bowls schedule from Dec 28th to Jan 3rd. That means 11 Bowls that happen before Dec 28th have to reschedule. To me that is a good thing. There are currently only 5 New Years Day Bowls. That is a joke. There should be twice as many that day.

What about the BCS Bowls? Well you give them the playoff loser. The second round ends Dec 20th. That gives 11 days to prepare for a Jan 1 game. The Rose still gets the P10 vs B11, the Sugar the SEC, the Orange the ACC, and the Fiesta the B12. Assuming the Top 4 seeds make the Final Four, we are left with Bowls of:

Rose PSU vs USC
Sugar OSU vs Boise St
Orange VT vs Cincy
Fiesta Texas Tech vs Utah

This year under the current setup I believe the Fiesta gets first at large followed by the Sugar, and Orange. The Rose is the same, the Sugar is worse (had Bama vs Utah), the Orange is exactly the same, and the Fiesta is worse (traded Texas and OSU). But if one of the Top 4 seeds were upset these would change.

Some may say what if the best team doesnt win? Well I say if a Top 4 seed cant win 3 games, then they arent the best team. Just look at the teams that would make the playoffs. OU and Florida are in the game now. So you cant be upset if they won a playoff. Texas deserves a shot as they beat OU. Can be upset by them. Bama, USC, Texas Tech, and PSU only have 1 loss each. What makes their loss any worse than OU or Floridas? Yes OU and Florida are likely the most talented teams but isnt that an opinion? Shouldnt they have to prove it on the field? Then you have an undefeated Utah and Boise St. If they go undefeated and win it all (meaning each wins 4 games including Utah beating Texas in Houston and Boise St beating PSU in Philly and OU in KC) would they not be worthy? The only teams that we would feel cheated by the best team not winning it all would be if OSU, Cincy, or VT won it all. But really what are the chances of that. VT would have to beat USC in PHX, Bama in ATL, and then 2 neutral games. Cincy would have to beat Utah in Denver, Texas in Houston, and then 2 neutral games. OSU would have to beat Texas Tech in Dallas, Florida in JAX, and then 2 neutral games. Worst case you have a Final Four of Boise St, OSU, Cincy, and VT. And then a Final of Cincy vs VT. But the chances of that are very very very slim.

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


What do you think of the Devo situation?

Devo is being screwed by an over zealous bunch of power ladened committee who are blind to justice . Maybe they will wise up and lessen the sanctions for everyone's sake

What do you think of Marrone?

Doug Marrone is the best thing to happen to the football program since the Dome and he will put fannies in the seats when he gets the wins.

What would you like Santa to bring SU?

If Santa will bring me a couple impact recruits for the team I will be more then happy. I also want the loyal commandos to be healthy and happy this current basketball season and no more wasted efforts like the one against Cleveland which was a porly played game with no offensive strategyYou can't allow a team to limit Andy to one 3 point attempt and keep Jonny from trying his shot Devo is the irom man heart of the team his anger gets directed into his game on drives and the 3. AO is good early on until the defense starts to figure out his stle . Passes into the post border on each end of the polar extremes asin poor to sensational but the pass must hit the big guys square in the chest or its an automatic TO Harris must become a bit more offensive minded to the basket and start drawing fouls, Ogenaet must find a way to score a few to go with his hustle game Boeheim is beginning to go to his nose more. Never a good sign. Lets hope he dosn't get any other itches on his body before the whole game is censored for indecent touching Run for the hills if Bernie leans one way or the other as a WMD will be released. Pity the people behind him and their families Start passing the hat for the survivors if any make it past the first rip.

Over and out Don't shoot your eye out Over and out! Drink your Ovaltine and spend time with your family.

Cali out!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Doug Marrone's nickname

So what are we gonna call him folks?

HNGRob- Hes not GRob

DMOE- Doug Marrone of the Orange Empire

HCDM- Head Coach Doug Marrone

DMarr- short for Doug Marrone

CMDM- coming home

Carpe DM- Carpe Doug Marrone

DM2- since Coach Mac is DM1

CMJR- Coach Mac JR

Big Mac- Coach Mac but bigger

RT8- remember the 80s

Seven8- his number

FOOD- Friend of Ours Doug

DMX- Doug Marrone eXtreme

BX- from Bronx

bE- Bronx Express from Bronx and Elmira Express combo. Also play on bE.

bED- be extraordinary Doug

BDDB- Boogie Down Dougie Brown from Bronx and last name is Brown in Italian

Brownie- play on last name Brown

Boss Brown





BIHDM- Bring it home Doug Marrone



DMZ- Doug Marrone Zone

The Rejuvenizer

Saint Doug

HGDM- Home Grown Doug Marrone

DM5O- Doug Marrone One Of Our Own Orangemen

Dome Marrone

BUD- Big Ugly Doug plays on being OLman and OL Coach and he is a buddy or the Orange

Kotter- welcome him back


TRO- the right one

Monday, December 8, 2008

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


The Band? Part of the college experience? Or a bunch of annoying nacho eating wastes of space?

The Orange babd ,I believe had only one or two different pieces of music to perform but I concentrated on the baton girl who looked like a a young ladt trying very hard to look normal instead of a tightly wrapped sausage ready to explode from its casing. When she dropped a baton and bent over to pick it up it was "run for your life If that costume ever blows the only survivors might be the tuba section which at least has some sturdy metal in front of their bodies. The school's tradition of the lithe talented twirlers has gone the way of the team;down the poop shoot.

The Wave. Do you find it an annoying distraction to the game or is it part of the fun and excitement of FB?

The wave is a distracton from a poor team and does nothing to add to the game experience Most of the old farts in my old section 301 wouldn't stand up for a great play much less to participate in a sophmoric visual distraction.

What games are you looking forward to this Bowl season?

I havre no favorite bowl games unless the Orangement are participating so now I foloow the Big Zeast and cheer any team playing Rutgers and/or West zvirginia and of course Notre dame if they happen to get into a game.

What do you think of Skip Holtz rumors?

As far as Skip Holtz goes if he comes her its going to be good . as far as his father goes. I always wonder how he survived the school yard bullies He still looks like a prime target for losing his lunch from a shot to the gut. If he makes suggestions to Skippy we win but I wouldn't bet my basketball tickets on him coming here I suspect Gross will screw the pooch once again unless he brings in an alum like Marrone.

What is the best drink to have after an SU win? After an SU loss?

Drinks after loss Anything that destroys brain cells and makes you for get. My preference is Grey Goose or a hgh quality gin Bribes are graciously accepted in this man's army In a pinch I go with Jack and Jim or even the Captain. If we win repeat above so that you don't expect winning to become a habit.

Over and out and don't forget to spike the eggnog Get your Commander Çali rings while they last

KOmputer Rankings

I used a Supercomputer (my brain) to rank the teams:

10. TCU

9. Boise St

8. Utah

7. Texas Tech

6. Penn St

5. USC

4. Bama (1)

3. Texas (4)

2. OU (3)

1. Florida (2)

It is too bad that Texas and Bama cant play. And it is a shame or sham that Ohio St gets a BCS Bowl game over Boise St. Although the matchup with TCU should be a good one.

My Top 10 HC List

Each week I will update my list of Top 10 choices to replace GRob. I will only use guys who I think we have a realistic chance of getting.

For likely the last post before we hire a HC I will give you the Top 10 Worst Case List and Top 10 of the names that have been mentioned.

Worst Case
10. Don Treadwell
9. Dean Hood
8. Brady Hoke
7. Gary Crowton
6. Charlie Strong
5. Doug Marrone
4. Steve Addazio
3. Mike Locksley
2. Ron Prince
1. Mark Whipple

There really is no reason what so ever to end up with anyone below Whipple on this list.

Best Case
10. Turner Gill
9. Chip Kelly
8. Skip Holtz
7. Al Golden
6. Chris Petersen
5. Gary Patterson
4. Randy Edsall
3. Tommy Bowden
2. Tommy Tuberville
1. Mike Leach

So realistically I would like to see SU hire in order Golden, Holtz, Gill, Whipple. I will be shocked if we get someone on my list higher than Golden. I will be extremely disappointed if we get someone lower than Whipple.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


Who is your favorite current FB player?

My initial view of Donte Davis was impaired perhaps because of his early drops in his first few games last year but he has emerged as a "go to kid of guy so My favorite player goes to him.

What is your favorite position?

My favorite position in football is the MIKE and let me add it hasn't been dominant for some time now I want speed and killer instinct.

