Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tale of the Tape: Syracuse at Minnesota

Welcome to this week’s ToT where the Syracuse Orange take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers. We need to go out and beat every one of them. We don’t even have to have a reason. Our players should have a license to beat the Gophers by the government of the United Nations. To win you must know your enemy, and in this case the enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will never quit, ever. They’re like the Viet Cong, Varmint Cong. So we will have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. In order to conquer the Gophers we need to learn to think like a Gopher. So let’s take a look…

They were…

Born on Date
Minn: 1851 vs SU: 1870
Otto’s Edge: Minn… although they didn’t have students until 1867 due to financial issues.

In the city of…

Minn: Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul) vs SU: Salt City
Otto’s Edge: Minn… two is better than one

Where they hold the…

State Fair
Minn: in St Paul vs SU: in Syracuse
Otto’s Edge: Minn… because of heavy traffic from the fair, classes do not start at Minn until after the fair is over. I wish we did that for our first home game so people would show up.

People also enjoy going to the…

Minn: Mall of America vs SU: Destiny
Otto’s Edge: Minn… the largest in the US

Malls have plenty of…

Minn: Target vs SU: Wegmans
Otto’s Edge: SU… screw the French

The Target Center is where BBall was played by…

Former T-Wolves
Minn: ex GM Kevin McHale, ex HC Flip Saunders vs SU: ex players Jonny Flynn and Wes Johnson
Otto’s Edge: SU… they didn’t put the team in a hole

Getting out of a hole is easier when you have a…

3pt sharp shooter
Minn: Trent Tucker vs SU: GMac
Otto’s Edge: Minn… he could hit a shot with only 0.1 secs left

Sticking with BBall…

Former Pro Franchises
Minn: Lakers, NorthStars vs SU: Nationals (76ers)
Otto’s Edge: Minn… they eventually got replacements while Syracuse is now a one horse town

That horse has been playing since…

1st year of FB
Minn: 1882 vs SU: 1889
Otto’s Edge: Minn… although they do not have as many

All Time Ws
Minn: 651 vs SU: 692
Otto’s Edge: SU… however they have more

National Champs
Minn: 6 vs SU: 1
Otto’s Edge: Minn… who knew?

Speaking of which…

We’re going streaking
Minn: three straight titles from 1934-1936 (last team to do so). During that time they had a 28 game unbeaten streak with a string of 21 straight Ws.
Vs SU:  22 straight .500 or better seasons 1950-1971 and 15 straight winning seasons 1987-2001
Otto’s Edge: Minn… they also won back to back in 1940-41 with an 18 game W streak. Their last title was in 1960 in which they lost to Wash in the Rose Bowl (polls ended before Bowls back then).

They got to the Rose Bowl by winning their…

Minn: B1G vs SU: BE
Otto’s Edge: Minn… but the ACC is getting closer every day

In that conference each has been…

Conference Champs
Minn: 18 vs SU: 4
Otto’s Edge: Minn… they haven’t won since 1967 and haven’t been to the Rose since 1961

That has resulted in a…

Bowl Record
Minn: 5-9 vs SU: 13-9-1
Otto’s Edge: SU… pretty healthy lead

But we do not lead…

Head to Head
Minn: 2 Ws vs SU 1 W
Otto’s Edge: Minn… hopefully we even it up

Having only played 3 times we certainly are not…

Rivalry Trophies
Minn: Paul Bunyans Axe (Wisc 1948), Floyd of Rosedale (Iowa 1935), Governors Victory Bell (PSU 1993), Little Born Jug (Mich 1903) vs SU: Schwartzwalder Trophy (WV 1993)
Otto’s Edge: Minn… their rivalry with Wisc is the most played game in D1A. Since 1890 they have played 121 times (having only missed 1906). Before the Axe they played for the Slab of Bacon, a piece of wood with an M or W depending on how you held it. The trophy was lost in 1943. The schools also partake in the Border Battle, a year long competition for each sport in which 40 points are allocated. So the FB game winner gets 40 points and each basketball game is worth 20 points each.

