Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cuse Cast XXXIX

King Otto recaps the Maine game and the first quarter of the season.

Length about 15:45

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Brian Orange joins King Otto to talk SU football and the new SNY deal.

Length about 12:45

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Trip to Seattle

Gonna give a quick recap of my trip. I flew out Friday afternoon with Cuseman and his brother. When we got to the security checkpoint we had the highlight of our trip: Paulie Walnuts!

Yes he is still rocking the wings. And yes that is a wife beater underneath. He had to take the track suit jacket off to get through security and was walking around with just it on.

Ok now we get through and head toward our gate and who do we see sitting not far from us? Yes Paulie. Well we think it is him as he has sunglasses on and it is hard to tell.

Anyway not too long after his buddy got up and went off looking for food, huge surprise. Then there was an announcement for boarding the flight to Orange County (too bad wasn't a good omen). Paulie then lifted his hand and pointed up his finger like he was trying to figure out what was going on. At this time Cuseman said "I bet he yells for his friend now. He won't give a shit." And yes that was exactly what happened next. Paulie got up and yelled out several times for his friend, but to no avail. Paulie went on to board without him. It wasn't till later that his friend showed up to get on. Anyway that was our highlight.

The flight out to Seattle wasn't bad. I went between reading and sleeping during the trip. One thing I read was an article about how college coaches are over paid. That they should be caped at $500k a year. Where else are they going to go coach? There are only 32 NFL jobs and HS doesn't pay. Crazy Libs.

After the flight we decided to take the lightrail to downtown. It was an easy half hour trip and brought us by the pro stadiums which was nice to see. We then quickly got to our hotel and checked in before heading down to Pike's. I think it was then that we first crossed paths with the Krautmans. We musta walked by them at various places downtown a dozen times before finally stopping to talk and learning who they were. Good people. Anyway while at Pike's we saw the Fish place but since no one bought anything it was boring. We also hit up Beecher's for the Mac n Cheese which was really good. Not much else to say about Pike's. Wasn't as crowded as I expected though. Same can be said about all of Downtown. We felt like everyone had left for the weekend.

We next did the walk over to the Space Needle. Then decided it was time to eat. We hit up a trendy Sports bar that looked brand new and had art on the walls. Speaking of new, just about everything down there seemed built within the last 5 years or so. Was there a city before then? Anyway back to the art there was one really weird piece. It was a 1920s-esque painting of a woman in a long dress lifting up her skirt as a cop watched and a young girl gasped. Odd.

Anyway we ate and wacthed Marshall blow the WVU game. Why they didn't go for it on 4th and 1 with just over 3 mins left and WV having only 1 TO boggles my mind. Put the game away. Food wasn't that great but our waitress was the hotest girl we saw all weekend, which wasn't saying much. All the girls in Seattle had the nose piercing, dumb hat, and looked like they needed a bath. Also the hostess looked just like Sara Jesccia Parker which was kinda fun. So the place wasn't that bad.

After eating we tried to hit up a cupcake place we saw earlier. And of course it had closed. Everything down there closes by 8pm. Annoying. Someone needs to open a bodega and they would make a ton of money. Only issue is it would likely draw all the homeless outside. There were a ton of homeless people around but more on that later. Also the food choices sucked. Especially for breakfast. Have pancakes not migrated to Seattle yet? The people there must live off of coffee because there are very few places to eat. Which brings up the point that coffee is part of one's attire there. Everyone walks around with one in hand. I wouldn't be surprised if there arms are stuck like that.

So we were headed back to the hotel and we came across a concert on a square with a bunch of teenagers dancing around. So we walked by to check it out and learned that it was a Christian group. It seemed so fun but we decided to move on.

I'll fast forward now to game day. We decided to start off at a sports bar to watch the early games. Of course we couldn't find anything before 11am even though games started at 9am. So we get to the bar and see that it is the Michigan HQ for Seattle. Their gamewatching event was pretty good as seen here:

Also there was a disturbing sight there....

Yes an RU banner. But they had a bunch of other banners from schools like Delaware, James Madison, etc that you wonder how they got there. Which means in all likelihood someone brought one in and asked that it be put up. Which would be typical RU fashion.

At about halftime of the ND-Michigan game we headed up to the Stadium to the Zone which was a school run tailgate. What is odd here is that beer is sold and you cannot get it in the stadium! And at half people are allowed to go out there and drink! Another odd thing is that the beers were filled from the bottom of the cups. There was a hole with a magnetic piece that closed after being filled. And that piece was redeemable for 6 free wings at a local place.

We pounded down a few and decided to go in. We did see Sean from Nunes Magician but decided not to bother the celeb and let him be. Well here is what the stadium looked like.

You will notice a few things. One they have a track which keeps fans further away from the field. But they made up for it by having an awesome upper deck. Not only is it pretty large, it is very steep and has a roof that keeps all the noise in. Also notice that they have wooden benches that are painted purple or gold. The purple are the first few rows and typically aren't sold because you are often blocked by the players and cannot see. Great design there. But overall I liked the stadium quite a bit.

As to the game we will skip that. After the game we encountered some weirdos. First was on the bus back downtown. It took us through Fremont which looked pretty cool. The young Husky fans told us that is where everyone moves after they graduate. Looking back we shoulda checked that out. Anyway a girl eventually got on the bus and was staring at her hands the whole time like something was on them and kept moving them around. The 2nd was a well built homeless man (which made me question if he was homeless). He was very drunk and drooling. Came over to us and was saying how great UW was and fuck Syracuse. He eventually swung his arm down toward the ground which made me back off. He then talked about how UW had Nick Montana and Cuseman argued that he was not on UW but ND. Boy Cuseman, it must feel bad to know a bum has greater knowledge of college football then you!

And that was pretty much my trip. Well except being in the longest airport checkpoint I have ever seen. At least twice as long and moved rather slowly. Good job Seattle. Oh and also having something with Obama on your snadwich board is apparently a good thing.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cuse Cast is back!!!!!!!

Cuse Cast XXXVII - The only education you need this year

King Otto offers closing thoughts on Akron and looks ahead to UW.

Length about 10:30

In addition check out the photographic highlights of the 2nd annual Cuse Cast RV trip. It wasn't quite as awesome as RVing to State Penn. Although we did have the greatest Cuse Cornhole board ever.

This is the highlight of Akron's cityscape

This is the team coming over to honor King Otto. Also notice the lady trying to hug Charlie Loeb using the "head crushing technique".

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