What will become of Elon Mitchell?

Elon Mitchell needs to get his degree and continue hiding from the coaching staff or they might put him in at a position that he excells at now that hid personal guarfian is gone.

Do we need a big name/celeb HC to replace GRob?

If we want to kill off the football team by natural causes just bring in Paris Hilton as the towel girl. Within 6 months the team is gone by a combination of STD and skankacytis.

What are you thoughts on Jim Boeheim going with the Man D?

Jim Boeheim might be giving us a hint that tha apocalypse is about to be upon us by showing so much man defense. At some point his reluctance to use Sean Williams will bite his and the team's ass.

Cali's orders: keep a good thought about the next coach and remember your family. Spend time and plan activities with them. Teach your kids about the game of basketball meaning subtleties . Like the open man and how he got that way not just what a dunk means

Over and Out" Drink your Ovaltine and don't shoot your eye out. "Make sure your Glock is out of children's reach and keep the safety on.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

King Ottos KOnclusion

Not much else to say. Congrats to CB on a great year and good luck in the future. The passing game is a mess and will be hard to fix. Our best chance at a quick fix may be the Spread. Hopefully Art Jones returns next year. We will need him.

KOmputer Rankings

I used a Supercomputer (my brain) to rank the teams:

10. TCU (NR)

9. Boise ST

8. Utah

7. Texas Tech

6. Penn St

5. USC

4. Texas

3. OU

2. Florida

1. Bama

We know the winner of Florida-Bama is in the title game. Who joins them? I think OU should play Missou for that right. But it may end up being Texas.

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Top 10 HC List

Each week I will update my list of Top 10 choices to replace GRob. I will only use guys who I think we have a realistic chance of getting.

10. Gary Crowton (NR)

9. Charlie Strong (-1)

8. Steve Addazio (+2)

7. Chip Kelly (-4)

6. Mike Locskley (+3)

5. Bud Foster (-3)

4. Mark Whipple (NC)

3. Al Golden (-2)

2. Brady Hoke (+4)

1. Skip Holtz (+4)

Dropped Dean Hood (7)

Why all the changing? I think a guy who can put together a staff is important. Which gives the advantage to guys who are HCs.

TATTOO: Syracuse Orange vs Cincinnati Bearcats

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). Facing off are the Syracuse Orange and the Cincinnati Bearcats. This weeks TATTOO is an Orange Bearclaw:

Born on Date
UC: 1819 vs SU: 1870
Advantage: UC... who also has the 4th oldest Law School

City named after
UC: George Washington vs SU: Siricusa, Sicily
Advantage: UC... Cincinnatus was a Roman General who after war relinquished his powers much like GW

Local nut job
UC: Charles Manson vs SU: Tom Cruise
Advantage: UC... Cruise is still at large

Local Brothers
UC: Nick/Drew Lachey vs SU: Baldwins
Advantage: Push... there are no winners here

UC: Greater Cincinnati (which is in Kentucky) vs SU: Hancock International
Advantage: SU... at least ours is in the same state

Also misnamed…

Coney Island Amusement Park
UC: in Cincy vs SU: in Brooklyn
Advantage: SU... cant beat the original

Sticking with names...

City Nickname
UC: Queen City vs SU: Salt City
Advantage: SU... not that there is anything wrong with that

Some may call them Queens…

School Pres
UC: Nancy Zimpher vs SU: Nancy Cantor
Advantage: SU... why did Zimpher have to be such a "nancy" with Huggins?

Speaking of Nancys…

Public Service
UC: William Howard Taft (UC law) Pres and Chief justice vs SU: Donna Shalala Secretary US Department of Health and Human Services
Advantage: UC... Taft's father wouldnt let him play FB at Yale (undergrad) cuz it was not safe and not a gentleman's sport. Wuss.

Taft was round like a…

UC: a Bearcat vs SU: an Orange
Advantage: SU... Otto is fierce

Speaking of fierce…

Interior Design
UC: top notch program vs SU: Thom Filicia (alum) from Queer Eye
Advantage: Push... dont ask me, my place is a mess

While we are on Queer…

UC: alum Randy Harrison (Queer as Folk) vs SU: Tom Cruise (Syracuse native)
Advantage: SU... I was gonna make a joke but Cruises lawyers wouldnt let me

Ok enough of this, time for some manly categories…

UC: Rich Franklin (UFC) vs SU: Mike Rotunda (WWF)
Advantage: UC... ultimate fighting is for real

Adult Mags
UC: Stephanie Heinrich (UC and Playboy alum), Carmen Electra (native) vs SU: Vanessa Williams (alum)
Advantage: UC... aaaahhh Carmen. Also Miss Heinrich was one of Hef's girls

UC: Goetta (ground meat and oats) vs SU: Heids Hotdog
Advantage: SU... I never been to Heids but goetta sounds gross.

UC: Skyline (over spaghetti) vs SU: Dino (normal)
Advantage: SU... not a chilli fan but I dont see the point of adding it to spaghetti

Sticking with food…

Ice Cream
UC: Graeter's vs SU: Byrne Dairy
Advantage: Push... we all win with ice cream

And now the manliest sport of them all…

1st year of FB
UC: 1885 (5th oldest) vs SU: 1889
Advantage: UC... if it werent for their age they would have no tradition

All Time Wins
UC: 500+ vs SU: 600+
Advantage: SU... UC has a losing overall record

Bowl Games
UC: 5-4 vs SU 12-9-1
Advantage: SU... not many are as good as SU

Head to Head
UC: 4 wins vs SU: 4 wins
Advantage: Push… winner Sat takes all

UC: Miami vs SU: Colgate
Advantage: UC... they have played Miami since 1888 (8th oldest) while SU hasnt played Colgate (65 meetings) since 1987 and only 3 times since 1961. However UC trails the Miami series 46-59-7

UC: Nippert (35k) vs SU: Carrier Dome
Advantage: SU… theirs is out of date.

Nippert is one of the oldest stadiums (1924) and was named after Jimmy Nippert. On Thanksgiving of 1923 he was cleated in a game against rival Miami. He died of blood poisoning on Christmas. His grandfather donated $250k toward the stadium to help complete it.

Founding Member of
UC: Metro Conf vs SU: BE Conf
Advantage: SU... we made the BE

UC: Gino Guidugli (#1 UC passing yards), Greg Cook vs SU: McNabb, Graves, McPherson Advantage: SU... not very close

All time leading rusher
UC: Reggie Taylor vs SU: Joe Morris
Advantage: SU... Lil Joe was big

UC: LaDaris Vann (#1 UC yards) vs SU Quadry Ismail
Advantage: SU... didnt even have to take out the big guns

UC: Jason Fabini vs SU: Jim Ringo
Advantage: SU… another win for SU

UC: Sam Garnes vs SU: Donovin Darius
Advantage: SU... easy win for SU

UC: Jim Obrien (who is also #2 UC WR yards) vs SU: Gary Anderson
Advantage: UC... bonus points for hitting SB V game winner and being a real FB player

Former coach
UC: Sid Gillman vs SU: Ben Schwartzwalder
Advantage: UC... Ben won a title in CFB but Sid won an AFL title and had a bigger influence on the game

While we are on coaches…

Dick MacPherson
UC: Asst during the early 1960s vs SU: Head Coach
Advantage: UC... Don Nehlen and Urban Meyer were also Assts at UC

BBall Coach
UC: ??? vs SU: JB
Advantage: SU… this wouldn’t have been so one sided if Huggins was still there

Sticking with BBall…BBall Great
UC: Oscar Robertson vs SU: Dave Bing
Advantage: UC... the Big O wins this one

Denver Nugget
UC: Kenyon Martin vs SU: Melo
Advantage: SU… Melo comes through

Mellos sidekick at SU…

"Jerry, Jerry, Jerry"
UC: Jerry Springer vs SU: GMac
Advantage: SU... how the hell was he mayor?

Moving on to another sport…

UC: Sandy Koufax (alum), Kevin Youkilis (alum), Pete Rose (son of city), Marg Schott (Reds owner) vs SU: Skychiefs
Advantage: SU... not giving this to UC until that SOB Rose admits what he did. Bonus negative points for Youkilis (and his beard), as well as Schott, although she was a character.

Characters are found on TV shows created by…

TV writer/producer
UC: Earl Hamner (The Waltons/Falcon Crest) vs SU: Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing)
Advantage: SU... he gets bonus points for A Few Good Men

And on TV are gameshows…

$20,000 Pyramid
UC: Nipsey Russell vs SU: Dick Clark
Advantage: For the category, here is your subject. Go!