Speaking of trophies…

CFB Award
Minn: Bronko Nagurski Trophy ( D MVP) vs SU: Mackey Trophy (TE)
Otto’s Edge: Minn… more important

But the most important trophy is the…

Minn: Bruce Boo Smith (1941) vs SU: Ernie Davis (1961)
Otto’s Edge: SU… Davis was a part of

African American History
Minn: Bobby Marshall (1st Big 9 AA player and along with Fritz Pollard 1st AA in NFL) vs SU: Ernie Davis first AA Heisman winner
Otto’s Edge: Push… we are all winners here

Davis was coached by…

Best HC
Minn: Bernie Bierman (16 years, 93-35-6 record, 6 B1G titles, 5 National, 5 undefeated seasons) vs SU: Ben Schwartzwalder
Otto’s Edge: Minn… that was a great stretch

From college to pros…

Minn: Bud Grant vs SU: Tom Coughlin
Otto’s Edge: Minn… we all know about the four SB Ls by Grant’s Vikings but he also went to six Grey Cups winning four of them. He also played on the 1950 NBA Champion Lakers. In addition Tony Dungy went to Minn.

Grant is also a…

NFL HoFers
Minn: 6 (Bobby Bell, Carl Eller, Bud Grant, Bronko Nagurski, Leo Nomellini, Charlie Sanders) vs SU: 7 (Jim Brown, Kim Ringo, Larry Csonka, John Mackey, Al Davis, Art Monk, Floyd Little)
Otto’s Edge: SU… however they beat us in

CFB HoFers
Minn: 22 (Bert Baston, Bobby Bell, Bernie Bierman, Tom Brown, Fritz Crisler, Carl Eller, George Franck,. Paul Giel, Lou Holtz, Herb Joesting, Pug Lund, Bobby Marshall, John McGovern, Bronk Nagurski, Leo Nomellini, Eddie Rogers, Bruce Smith (not of Buffalo fame), Sandy Stephens, Clayton Tonnemaker, Ed Widseth, Dick Wildung (awesome name), Henry Williams)
vs SU: 14 (Biggie Munn, Buck ONeill, Ben Schwartzwalder, Joe Alexander, Larry Csonka, Ernie Davis, Vic Hanson, Floyd Little, Jim Brown, Tim Green, Don McPherson, Tad Jones, Howard Jones, Dick MacPherson)
Otto’s Edge: Minn… one of those for SU was a

Denver Bronco Great
Minn: Karl Macklenburg vs SU: Floyd Little
Otto’s Edge: SU… although they got a steal with the 12th round, 310th pick

Another great RB was…

Boston Pats Great
Minn: Gino Cappelletti vs SU: Jim Nance
Otto’s Edge: Minn… he is the AFLs all time leading scorer (mostly as a K) and a Top 10 WR. In addition he played DB and returned kicks.

While we are on Kicking…

Minn: Chip Lohmiller vs SU: Gary Anderson, Olinda Mare
Otto’s Edge: SU… a Chip is something that you eat

Speaking of which…

NFL DL Great
Minn: Carl Eller vs SU: Freeney
Otto’s Edge: Minn… win goes to the Purple People Eater, for now

Let’s put the women and Cchildren to bed and go lookin for dinner
Minn: Lutefisk (Scandinavian fish dish) vs SU: Salt Potatoes
Otto’s Edge: SU… a potato is a vegetable and not a fruit like

Minn: Haralson, Honeycrisp (both developed at Minn) vs SU: Cortland, Empire, Northern Spy
Otto’s Edge: SU… NY is the 2nd biggest apple producing state

The Big Apple is where we play some of our home games…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around
Minn: TCF Bank Stadium vs SU: Carrier Dome
Otto’s Edge: Push… both are missed named. Ours does not have AC and theirs is not a bank.

Before that they played in a…

Minn: Metro vs SU: Carrier
Otto’s Edge: SU… really, you named it after metros?

Other Past Stadiums
Minn: Northrop Field (1899-1923), Memorial (known as the Brick House 1924-1981) vs SU: Archbold Stadium
Otto’s Edge: Minn… they had greater success in theirs

In the stadiums you can often hear the…

Fight Song
Minn: Minnesota Rouser vs SU: Down, Down the Field
Otto’s Edge: SU… no one likes a trouble maker

Someone often causing trouble…

Minn: Goldy the Gopher vs SU: Otto the Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… Goldy? Really?

The mascot often gets the crowd to…

Minn: Ski-U-Mah vs SU: Let’s Go Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… Ski is a Sioux battle cry and U Mah is for U of M

Orange is the…

School Colors
Minn: Maroon & Gold vs SU: Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… which is often worn by the

Minn: 52k  vs SU: 20k
Otto’s Edge: Minn… they are huge

Students live in
Minn: Dinkytown vs SU: South Campus
Otto’s Edge: SU… Dinkytown is just North of campus. The area has small business, restaurants, bars, and apartments that house mostly students.

