Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Back

Now that BBall season is over I can give 110% to SU FB. Unfortunately SU isnt giving 110% as well since they kept GRob on for another year. And he is likely back for a 5th year as well. Even he cant mess up the Northeastern and Akron games. That plus an improved O should be enough.
I wouldnt mind him staying if he was just HC and was totally removed from any coaching decisions. We better not see any walk ons at KR or PR. He have athletes. Look at the difference the last few games on PR when he finally stopped going conservative with the PRs. The guy is a good recruiter but please leave the FB decisions to the FB guys.

I love bringing in Mitch Browning. I would love it even more if he were OC under Glen Mason with the succession plan of Browning. Would SU not be better off that way? Browning has come in and had more of an impact already in 3 months than GRob has in 3 years. That is a guy who gets it. Now we need a DC and STs guy to join our recruiting specialist GRob. If that were to happen, SU would be THE program in the BE. With RRod leaving there is no current top dog. There is a great opportunity here for SU, lets not F it up.

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