Salt potatoes… Things that are side dishes?
Lake effect snow… Things that arent good cold?
Erie Canal… hmmmmm
Destiny USA…. Things that are fictional?
Sorry time is up. What if I said “44”?... ooooh SU

From TV to…

UC: WXRP's Jennifer Marlowe vs SU: WFAN's Marc Malusis
Advantage: UC... where is Loni these days?

We now have satellite radio. And a satellite (Sputnik) launched the space race which led to…

UC: Neil Armstrong (UC teacher) the first man on the moon vs Eileen Collins (alum) the first female pilot
Advantage: UC... unless of course you believe it was staged

And finally this year’s weekly category…

I Love the 80s
UC: DB Mel Jenkins vs SU: DB Markus Paul
Advantage: SU... Markus takes us home with a W

And the TATTOO goes to....

The Syracuse Orange. SU will win this one and send the SRs and GRob out on a high note. Plus Cincy deserves to lose after celebrating the Orange Bowl last week before the game was over and rushing the field for no reason. Pathetic.

Join us next year as Nancy Cantor gets TATTOO'd.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Commander Calis Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


Would you like to issue any orders for Thanksgiving week?

Cali Comandos are hereby ordered to spend the biggest family day with family and not just sitting on their stuffed asses watching football unless it s the Syracuse Notre Dame video. And since its a family day teach the youngsters about the game both offense and defense.No expletives allowed for the very young and impressionable minds. You might remember we won that game so a happy calm demeanor is warranted. If you can muster the energy go to the backyard and toss a football around with the youngsters. Don't forget the girls. No reason they shouldn't be able to throw the ball for a little fun.Your old commanderremembers a church picnic thati ncluded church groups rom all of NY's larger cities On the day of the picnic in the midst of a softball game a young ladt drove onto the field in a 1951 Riley. She stopped the car and her escort got out and started to runacross the field;the girlnamed Ellie got out with a football and tossed a perfect spiral to her escort40 yards away. That night at the dinner dance she arrived in a long red dress with a slit up to there. she was drop dead gorgeous and quite the athlete as well as a knockout. So its no problem if a girl can throw the ball better then some men;myself included.Enjoy your family dinner and see to it that everyone helps mom clean up the table and put the kitchen back in order. Give thanks for your blessings like a good American and that we beat Notre Dame like good Americans Remember family first then God country and Orange colored uniforms that bear the name Syracuse. Over and out Commander Çali

King Ottos KOnclusion

Good win. The whole team played well. ND was lucky it was that close. Their talent just isnt that good. That is why Ianello as HC of SU is a complete joke. I will be pissed if TGD even gives him the time of day. What a game by Bailey and Jones. They were the best too players on the field. I will have more on my Chicago to Phoenix (Go GMen) trip in another post. But as a preview I will tell you that the ND campus sucks ass.

My Top 10 HC List

Each week I will update my list of Top 10 choices to replace GRob. I will only use guys who I think we have a realistic chance of getting.

10. Steve Addazio (-4)
9. Mike Locksley (NC)
8. Charlie Strong (NC)
7. Dean Hood (+3)
6. Brady Hoke (+1)
5. Skip Holtz (-2)
4. Mark Whipple (-2)
3. Chip Kelly (+2)
2. Bud Foster (+2)

1. Al Golden (NC)

KOmputer Rankings

I used a Supercomputer (my brain) to rank the teams:

10. UGA (NC)
9. Boise St (-1)
8. Utah (+1)
7. Texas Tech (-5)
6. Penn St (+1)
5. USC (+1)
4. Texas (NC)
3. OU (+2)
2. Florida (+1)

1. Bama (NC)

At this point it looks like it will be SEC vs B12 in the title game. However Bama and Florida have rivalry games this week which could change things. Same can be said for OU and Texas. Who ever looks the best next week could get the bump needed to make the B12 Champ game. Then again Missou could easily win making the team left out the #2 BCS team. USC needs everyone to lose but that did happen a few years ago so who knows.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Beer Review: Three Floyds Alpha King Pale Ale

While on a trip to Chicago I got the chance to sample Three Floyds Alpha King Pale Ale. I went to Binnys which had just about any beer you can find. I was looking for Behemoth Barelywine but couldnt find it. It was that rare. Anyway I settled for the Alpha King. While drinking it I was reminded me of a story.

The haunting memories of lost love. Our eyes met across the crowded hat store. I, a customer, and she a coquettish haberdasher. Oh, I pursued and she withdrew, then she pursued and I withdrew, and so we danced. I burned for her, much like the burning from the Alpha King that I would experience soon afterwards.

Alpha King smells fruity. It tastes like beer and is a little bitter. Most interestingly it burps fruity. The bottle desrcibes it as:

Alpha King is an American pale ale with a bold citrus hop character. We brew our beers for our own demanding tastes. If your unwilling to compromise on your beer, we urge you to try it.

It is Three Floyds (Munster, IN) signature beer and is 6% ABV. The bottle has a Halloweeny feel with monster like characters. It also has a hidden message on the bottle: Its not normal. If it is dark or you are drunk, you could easily miss it as it is the same color as the background.

I give Alpha King a C+ but then again I dont like my beer to have taste and prefer it to be like water. So what do I know. For real beer reviews go to the The Vice Blog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TATTOO: Syracuse Orange vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). Facing off are the Syracuse Orange and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This weeks TATTOO is an Orange Shamrock:

Since the team is a little down I think they need a pep talk...

We're gonna go inside, we're gonna go outside, inside and outside. We're gonna get 'em on the run boys and once we get 'em on the run we're gonna keep 'em on the run. And then we're gonna go go go go go go and we're not gonna stop til we get across that goalline. This is a team they say is... is good, well I think we're better than them. They can't lick us, so what do you say men? Lets win one for the Gumper!

Born on Date

ND: 1842 vs SU: 1870

Ottos Edge: ND... which is officially named the University of Notre Dame du Lac, which means University of Our Lady of the Lake.

GPS (Location)

ND: South Bend, Indiana vs SU: Syracuse, NY

Ottos Edge: SU... South Bend is the center of the Michiana region. It is also the home of the CFB HoF, which is fitting since ND has the most members (47). There is also a Syracuse, Indiana about an hour Southeast of South Bend.

GPS or navigation systems werent around for...


ND: Studebaker was based in South Bend vs SU: Erie Canal ran through

Ottos Edge: Push... both are no longer

Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner (Food)

ND: Paczki vs SU: Salt Potatoes

Ottos Edge: SU... Paczki are Polish donuts shaped like a flat sphere and filled with sweet filling. Paczki Day is on Fat Tuesday and celebrated in many Midwestern cities.

While we are on food...


ND: the 1979 Cotton Bowl, popularly called the Chicken Soup Game vs SU: McNabb pushes Campbells

Ottos Edge: ND... by the fourth quarter, Houston had built a 34-12 lead but lost 35-34. Joe Montana, who had the flu, led Notre Dame to a come from behind victory after eating a bowl of chicken soup at halftime.

Famous upside down bowl...


ND: Golden vs SU: Carrier

Ottos Edge: ND... still cant believe that naming contract SU agreed to

That showed a lack of...


ND: 18th (US News) vs SU: 53rd

Ottos Edge: ND... at least they are still good at something

Student Body

ND: 11,500 students vs SU: 19,000

Ottos Edge: SU... typically around 21–24% of ND students are children of alumni which is weird and kinda incestuous. That means there is 1/4 chance that you hook up with someone whose parent your parent hooked up with (ok maybe not that high but it you get the point).


ND: more than 93% of students identify as Christian, with over 80% of them being Catholic vs SU: founded by Methodists

Ottos Edge: SU... not much diversity there ND. Also every classroom displays a crucifix.

Residence Halls

ND: halls single sex vs SU: rooms single sex

Ottos Edge: SU... ND has specific times when members of the opposite sex are allowed to visit, however, most residence halls have 24 hour social spaces in which the rule is not enforced.

Greek Life

ND: no frats or sororities vs SU: have them, including the founding of some

Ottos Edge: SU... personally I dont see the need for them but one should have the option. Many ND students live in the same residence hall for all four years fostering a similar sense of community. Even so I wouldnt want to live in a residence hall for 4 years. Especially if women arent allowed to stay over.