They get around by…

Minn: the Gopher Way (tunnels) vs SU: walking between snow banks
Otto’s Edge: Minn… also Minn has a busway that was created in 1992. However there were many accidents the first 5 years. So they used a new invention called stop signs to alleviate the problem.

Students are there for an…

Minn: 68th vs SU: 58th
Otto’s Edge: SU… boy being in the ACC is paying off already.

Which reminds me of the big dance back in St. Olaf to kick off Pretzel Week. It was covered in the…

School Paper
Minn: The Minnesota Daily (est 1900) vs SU: Daily Orange (1903)
Otto’s Edge: SU… they only prints M-Th with Friday being an online only version.

From print media to…

TV News
Minn: Aaron Brown vs SU: Ted Koppel and many others
Otto’s Edge: SU… always big news are elections

State once elected
Minn: Jesse Ventura, Al Franken vs SU: Hillary Clinton
Otto’s Edge: Minn… if Howard Stern runs as Jesse’s VP I might have to vote him President

Staying with VPs…

Minn: Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale vs SU: Joe Biden
Otto’s Edge: SU… he is still in office (for the time being)

Other Politicians
Minn: Eugene McCarthy, Tim Pawlenty vs SU: Al D’Amato
Otto’s Edge: SU… NY is more important

An important position at a school is the…

School President
Minn: Rodney Erickson (PSU) vs SU: Donna Shalala (Miami)
Otto’s Edge: Push… both have FB programs in big trouble

Someone who was trouble for their opponent…

Pro Wrestling
Minn: Rick Flair, Brock Lesner vs SU: Mike Rotunda
Otto’s Edge: Minn… Wooooo!

Staying with wrassling…

Other sports known for
Minn: Hockey, Wrestling vs SU: Lax
Otto’s Edge: Minn… since we no longer have a wrestling program. Their hockey team has 5 titles and 20 Frozen Fours. Herb Brooks and 9 members of 1980 US team were Gophers. Side note: men’s hockey plays in Mariucci Arena while the women play in Ridder Arena (sounds like a dirty name), the 1st dedicated women’s hockey arena. Minn wrestling has been around 95 seasons.

A sport that has been around a long time…

Minn: Paul Molitor, Terry Steinbach, Dave Winfield vs SU: has a minor league team
Otto’s Edge: Minn… Big Dave was my fav as a youngin

Miscellaneous Athlete
Minn: Tom Lehman vs SU: Myer Prinstein (Gold medalist 1900 Triple Jump, 1904 Triple and Long Jumps)
Otto’s Edge: SU… from little known to why are they known?

BBall player with celeb wife
Minn: Kris Humphries (Kim Kardashian) vs SU: Melo (La La)
Otto’s Edge: SU… Kris is no longer married

La La works with…

Minn: Yanni, Bob Dylan vs SU: Lou Reed
Otto’s Edge: SU… Yanni, enough said.

While we are taking a walk on the wild side…

Adult stars
Minn: Dahm Triplets vs SU: Lexington Steele
Otto’s Edge: Minn… hey now!

Speaking of which…

Fictional Alumn
Minn: Larry Sanders vs SU: Veronica Corningstone
Otto’s Edge:  Push… those were characters played by

Minn: Loni Anderson, Henry Fonda, Ron Perlman, Robert Vaughn, Peter Graves vs SU: Vanessa Williams, Peter Falk, Jerry Stiller, Taye Diggs, Peter Weller
Otto’s Edge: Minn… this ToT will self destruct in five seconds.

But not before the category of the year…

Minn: cheer that the backup QB is starting vs SU: cheer that we finally run a college O
Otto’s Edge: SU… our situation is an improvement

And there you have it. Minnesota will win by a final score of 27-24. In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, au revoir Gophers.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tale of the Tape: Stony Brook vs Syracuse

Welcome to this week’s ToT where the State University of New York at Stony Brook takes on Syracuse University.

