Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SU FB Test Season Tickets!

SU Athletics has just released Test Season tickets for Football. You better get your tickets before they are all gone!

After 4 years of crappy FB under GRob, SU has decided to play a Test Season first before the real season. If all goes well then SU will be ready for the 2009 Football Season. SU also released the following statement about the Test Season:

Syracuse University has decided to play a Test Season before the regular 2009 Football Season. This will help the coaches and players to improve in game like situations and will hopefully avoid the disaster that was the GRob error. The Test Season will not be like the NFL preseason but more like playing Madden and then hitting the reset button because your team just fumbled 9 times in the first quarter.

In order to market to CNY fans tickets will cost $10 per game at the 50 yard line and will be free everywhere else. I for one am excited about the upcoming Test Season.

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