School Colors

ND: Madonna Blue and Papal Gold vs SU: Orange

Ottos Edge: ND... you cant beat God

School Paper

ND: The Observer vs SU: DO

Ottos Edge: SU... that sounds like a mag for peeping Toms

Team Name

ND: Fighting Irish vs SU: Orange

Ottos Edge: SU... how can the NCAA allow such a politically incorrect name?

ND was also known as the Rovers and the Ramblers because they were willing to travel nationally well before it was common.

So how did ND get that name? It isnt really clear:

Some say that it comes from Irish immigrant soldiers who fought in the Civil War as the Irish Brigade.

Some say NW fans shouted beat the Fighting Irish during a game.

Some say trailing at halftime of a game against Michigan in 1909 a teammate yelled to a group of Irish players and said "You're all Irish and you're not fighting worth a lick." The Press over heard this and after ND came back and won, they reported about the Fighting Irish victory.


ND: Leprechaun vs SU: Otto

Ottos Edge: SU... if they had a midget as the leprechaun instead they would win. From 1930-1965 the mascot was an Irish Terrier.


ND: began in 1846 and oldest continuous band vs SU: had less members than UConns at the last home game

Ottos Edge: ND... not that it matters with all the announcements

Fight Song

ND: Notre Dame Victory March vs SU: Down, Down the Field

Ottos Edge: ND... wake up the echoes

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)

ND: ND Stadium 81k vs SU: Dome

Ottos Edge: ND... they have Jesus signaling TDs. The stadium opened in 1930. Prior to 1997, it lacked permanent field lights.

FB Catch Phrase

ND: Play Like a Champion Today vs SU: Just Win Baby

Ottos Edge: ND... well that is an alumns and not really ours


ND: 4 Horsemen vs SU: 44

Ottos Edge: Push... few can name the horseman and 44 has been retired

KingOttos Fav team

ND: as a kid vs SU: now

Ottos Edge: SU... having KingOtto as a fan is a privilege that cannot be matched

First year of FB

ND: 1887 vs SU: 1889

Ottos Edge: Push... what is 2 years in the grand scheme of things?

All Time Wins

ND: 829 vs SU: 673

Ottos Edge: ND... they have the 2nd highest W%

Other ND notes:

Notre Dame has produced the most All-Americans

Ten former players are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, second only to USC(11)

Notre Dame has produced the largest number of players to go on to play in the National Football League

Since 1962, Notre Dame has graduated 98.74% of its football players in four years

Notre Dame is one of only five 1A teams to have never played a 1AA team since the division was made in 1978

Notre Dame has participated in nine #1 vs #2 games going 5-2-2

Forbes named the team as the most valuable in college football, worth a total of $101 million in 2007

National Champs

ND: 11 vs SU: 1

Ottos Edge: ND... easy win there

Bowl Record

ND: 13-15 vs SU: 12-9-1

Ottos Edge: SU... ND has lost 9 straight


ND: Big East all but FB vs SU: Big East all sports

Ottos Edge: ND... I dont want to be in the BE for FB either

Head to Head

ND: 3 Ws vs SU: 2 Ws

Ottos Edge: ND... it should be ahead but we was robbed in 1961

We are going streaking

ND: ended OUs 47 straight Ws in FB and UCLAs 88 straight Ws in 1984 in BBall vs SU: non losing seasons in BBall and Lax Final Fours

Ottos Edge: SU... it is harder to have the streak than break it. OUs last loss before the streak was also to ND.


ND: Many vs SU: Few

Ottos Edge: ND... lets see there is:

Navy (71-10-1) who they had a 43 game winning streak against, the longest streak ever. They played in 1996 at Croke Park in Dublin and are scheduled to play their again in 2012.

Purdue (52-26-2) who they play for the Shillelagh Trophy

USC (42-32-5) who they play for the Jeweled Shillelagh. Hopefully they will be looking ahead to that game and overlook SU.

Mich St (44-27-1) who they play for the Megaphone Trophy. The 1966 game is regarded as one of CFBs greatest games ending in a 10-10 tire.

Pitt (44-19-1) NDs longest game ever was this years 4 OT loss to Pitt

Army (37-8-4) who they use to play at Yankee Stadium and it was once considered the biggest game on NDs schedule. In 1946 they played a scoreless tie in one of CFBs greatest games. In 1944 Army gave ND its worst lost ever 59-0.

Northwestern (37-8-2)

Michigan (15-20-1) who ND played in their first game

Stanford (17-6) who they play for the Legends Trophy, a combination of Irish crystal with California redwood

Miami (15-7-1) which was dubbed Catholics vs Convicts. In 1988 Miami scored with 45 secs left to cut the ND lead to 31-30. Jimmy Johnson went for the win but the two point conversion was stopped when Pat Terrell knocked down Steve Walshs pass. ND went on to win the title.

BC (9-9) who they play for the Frank Leahy Memorial Bowl and Ireland Trophy. The rivalry is nicknamed the Holy War. ND has lost 6 straight to BC. Maybe they should take notes from SU as we own BC. Also in 1993 BC ruined NDs undefeated bid by kicking a last second FG to win 41-39. The rivalry crossed over to Hockey as BC beat ND in this years title game.

Former HCs

ND: Lou Holtz, Dan Devine, Ara Parseghian, Frank Leahy, Knute Rockne vs SU: Coach Mac, Coach P, Ben Schwartzwalder

Ottos Edge: ND... those are some greats

HC that popularized the forward pass

ND: Knute Rockne vs SU: GRob

Ottos Edge: ND... Rockne did it by executing on O, GRob couldnt stop it on D.


ND: most Ls in school history vs SU: tied for most Ls in school history

Ottos Edge: Push... the only winners were the teams each played

Heisman Trophy Winners

ND: 7 (Angelo Bertelli, Johnny Lujack, Leon Hart, Johnny Lattner, Paul Hornung, John Huarte, Tim Brown) vs SU: 1 (Ernie Davis)

Ottos Edge: ND... that should be 5-3 but Jim Brown and Don McPherson were robbed. ND has only had 1 since 1964. Also they are tied with USC and OSU with most Heismans (OSU only has 6 winners).


ND: Angelo Bertelli, Steve Beuerlein, Paul Horning, Daryle Lamonica, Johnny Lujack, Rick Mirer, Joe Montana, Ron Powlus, Brady Quinn, Joe Theismann vs SU: Wilmeth Sidat-Singh, Marvin Graves, McNabb, Bill Hurley, Don McPherson

Ottos Edge: ND... the golden boys win here


ND: Jerome Bettis, Rocky Bleier, Allen Pinkett, Ricky Watters, George Gipp vs SU: Moose Johnston, Jim Nance, Larry Csonka, Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little

Ottos Edge: SU... the 44 boys win here


ND: Tim Brown, Dave Casper, Mark Bavaro, Rocket Ismail vs SU: Marvin Harrison, Art Monk, Rob Moore, John Mackey

Ottos Edge: SU... some greats there

D Players

ND: Bobby Taylor, Rudy Ruettiger, Bob and Mike Golic, Alan Page, Nick Buoniconti, Justin Tuck vs SU: Donovan Darius, Tim Green, Kevin Mitchell, Dwight Freeney, Keith Bulluck

Ottos Edge: Push... neither are know for their D


ND: John Carney, Craig Hentrich vs SU: Olinda Mare, Gary Anderson

Ottos Edge: SU... Anderson was the last K to have a one bar facemask

2008 SB Winning NY Giants

ND: Justin Tuck vs SU: Coughlin and Tyree

Ottos Edge: SU... even though Tuck was a monster

Ex Giants

ND: Mark Bavaro, Eric Dorsey, Derek Brown, Dave Duerson, Luke Petitgout vs SU: Larry Csonka, Joe Morris, Will Allen

Ottos Edge: SU... nice busts with Dorsey and Brown

Sticking with Rambo...


ND: Mark vs SU: David

Ottos Edge: ND... he was a beast


ND: Rocket vs SU: Missle

Ottos Edge: ND... legend says he once was timed at 4.16 in the 40 yard dash at Notre Dame while running in pads and full equipment. They also had a brother nicknamed The Bomb.

Rob Carpenter

ND: started there vs SU: ended here

Ottos Edge: SU... thats what got him to the NFL


ND: Father Adrian vs SU: Son Cam

Ottos Edge: ND... he is a HoFer

Sticking with BBall...