Born on Date
SB: 1957 vs SU: 1870
Otto’s Edge: SU… SB was founded as the State University Center on Long Island at Oyster Bay before changing location and names

Speaking of location…

SB: Long Island vs SU: CNY
Otto’s Edge: SU… LI is a PIA to get to and fro

While we are on PIAs…

Famous female talk show hosts
SB: Dr Laura, Joy Behar vs SU: Megyn Kelly
Otto’s Edge: SU… not quite as racey

Sort of a race…

We’re going streaking
SB: won three straight conf titles vs SU: lost seven straight games
Otto’s Edge: SB… hopefully we finally end ours

Staying with championships…

Conf FB Titles
SB: 4 (3 Big South, 1 Northeast) vs SU: 4 BE
Otto’s Edge: Push… tied up

And those titles were won in…

FB Conference
SB: Big South vs SU: Big East
Otto’s Edge: Push.. it doesn’t make sense that SB is in the Big South or that the Big East has very few Eastern schools. Thankfully both are moving on next year as SB is going Colonial (along with Albany) and SU to the ACC. SB was in the NEC prior to the Big South. For other sports SB is in the America East Conference.

While we are on Albany…

Biggest Rival
SB: Albany (5-9) vs SU: PSU (23-40-5)
Otto’s Edge: SB… they will be in the same conference going forward. Currently they are on a break though. The schools played each other from 1995-2007 then stopped when SB went Big South. They did meet each other last year in the playoffs with SB winning. Hofstra ended its FB program before a rivalry could develop. SB had played them 13 times losing every game.

SB doesn’t have much history because…

1st year of FB
SB: 1969 vs SU: 1889
Otto’s Edge: SU… huge difference

As is our…

All time Ws
SB: 142 vs SU: 691
Otto’s Edge: SU… easy call here

And more disparity…

No one, and I mean no one comes into our house and pushes us around
SB: LaValle Stadium 8,250 vs SU: Dome 49,250
Otto’s Edge: SU… they hosted last year’s Lax final where the Stallers robbed us of a championship

Sticking with Lax…

Conf Tourny Champs
SB: 3 America East vs SU: 1 Big East
Otto’s Edge: SB… pretty sad for such a storied program that we only have 1. SB beat Denver in the NCAAs in 2010 making it to the quarterfinals, their best finish.

SB has also had recent success in…

SB: won regular season America East in 2010 and 2012 making the NIT both seasons
vs SU: won an NCAA title
Otto’s Edge: SU… a lil more important

The closest to a major title for SB was in…

SB: made CWS last year vs SU: made CWS in 1961
Otto’s Edge: SB… they still have the sport playing at Joe Nathan (alumn) Field.

While we are on names…

Last Name
SB: Seawolves vs SU: Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… they became the Seawolves in 1994 when they moved to D1 sports. They were formally known as the Soundmen, Baymen, and Patriots.

The most famous Orange…

SB: Wolfie the Seawolf vs SU: Otto the Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… Wolfie? Seriously?

Orange is a…

School colors
SB: Scarlet and Grey vs SU: Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… the best color around

And that is worn by…

SB: 24,500 vs SU: 20,000
Otto’s Edge: SB… slightly larger school

However they don’t get as good of an…

SB: 111th  vs SU: 62nd
Otto’s Edge: SU… although SB is in the AAU and SU is no longer

Speaking of longer…

Philip Finch
SB: Michael Bamiro 6’8 345 vs SU: Zion Jones 6’4 335
Otto’s Edge: SB… beating Jones out by 4 inches

While we are on beating, as in ball carriers…

Bobby Boucher
SB: Arvin West vs SU: Shamwow
Otto’s Edge: SU… he will be missed next year

And finally this year’s category of the week…

WWTD (what would Tebow do?)
SB: claim that the Jets are LI’s team so people watch The Faces of Tebow premiering Wed night on the NFL Network (sadly not a joke)
vs SU: claim the Jets are NY State’s team so people in CNY watch
Otto’s Edge: SU… we know that the Jets are the JV team

There you have it. SU will pull out a low scoring, close game by a score of 13-6. Until till next time!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tale of the Tape: Southern Cal vs Syracuse

Welcome back to the 2nd ToT of the season. Let's get started.

Born on Date
USC: 1880 vs SU: 1870
Otto’s Edge: SU… older and wiser

USC: 23rd vs SU: 62nd
Otto’s Edge: USC…  just not smarter

A common choice for major…

USC: shot there vs SU: Ben Stiller, son of Jerry (SU alumn), had a bit part
Otto’s Edge: USC… ok this category was a stretch but that show was awesome so it needed to be added. Judd Apatow is also a USC alumn.