BBall Greats

ND: LaPhonso Ellis, John Paxson, Kelly Tripucka, Austin Carr, Bill Laimbeer vs SU: Billy Owens, Dave Bing, Melo, Derrick Colemen, Rony Seikaly

Ottos Edge: SU... Carr is their all time leading scorer

Sticking with Kelly...

Like father like son

ND: Frank Tripucka QBd at ND and his son Kelly played BBall there vs SU: Andy followed Leo Rautins playing BBall at SU

Ottos Edge: Push... there is also a Canadian connection here as Frank played in the CFL and the Rautins are Canuckers.

Back to Billy...


ND: father Bill vs SU: daughter attended

Ottos Edge: SU... do you really want to claim him?

Recent G

ND: Chris Quinn vs SU: GMac

Ottos Edge: ND... he is in the NBA

The BBall team plays in...

Joyce Center

ND: home of BBall team vs SU: home of communications auditorium

Ottos Edge: ND... the part of the Joyce Center that houses the BBall arena will be renovated and renamed Purcell Pavilion (after the former Morgan Stanley CEO). Capacity will go from 11.5k to 9.8k.

Other top national program

ND: Intramural vs SU: Lax

Ottos Edge: SU... who cares about intramural

ND intramural sports program has been named by SI as the best program in the country. The annual Bookstore Basketball tournament is the largest outdoor five-on-five tournament in the world with over 700 teams participating each year. Also ND offers the only non-military academy program of full-contact intramural American football. I wonder if any intramural ND FBer ever made the team as a walk on?

Charles Dutton/Chelcie Ross Movie

ND: Rudy vs SU: Express

Ottos Edge: ND... Rudy was 5ft nuttin, 100 and nuttin, without a speck of athletic abilitiy and hung in there with the best CFB players in the country for 2 years. And walked away with a degree from ND. Also ND had the movie Knute Rockne, All American.

Along with movies...


ND: Brian Kelly (father on Flipper), George Wendt (Norm!), Phil Donahue, Regis Philbin vs SU: Jerry Stiller, Aaron Sorkin, Dick Clark, Lexington Steele

Ottos Edge: SU... can you imagine the reaction had Steele been an ND grad?

And TV...

West Wing

ND: Jed Bartlet (played Pres) vs SU: Aaron Sorkin

Ottos Edge: SU... he created the show

Which is about...


ND: Condoleeza Rice vs SU: Joe Biden

Ottos Edge: SU... VP beats Sec of State

Which are reported about on...

Fox News

ND: Andrew Napolitano vs SU: Megyn Kelly

Ottos Edge: SU... she is hostess with mostest

Sticking with TV hosts...

Sports Casting

ND: Don Criqui, Hannah Storm vs SU: endless list

Ottos Edge: SU... Hannah Storm alone would kill ND even if SU had no one but Dave Pasch

While we are in the sports world...

FB ownership

ND: Curly Lambeau (founded Packers), Ed DeBartolo Jr (former 49ers owner), John York (49ers co-owner), Ted Phillips (Pres and CEO of Bears) vs SU: Al Davis

Ottos Edge: ND... Lambeau also played RB at ND.


ND: Cap Anson, Craig Counsell, Aaron Heilman, Brad Lidge, Carl Yastrzemki, Larry Dolan (owner Indians), Joe Garagiola (VP MLB Ops), Vince Naimoli (founding owner of Rays), Steve Bartman (Cubs fan) vs SU: used to have a baseball team

Ottos Edge: ND... although I hate Counsell, the Mets, the Sox, the Rays, and the Dolans.

But the Dolan thing is because of...

BBall Management

ND: Jim Fitzgerald (former owner Bucks and Warriors) vs SU: David Falk

Ottos Edge: SU... he is a power broker

And finally the category of the week…

I love the 80s (aka oh yeah I remember him)

ND: QB Tony Rice vs SU: QB Todd Philcox

Ottos Edge: SU... who cares about the ring making the NFL is what counts

And the TATTOO goes to...

The Syracuse Orange as they pull of a tight one.

Monday, November 17, 2008

King Ottos KOnclusion

SU lost again and looked awful on O. I wonder what happened that the last 2 games have been so bad? Did the kids give up? Or did other teams just catch up to what MB was trying to do? CB continues to look great. Wish he wasnt a SR. WTF was up with Cody at QB? I thought he was a TE now? And is really a threat to run? I rather see Suter run that play. Speaking of Suter, it is nice to see that after 43 games GRob realized that STs is part of the game. Back to back weeks with punt blocks is nice.

Cant wait till next year when the KOnclusion will be back in full force.

Word Association with Otto the Dog

I am sure many of you are wondering about Otto the Dogs thoughts on everything SU. Well here they are:


Word: Greg Robinson

Otto! That is mean. GRob may not be a good HC but he certainly shouldnt be put in jail.

Word: Daryl Gross

Come on Otto! TGD may have made a giant mistake in hiring GRob but there is no reason to break his neck.

Word: SU Football

Otto, Otto, Otto. SU FB is down but it certainly isnt dead.

Ok that is more like it. SU FB will rise again.

Word: Randy Edsall

Interesting. You are in HCREs corner as the next SU HC. Do you have any inside info?

You are in the dark like the rest of us.

Word: SU Basketball

So we are a sleeping giant? I hope that is the case as we are long over due for an NCAA run.

Commander Calis Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


Is it better to love a woman or Syracuse sports?

The love of a good women for sure. Hey man my wife is going to read this. Syracuse sports or a women is a poser. With Syracuse Sports you get something new every few months . A good women is pretty much a life time commit.

Blonds or Brunettes?

I like blonds but brunettes have a place on the ladder near the top.

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera

Brittany Spears is in agony and should be put down like a hurting dog, Jessica Simpson just might be td brighter then given credit for although Christina Aguilera is a close secon.

You are on a deserted island. What is one thing you wish you had?

On a deserted island Direct TV and one of the above except Spears. I might as well have "Wilson like Tom Hanks

You are in a life raft and you see Osama Bin Laden and Greg Schiano in the water. You have to save one of them. Who do you save?

I would save Osama. What I plan for that bastard is far worse the drowning, I wouldwrite a book Osa Home Depot and me. Lots of things in Home depot to inflict a little payback for 9/11.

What would you do with Greg Robinson?

You figure it out. If TGD doesn't mke a good choice I think he could join Bin Laden in Home DZepot with me.

Who should be SUs next HC?

I favor Edsall. Iwant a reasonably young alum with a track record.

Boxers or Briefs?

did Boxers for sure although in my bi pedal days I wore both. although not at the same time . now its commando time.

Don't for get to drink your Ovaltine like "Richie"If you haven't seen Chritsmas Story you are half dead already;forget football. Over and out


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Computer Rankings

I used a Supercomputer (my brain) to rank the teams:

10. UGA
9. Utah
8. Boise St
7. PSU
6. USC
5. OU
4. Texas
3. Fla
2. Texas Tech

1. Bama

No change in any of the rankings this week.

My Top 10 HC List

Each week I will update my list of Top 10 choices to replace GRob. I will only use guys who I think we have a realistic chance of getting.

10. Dean Hood (NC)
9. Mike Locksley (-6)
8. Charlie Strong (NR)
7. Brady Hoke (NR)
6. Steve Addazio (NR)
5. Chip Kelly (+2)
4. Bud Foster (+2)
3. Skip Holtz (-2)
2. Mark Whipple (+3)

1. Al Golden (+1)

Dropped: Glen Mason (4), Ron Prince (8), Don Treadwell (9)

Mason has been out of coaching for 2 years. Not sure he has the fire to take on the challenge. I decided I dont want a guy who has been fired as a HC, which is why Prince dropped off. I also think SU should target a guy who is currently a HC. First you dont want a guy learning on the job. Second it is a lot easier for a guy who has a staff to get a staff at SU.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


My good Sir what are you thoughts on the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland?

On Thou shall worship Otto:

I like Otto He puts smiles on people's faces and generally a happy character. I have never been intimidated by a ferocious characature as a fan and I don't think any of our players have either. I would have preferred a character from NYS mythology written by James Fenimore Cooper . My favorite would have been "Hawkeye but Iowa of all schools beat us to that one,.

On Thou favorite number shall be 44:

Retiring 44 was and continues to be a mistake Dr Gross was too anxious to make a statement here and retiring our biggest tradition and history should have been over ruled by the Chancellor and trustees.

On Thou shall call the Dome your home:

The Dome is aging and a smart CFO should be accruing for a replacement structure and designed to hold more for basketball. If we can get 33,00 in the Dome now we or they should be preparing for 35,00+.

On Thou shall call the teams Orangemen, including the women teams:

Changing our name t "The Orange is optional at best . No one can stop anyone from referring to the team as our Orangemen. Just continue to refer to the teams in that manner and email ESPN and tell tell them to do so as well.

On Thou shall covet the old FB unis:

Screw Gross and his attempts to hide the fact that football has taken a Greg Louganis in quality and attendence..

On Thou shall wish ye had a team to hate in Football:

Our biggest rival is who ever comes out of the other entrance. I hate losing to Rutgers for a number of reasons I don't like their coach or their fans having lived in NJ for a number of years.

Over and Out. Cali.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TATTOO: UConn Huskies vs Syracuse Orange

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). Facing off are the UConn Huskies and the Syracuse Orange. This weeks TATTOO is an Orange Laptop:

Born on Date
UConn: 1881 vs SU: 1870
Ottos Edge: SU... UConn was founded as Storrs Agricultural School

GPS (location)
UConn: the middle of nowhere vs SU: a city
Ottos Edge: SU... unless you are an Aggie (as the UConn teams once were) or like Ram-napping (as they used to do to Rhode Islands mascot)

UConn: 66th (US News) vs SU: 53rd
Ottos Edge: SU… cant believe UConn is that high

Their ranking must be carried by...

Top program for
UConn: Puppetry vs SU: Communications
This is a hard one to call so I will defer to Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog…

Thank you. Thank you. I am so pleased to be here. God what has come of my career. I keed, I keed. I love King Ottos work. He is so great that I would like to sniff his butt. Anyway the Ottos Edge here goes to UConn. They truly are a great school... for me to poop on!

School paper
UConn: Daily Campus vs SU: Daily Orange
Ottos Edge: SU… although they have better stories to write about (laptops, pellet guns, etc).

UConn: Jonathan vs SU: Otto
Ottos Edge: SU... War Otto.

Speaking of war, Jonathan was named after Jonathan Trumbull, who was the only Colonial Gov to side with the Americans during the Revolution.

While we are on history…

FB history
UConn: none vs SU: tons
Ottos Edge: UConn... who cares look at their nice facilities

First year of FB
UConn 1896 vs SU 1889
Ottos Edge: SU... 1896 if you want to call that football. More like 2000, when they joined D1A.

All Time Ws
UConn: 462 vs SU: 673
Ottos Edge: SU… and their Ws are against a weak schedule

Biggest Bowl W
UConn: ’04 Motor City Bowl vs SU: '59 Cotton Bowl
Ottos Edge: UConn... the Motor City Bowl is basically the SuperBowl, plus they beat Toledo!

BE Titles
UConn: 1 vs SU: 4
Ottos Edge: SU... boy this conf sucks if UConn can share a title

Head to Head
UConn: 2 wins vs SU: 2 wins
Ottos Edge: Push... this one is for the lead

Rivalry with BC
UConn: is BCs bitch vs SU: BC is our bitch
Ottos Edge: UConn… they threatened a law suit if I didnt pick them

All Time QB
UConn: Dan Orlovsky vs SU: McNabb
Ottos Edge: SU… slight edge

All Time RB
UConn: Walt Trojanowski vs SU: Jim Brown
Ottos Edge: SU… easy win

Sticking with FB players…

Dwight Freeney grew up
UConn: in state vs SU: as player
Ottos Edge: SU... he would be in the Arena League if he went to UConn

Speaking of arenas…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
UConn: Rent (40k) vs SU: Dome
Ottos Edge: SU… fitting that they have a MAC sized stadium

Both stadium names come from…

United Technologies
UConn: Pratt & Whitney donated Rentschler airfield to Conn vs SU: Carrier put up money for the Dome
Ottos Edge: UConn... theirs was a gift to the state while ours ended up being one of the worst deals of all time

Stadium located
UConn: not even close to campus vs SU: on campus
Ottos Edge: SU... nuttin like having to take a long bus trip to a home game for UConn

While we are on trips…

Fans travel
UConn: only to home games vs SU: up and down the eastern seaboard
Ottos Edge: UConn... you try traveling to a pasture to watch a game

Speaking of pasture, as in needing to be put out to…

UConn: HCRE vs SU: GRob
Ottos Edge: SU… hes coached 33 years, is a great recruiter/evaluator (you can read it in any press guide), and his record shows he is a good coach.

Sticking with coaches…

Giants Coach
UConn: Steve Spagnuolo (asst) vs SU: Coughlin
Ottos Edge: SU... he is the man in charge

BBall coach
UConn: JC vs SU: JB
Ottos Edge: SU... B comes before C, who is a miserable prick

BBall HC at another school
UConn: Tom Penders (alum) vs SU: Pitino (asst)
Ottos Edge: SU... a little more successful

Speaking of success...

Owe BBall and FB success to
UConn: Syracuse's teams paving the way vs SU: no one we are self made
Ottos Edge: UConn... why do the hard work?

Fans also love
UConn: Womens BBall vs SU: LAX
Ottos Edge: SU... and they like their soccer too. That tells a lot.

Staying with Womens Hoops…

Former womens BBaller married
UConn: SI writer (Lobo to Steve Rushin) vs SU NFL star QB (Raquel Nurse to McNabb)
Ottos Edge: SU... I cant believe Lobo met a man. Thinking of her makes me want to McPuke

You can also puke from drinking too much…

Beer sales
UConn: cannot be done after 8pm vs SU: anytime you want
Ottos Edge: SU... nuttin like a late night run to the Nice N Easy (while drunk and underage) and having no problem getting beer. Aaaah college.

Speaking of drinking…

JFK link
UConn: Ed Kennedy Jr alum vs SU: JFK spoke at commencement
Ottos Edge: SU... BTW how is Ted and Ed the same?

Sticking with politics…

Cant believe they elected
UConn: Joe Liberman vs SU: Hillary Clinton
Ottos Edge: Push... there are no winners here

People in state wear sweaters
UConn: around neck vs SU: like you should
Ottos Edge: SU... how annoying is that?

Speaking of annoying…

The Devils spawn
UConn: Chris Berman was born in state vs SU: Tom Cruise was born in area
Ottos Edge: SU... atleast we got rid of our demon child. Berman still lives there.

Berman thinks he can play in a…

UConn: The Monkees (Peter Tork went to HS in Storrs) vs SU The Velvet Underground (Lou Reed alum)
Ottos Edge: UConn... not a trace of doubt in my mind

But Berman is really just a…

Round short dude
UConn: Khalid El Amin vs SU: Otto
Ottos Edge: SU... Otto is cute and cuddly. El Amin is just a fat boy.

Speaking of fat boys…

UConn: Julius Nasso (Steven Seagal movies) vs SU: Dick Clark (everything on TV)
Ottos Edge: UConn... I couldnt imagine a world without those great Steven Seagal movies. Too bad he ate himself out of a career.

Staying with movies...

Dennis Quaid
UConn: was married to Meg Ryan vs SU: played Ben in Express
Ottos Edge: Push... both turned into bombs

Sticking with the entertainment industry...

Weird Musician
UConn: Moby (dropped out) vs SU: Grace Jones
Ottos Edge: SU... she could kick his ass

Actor whose face you know but dont know their name
UConn: Tony Todd (The Rock bad guy who wanted to get paid) vs SU: Vera Farmiga (The Departed chick)
Ottos Edge: SU... I wasnt a big fan of the way The Departed ended. I like it when the Detective gets the bad guy just like...

1970s TV guy
UConn: Ron Palillo (Horshack from Welcome back, Kotter) vs SU: Peter Falk (Columbo)
Ottos Edge: SU... just one more thing...

The category of the week…

I love the 80s (aka oh yeah I remember him)
1980s SB RB
UConn: Skins Nick Giaquinto vs SU: Giants Joe Morris
Ottos Edge: SU... little Joe was the man

And the TATTOO goes to...

The Syracuse Orange as they beat the Nuthuggers... I mean meggers in an upset.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bottom 10 HCs

These are the worst possible HCs SU could replace GRob with. These are the type of guys that could easily kill the program.

10. Walt Harris
9. Ron Turner
8. Larry Coker
7. Frank Solich
6. Kevin Gilbride
5. Marty Mornhinweg
4. Ty Willingham
3. John Blake
2. Dan McCarney

1. Terry Shea

King Ottos KOnclusion

Well that was fun. Nothing like sitting in the rain and watching an ass whooping.