Also appearing in the show…

USC: Will Farrell (alumn) played Ron Burgandy vs SU: Veronica Corningstone character went to SU
Otto’s Edge: USC… she is a smelly pirate hooker

Farrell was also famous for saying…

We’re going streaking
USC: 26 years with at least one athletic title (59-60 to 84-85) vs SU: Lax 22 straight Final Fours
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have the 3rd most school national titles all time and the most in men’s sports all time

While we are on Lax…

Non major sport awesome at
USC: Baseball 12 titles (most all time) vs SU: Lax 11 titles (most all time)
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have no peer, the next closest school has 6 titles. Players who went to USC include Aaron/Bret Boone, Randy Johnson, Dave Kingman, Fred Lynn, Mark McGwire, Mark Prior, Tom Seaver, and Barry Zito.

Staying with titles…

FB Champs
USC: Seven  vs SU: One
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have been good for a long time

Ever since…

1st year FB
USC: 1888 vs SU: 1889
Otto’s Edge: Push… it is basically the same

However not the same is our…

All Time Ws
USC: 780 vs SU: 691
Otto’s Edge: USC… well they have been playing longer so we should be behind

When you win you get to play in a…

USC: 31-16 vs SU: 13-9-1
Otto’s Edge: USC… very impressive in both number and winning %

Many of those Bowls they got to by winning the…

Founding Member of
USC: P12 vs SU: Big East
Otto’s Edge: USC… at least the P12 has gone from 8 to 10 to 12 in their name unlike this other conferences

Conf Championships
USC: 38 vs SU: 4
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have been the Rutgers of the West

Speaking of West…

USC: Los Angeles vs SU: Syracuse
Otto’s Edge: SU… I just don’t get LA

USC: Westside vs SU: Eastside
Otto’s Edge: SU… I miss Biggie. Snoop Lion (formally Dogg) is a USC fan

Fans go to games at…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around
USC: Coliseum 93,600 vs SU: Dome 49,250
Otto’s Edge: USC… almost twice as big

Just like the…

Student Size (not a reference to height)
USC: 37k vs SU: 20k
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have the largest number of international students of any university

Internationally known but often confused as…

School type many people think
USC: Public vs SU: Public
Otto’s Edge: Push… both are private schools

The schools are known as…

Last Name
USC: Trojans vs SU: Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… Trojans is my 3rd favorite name behind Orange and Orangemen

The schools are represented by…

USC: Traveler vs SU: Otto the Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU of course…  Traveler is the white horse and official mascot. Many think that Tommy the Trojan is the school’s mascot.

Also supporting the team is the…

USC: Spirit of Troy vs SU: Pride of the Orange
Otto’s Edge: USC… who play the greatest

Fight Song
USC: Fight On vs SU: Down, Down the Field
Otto’s Edge: USC… hearing it will ease the pain on Saturday

As we play…

Head to Head
USC: 3 vs SU: 0
Otto’s Edge: USC… including a W in the Meadowlands

Encouraging the teams and fans will be the…

USC: Song Girls vs SU: nameless
Otto’s Edge: USC… they can perform the perfect cheer

Also helping the team will be the…

USC: John McKay, John Robinson, Pete Carroll vs SU: Ben Schwartzwalder, Coach Mac, Coach P
Otto’s Edge: USC… without them there would be no V in victory

Both schools shared HC…

Howard Jones
USC: coached from 1925-1940 winning 4 titles vs SU: coached in 1908
Otto’s Edge: USC… a little more success at USC

Under the coaches were…

Notable players
USC: Pat Hayden, Matt Leinart, Rodney Peete, Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, Sean Salisbury, Frank Gifford, Steve Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, Lynn Swann, Johnny Morton, Fred Davis, Anthony Munoz, Tony Boselli, Bruce Matthews, Jack Del Rio, Clay Matthews (Jr and III), Brian Cushing, Ronnie Lott, Dennis Smith, Mark Carrier, Tory Polamalu, Joey Browner, Jason Sehorn, Jeff Fisher, Mike Holgren, Al Cowlings
vs SU: McNabb, Graves, McPherson, Moose, Csonka, Nance, Harrison, Moore, Monk, Kevin Johnson, Mackey, Gedney, Ringo, Flannery, Tim Green, Freeney, Bulluck, Conley, Darius, Gary Anderson, Mare
Otto’s Edge: USC… both have impressive lists

But each school is most known for being…

Tailback U
USC: Mike Garrett, OJ Simpson, Ricky Bell, Charles White, Marcus Allen, Reggie Bush vs SU: Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little, Joe Morris
Otto’s Edge: SU… actually USC won the category but had to vacate the win