That may have been the worst O game I have even seen. We had one good play, a great one at that. Besides that we did absolutely nothing. Bad game all around. Coaching, QBing (Cam was awful while ARob was apocalyptically awful), and the OL.

The D was just as bad. Sure we picked off Teel a few times. But its Mike Teel, he sucks. For most of the game we sat back off the WRs, bringing no pressure, and let Teel take us apart. Had we been aggressive we would have had at least a dozen INTs. The only good thing about the D was the Art Jones mohawk.

We did block a punt which is always good. You could see it coming from a mile away. The end of half was a mess. First we wasted time and the chance to call another play. Then Shady decided to use his TOs right before the snap. He lucked out as Shaddle missed all 3. But just dump HCing as in those conditions missing the first kick is more likely than the third. Another note on Scumbag Schiano, that was cheap taking out Dantley. Are we to think it is a coincidence that Cam said RU is beatable and then he has his leg swept in the game? If the BE had any balls they would fine this guy. Then he had Teel still throwing the ball on first down and second down while up 18 in the 4th Q in SU territory. I wish GRob was as scummy and had our guys take Teel out. Schiano will get his soon enough.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Compuer Rankings

I used a Supercomputer (my brain) to rank the teams:

10. UGA (NC)
9. Utah (NR)
8. Boise St (+1)
7. PSU (-5)
6. USC (+1)
5. OU (+1)
4. Texas (+1)
3. Fla (+1)
2. Texas Tech (+1)

1. Bama (NC)

My Top 10 HC List

Each week I will update my list of Top 10 choices to replace GRob. I will only use guys who I think we have a realistic chance of getting.

10. Dean Hood (NR)
9. Don Treadwell (NR)
8. Ron Prine (NR)
7. Chip Kelly (NR)
6. Bud Foster (+4)
5. Mark Whipple (+4)
4. Glen Mason (+4)
3. Mike Locksley (+4)
2. Al Golden (+3)

1. Skip Holtz (+3)

So what happened to the 1/2 the list? Well I am going worst case scenario.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

TATTOO: Syracuse Orange vs Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). Facing off are the Syracuse Orange and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. This weeks TATTOO is an Orange Knight:

Born on Date
RU: 1766 vs SU: 1870
Ottos Edge: RU… ... founded as Queens College, it is the 8th oldest school in US and one of the 9 colonial colleges, 7 of which went Ivy (missed the boat there). It was a private male only institution affiliated with the Dutch Reformed Church. In its early years, due to a lack of funds, Queen's College was closed for two extended periods. Early trustees considered merging the college with the College of New Jersey, which later became Princeton (the measure failed by one vote). When it reopened in 1825 it was renamed Rutgers College in honor of Revolutionary War hero Henry Rutgers who bailed the school out with his donations. It became a land grant college of NJ in 1864 and designated the State U of NJ in 1945. In 1970 (yes 1970) the Board of Governors voted to admit women (how can the state U not take women?). So long story short, RU has a long history of making mistakes, ie sucking.

GPS (Location)
RU: New Brunswick, NJ vs SU: Syracuse, NY
Ottos Edge: SU… the Dome holds almost as many people as NB has

RU: 64th (US News) vs SU: 53rd
Ottos Edge: SU… if RU kicked all the Jersey people out they would be Top 10.

A subject often taught…

African American History
RU: Paul Robeson who was beaten and had his fingernails pulled out by his teammates but turned into an All American vs SU: Wilmeth Sidat-Singh one of the first black college QBs, Ernie Davis the first black Heisman winner
Ottos Edge: Push… no one wins with racism. Ole Man River Robeson was the third black accepted to RU and the only one on campus at the time. He was a multi lingual actor, bass singer, writer, civil rights activist, and commie sympathizer (like Obama).

Some say Obama is a Muslim and they often wear…

School Colors
RU: Scarlet vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: SU… originally students sought to make orange RU’s color due to its Dutch heritage (again ball being dropped). Scarlet was adopted when the players wore scarlet colored turbans and handkerchiefs to distinguish them during the first FB game.

Speaking of that first game…

Birthplace of
RU: College Football vs SU: Bitching
Ottos Edge: SU... atleast we are good at what we started

RU played the first college game in

First year of FB
RU: 1869 vs SU: 1889
Ottos Edge: RU… the game was against long time rival Princeton in 1869. Since then they have battled in the Cannon War, which was stolen until Princeton buried it half way into the ground, but is now painted scarlet by RU students. They also did battle in the first intercollegiate Ultimate Frisbee game in November of 1972 on the anniversary of the first FB game. Overall RU is 17-53-1 against Princeton in FB, but haven’t played since 1980.

All Time wins
RU: 594 vs SU: 673
Ottos Edge: SU... and most of the RU W’s are against nobodies

Head to head
RU 9 wins vs SU 28 wins
Ottos Edge: SU... surprised it is that close

National Champs
RU: Zero vs SU: One (1959)
Ottos Edge: SU… wasnt RU supposed to win this year?

Big East Champs
RU: Zero vs SU Four
Ottos Edge: SU… wait they havent even won a BE Champ and they are talking National?

Lambert Trophies
RU: None vs SU: 6
Ottos Edge: SU… you sure they have had a FB team since 1869?

Bowl Record
RU: 2-2 vs SU: 12-9-1
Ottos Edge: SU… and their biggest Bowl game is the Insight?

Glory Days:
RU 2005-2006 vs SU anything prior to 2005
Ottos Edge: SU... we will be back, for now we just have to hold on to what we got. We will make it I swear. Our glory days will not pass us by, in the wink of a Rutgirls eye. Louisville
RU: greatest W of all time vs SU: greatest Ws of GRob era
Ottos Edge: SU… that is pretty sad

FB greats
RU: Marco Battaglia, LJ Smith, Deron Cherry, Mike McMahon, Ray Rice, Brian Leonard vs SU: John Mackey, Chris Gedney, Donovin Darius, Marvin Graves, Walter Reyes, Rob Konrad, and many many more
Ottos Edge: SU... no contest there

SB winning NY Giant
RU: Sean OHara vs SU: David Tyree, Tom Coughlin
Ottos Edge: SU… they had a bigger impact

Bobby Boucher (best current defender)
RU: Courtney Greene vs SU: Art Jones
Ottos Edge: RU… he should be our guy

Other Athletes
RU: Eddie Jordan (Wiz HC), Eric Young, Tom Emanski (back to back to back AAU champs), Joe Borowski, Jim Valvano, Alexi Lalas vs SU: Melo, Rony Seikaly, Derrick Coleman, Dave Bing
Ottos Edge: RU... hey if Fred McGriff has your back then you must be the man

Greatest Athlete
RU Ruthie (Real World) vs SU Jim Brown
Ottos Edge: RU... and she can drink you under the table too

Speaking of drinking…

Controversial club owner
RU: Robert Kriendler 21 Club (prohibition speakeasy) vs SU Steve Rubell Studio 54 (sex and drugs)
Ottos Edge: SU... that musta been some party

Speaking of partiers…

Bring us a pitcher of beer every 7 mins until somebody passes out. And
then bring one every 10 mins.
NYC Fan (who just finished his 12785th NYC Marathon)
RU: parties summers at the Jersey Shore vs SU: partied in college at SU
Ottos Edge: RU… unlike SU FB, down the shore everythings alright

Bank of NY
RU: Thomas Renyi CEO vs SU: at least 1 peep at 101 Barclay and several at 1633 Broadway
Ottos Edge: RU… he is the guy in charge. Shout out to my ex peeps at 1633. BTW I don’t know how I don’t run into more RU grads being that I live in Jersey City and work in Manhattan. I can only name 1 RU grad I have worked with since I graduated college. Strange.

While he are on head honchos…

NFL team owner
RU: Sonny Werblin (Jets founder) vs SU: Al Davis
Ottos Edge: SU… his franchise is a winner unlike the Jets

Davis was also a…

Sports commish
RU David Stern vs SU Al Davis (AFL)
Ottos Edge: SU... Davis brought the AFL to new heights, while Stern has ruined the NBA. Even he couldnt F it up with Magic, Larry, and Jordan but since then he has ruined the game.

NBA games are shown on…

RU: William Rasmussen founder vs SU: Mike Tirico
Ottos Edge: RU… EPSN started off with good intentions and has turned into the devil.