Some of these guys won the…

Heisman Trophy
USC: 7 winners vs SU: 1 winner
Otto’s Edge: USC… they are tied for most all time if you count Bush’s vacated win

Also of importance to both schools is…

USC: 55 (worn by Seau, McGinest, Caliborne) vs SU: 44
Otto’s Edge: SU… offense beats defense here

Staying with D…

Bobby Boucher
USC: TJ McDonald vs SU: Shamwow
Otto’s Edge: USC… he is the better pro prospect

Prospects are usually known as…

Blue Chips
USC: scenes filmed at school vs SU: JB a star
Otto’s Edge: SU… luckily JB didn’t get the acting bug like

Former RB turned actor
USC: OJ Simpson vs SU: Jim Brown
Otto’s Edge: USC… Nordberg had so much potential

Someone else with potential…

USC: Paul was HC vs SU: Nate is OC
Otto’s Edge: SU… he hasn’t failed yet

Someone with connections to both Hacketts

USC: where he wishes he was AD vs SU: where he is AD
Otto’s Edge: Push… while his heart is out there, in order for him to go back he has to be successful here

Other connections between the schools…

USC: Todd vs SU: Mikhail
Otto’s Edge: USC… he had the better college career

Luke Jensen
USC: alumn vs SU: coach
Otto’s Edge: Push… dual hand Luke can be play for both sides

Sometimes he seems like he is on another planet just like…

USC: Neil Armstrong vs SU: Eileen Collins
Otto’s Edge: USC… first man on moon beats first female shuttle commander

He was a great American unlike…

Miss America
USC: Pat Nixon vs SU: Vanessa Williams
Otto’s Edge: Push… both vacated their title in controversy

Other notable Alumni
USC: Ron Howard, George Lucas, Macy Gray, Mark McGrath, LeVar Burton, Anthony Edwards, Michael Landon, Matthew Lawrence, Lisa Ling, Ted McGinley, Timothy Olyphant, Kelly Preston, John Ritter, Kyra Sedgwick, Tom Selleck, Ally Sheedy, Cybill Shepard, Robert Stack, John Wayne, Forest Whitaker, Norman Schwarzkopf, Cindy McCain, Bob Lorenz, Michele Tafoya, Salvatore Ferragamo, Barron Hilton, Rob Kardashian, John Carpenter, Joe Francis, Michael McDonald, Dr Drew, Robert Vaughn
vs SU: Dick Clark, Aaron Sorkin, Lou Reed, Taye Diggs, Peter Falk, Joe Biden, Bob Costas, Mike Tirico, Marv Alvert, Ted Koppel, Lisa Lampanelli, Lexington Steele
Otto’s Edge: USC… some really big names in Hollywood

Speaking of big…

Philip Finch
USC: Zach Banner 6’9 335 vs SU: Zion Jones 6’4 335
Otto’s Edge: USC… wow he is huuuuuge

Sticking with big…

Biggest Rival
USC: UCLA 46-28-7  vs SU: Colgate 30-31-5
Otto’s Edge: USC…  although some would argue that it is ND. USC has played UCLA, ND, Cal, Ore St, Stanford, and Wash all more than any team SU has played. UCLA and USC shared to Coliseum until UCLA moved to the Rose Bowl in 1982.

When they used to play each other both teams would wear their home…

School Colors
USC: Cardinal & Gold vs SU: Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… let’s go Orange

Which is a chant heard more often for…

BBall Great
USC: Cheryl Miller  vs SU: Dave Bing
Otto’s Edge: SU… even though they also have Lisa Leslie

While we are on BBall…

Sports Management Alumni
USC: Jerry Buss, Frank McCourt vs SU: Al Davis, David Falk
Otto’s Edge: SU… very LA centric

Something else that is very LA…

Now let’s put the women and children to bed and go lookin for dinner
USC: Shelly Hwang (alumn) founded Pinkberry vs SU: Dino BBQ
Otto’s Edge: SU… there will be no chat and cutting tolerated here

And finally the category of the week…

WWTD (what would Tebow do?)
USC: bench alumn Mark Sanchez vs SU: run the Wildcat with Broyld
Otto’s Edge: SU… either way the Jets will score less than Tebow at the Playboy Mansion

And there it is folks, USC will win this one 27-14. Until next time…

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