Speaking of devils…

RU: Jersey Devil vs SU: Champy
Ottos Edge: SU... Champy is a peaceful creature

Sticking with myths…

RU: William of Orange vs SU: Saltine Warrior
Ottos Edge: SU… Orange wins. SU’s is based on the myth that an Indian Chief’s remains were found on campus. For RU’s Whistling Willie, legend says that the statue whistles whenever a virgin walks by. Unfortunately it hasn’t whistled in quite so time. Gotta love those Jersey girls.

While we are on virgins…

Porn star
RU: Asia Carrera vs SU: Lexington Steel
Ottos Edge: RU… she is also a MENSA member

A big fan of the ladies…

Crazy Internet fan
RU Rutgers Al vs SU Cali
Ottos Edge: SU... if you dont agree he will elbow you where it hurts Internet boards are the new form of talk radio…

SNY Loudmouths
RU Chris Carlin (also does RU FB on radio) vs SU Adam Schein (aka Primetime)
Ottos Edge: SU... the Continent is a typical know nothing sports guy. Who hires these guys?

Staying with SNY…

SNY Halftime Guy
RU: Ray Lucas vs SU: Don McPherson
Ottos Edge: SU… he is the better QB and analyst

Carlin also does the Giants pregame…

NFL teams that play in state
RU Giants/Jets vs SU Bills
Ottos Edge: RU... why are they in Jersey? They belong in NY.

Also at the Meadowlands…

State fair held at
RU Meadowlands vs SU Fairgrounds
Ottos Edge: SU... yeah lets go to a parking lot in the swamp, good job Jersey More on the State…

State known as:
RU Arm Pit State vs SU Empire State
Ottos Edge: SU... that must be why it smells in Jersey

RU: a gay Gov vs SU: Hillary Clinton
Ottos Edge: RU... Hillary cant even win that. BTW the last 3 NJ Govs have broken their leg while in office. Whitman while skiing, McGreevey during a nighttime “walk” on the beach, and Corzine in a car accident.

Sticking with Senators…

Former Senator and Alum
RU: Robert Torricelli vs SU Al D’Amato
Ottos Edge: SU… Torricelli didnt seek a second term due to bribery charges

Speaking of embarrassment…

Embarrassing actor from area
RU Joe Piscopo NJ native vs SU Bobcat Goldthwait Syracuse native
Ottos Edge: SU... atleast he did Police Academy, Piscopo gave us nuttin Piscopo used to do impressions of Sinatra, who was from…

Bar Capital
RU Hoboken vs SU Oswego
Ottos Edge: RU... it is like a college town without the college

Sticking with Frankie… Summer wind
RU: the Shore vs SU: Sylvan Beach
Ottos Edge: RU... Jenks and Bar A will never get old. And you cant beat drunken bingo at the Trop.

If bingo isn’t your game you can go to the…

RU Atlantic City vs SU Turning Stone
Ottos Edge: RU... AC trumps Turning Stone

Speaking of Trump…

Reality TV star
RU Randal (Apprentice) vs SU New York (I Love NY)
Ottos Edge: SU... you cant beat a show with a midget

While we are on the subject of gambling…

Horse Race
RU Haskell vs SU Travers
Ottos Edge: SU... this one is easy if you have been to Saratoga and Monmouth Park

From horse racing to…

Car racing
RU Raceway Park vs SU Watkins Glenn
Ottos Edge: RU... ooohohohoho Raceway Park

While we are in the area…

Locals buy cheap things at
RU Englishtown Auction vs SU Walmart
Ottos Edge: SU... the auction is trashy And not too far away in Jackson

Six Flags
RU Great Adventure vs SU Darien Lake
Ottos Edge: RU... Kingda Ka is the tallest and fastest coaster. Plus gotta give love to Freefall and Rolling Thunder.

Water Park
RU Action Park (now Mountain Creek) vs SU Enchanted Forrest Water Safari
Ottos Edge: RU... Action Park was awesome: bungee jumping, a giant water slide that went straight down and you almost fell out of, a water slide with a loop (yes a loop!!!), Tarzan swing off of rocks and into the water, alpine slide which tore up plenty of knees and elbows. I wonder why it shut down and they got rid of those?

Maybe it got bad mouthed (like the Dome turf) by…

Snake oil salesman
RU Schiano vs SU TGD
Ottos Edge: SU... both seem shady at times but atleast TGD seems to have good intentions

Speaking of the Dome…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
RU: Rutgers Stadium 41.5k vs SU Dome 49.5k
Ottos Edge: SU… and it beats the RAC too

The Dome is a…

RU: Bernard Marcus founder of Home Depot vs SU: Bruce Fowle founder of FXFowle Architects
Ottos Edge: SU… he is also on the SU Advisory Board

There is a Home Depot in Freehold right off of…

RU 9 vs SU 5 (Erie Boulevard)
Ottos Edge: RU... although it sometimes gets jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive

To make a left turn
RU take jug handle vs SU wait for light
Ottos Edge: RU... it is more efficient

Toll roads
RU Turnpike/Parkway vs SU Thruway
Ottos Edge: RU... you from Jersey? What exit? Gas stations
RU full service vs SU pump your own
Ottos Edge: RU... it is cheaper too

Convenience store
RU Wawa vs SU Nice N Easy
Ottos Edge: RU... Nice N Easy does have beer, but Wawa has subs at any time of the night. Which Jay and Silent Bob would approve of.

Jay and Silent Bob would also be interested in…

RU one every 10 miles vs SU cant get DestiNY built
Ottos Edge: RU... the more malls the more places for the women to go during game day

Kids also love malls as well as…

Snow days
RU with 1 inch vs SU with 1 foot
Ottos Edge: RU... snow days rule

Speaking of snow…

Area known for
RU diners, pizza, bagels, meat heads, girls with big hair vs SU snow, salt, mullets
Ottos Edge: RU... 24 hour diners and good giant pizza slices are too good to give up

While we are the subject of food…

Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner
Late nite snack
RU: Grease Trucks vs SU: Wimpy Wagon
Ottos Edge: SU… you can get almost anything on a Fat Sandwhich, but can you get "blow" pops? Maybe it is just me but does a Fat Darrell (chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fries, and marinara sauce) really sound that tempting.

Speaking of fat…

Actor with disorder
RU Calista Flockhart alum (eating) vs SU Tom Cruise born in area (mental)
Ottos Edge: RU... Cruise is a danger to society

Maybe she should go eat at…

Famous establishment
RU Stone Pony vs SU Dino BBQ
Ottos Edge: RU... Bruce and Bon Jovi beat out ribs and salt potatoes The Dino once had a viral outbreak which caused people to take antibiotics…

RU: Abraham Waksman whose work led to the discovery of over 20 antibiotics vs SU: Nina Fedoroff National Science Board member
Ottos Edge: RU… unless you are Calista who likes to vomit

Other Famous Alumni
RU: Bill Bellamy, John Carpenter (1st Who Wants to be a Millionaire champ), Mr Magoo, Kristin Davis, James Gandolfini, Jim Florio, Louis Freeh vs SU: Dick Clark, Taye Diggs, Aaron Sorkin, Jerry Stiller, Vanessa Williams, VP elect Joe Biden
Ottos Edge: SU… Tony gets wacked

RU: Becky Quick vs SU: Contessa Brewer
Ottos Edge: Push… RU and Brewer both had feuds with Imus. BTW does anyone else notice that Becky and Buffet spend an awful lot of time together?

Sticking with media…

School paper
RU: Daily Targum vs SU: Daily Orange
Ottos Edge: RU… they had the first college paper (The Political Intelligencer and New Jersey Adviser 1783-1785). The name Targum stems from the teachings of Aramaic paraphrases (Targums) by RU to its students.

While we are on unique names…

Team name
RU: went from Queensmen to Chanticleer (a fighting rooster) to Scarlet Knights vs SU: Orangemen to Orange
Ottos Edge: SU…Chanticleer as a mascot was often the subject of ridicule because of its association with being chicken. I guess things don’t change since RU has a chanticleer shit schedule.

Even so RU still has shown little fight, speaking of which…

Fight Song
RU: The Bells Must Ring vs SU: Down, Down the Field
Ottos Edge: SU… RU is used to having its bell rung

And finally the category of the week…

I love the 80s (aka oh yeah I remember him)
RU: Bill Pickel (Drafted Raiders in ’83) vs SU: Tim Green
Ottos Edge: Push… having to block them would be like being in a Green Pickle

And the TATTOO goes to...

The Syracuse Orange as they pull off a squeaker and returns balance to the universe

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