Monday, September 29, 2008

Semifinals Time

First the results...

Cowher 42%
Whipple 26%
Ferentz 21%
JB 10%

Holtz 81%
Clawson 12%
Keeler 6%
McCarney 0%

Golden 50%
Dennis Green 18%
Reagan 18%
Mornhinweg 12%

HCRE 43%
Mullen 25%
OLeary 25%
Sarkisian 6%

TC 60%
Graham 26%
Bradley 13%
Foster 0%

Gill 87%
Crowton 6%
Mason 6%
Strong 0%

Kiffin 50%
Kelly 18%
Parcells 18%
TGD 12%

Locksley 75%
Coach P 12%
June Jones 12%
Heacock 0%

Now the Semifinal matchups...

Semifinal I

Semifinal II
Skip Holtz

Semifinal III


I had mentioned this before... I think MLB should go back to just East/West divisions. I liked some of the old rivalries that were lost by adding the Central. But the main reason is that the 4 best teams should be in the playoffs. So how would this year have looked?

AL East
TB ---
NY 8

AL West
ANA ---
MIN 12
CHI 12.5

BOS +6
NY ---
CHI 1.5

AL Playoffs

NL East
CHI ---
PHI 5.5
NY 8.5

NL West
MIL ---
HOU 3.5
LA 6

PHI +3
NY ---
HOU 2.5
FLA 4.5
LA 5

NL Playoffs

Sunday, September 28, 2008

King Ottos Konclusion

We were competitive for once but that wasnt good enough. We shoulda won this game. In the battle of idiot HCs we won (or lost) having the biggest idiot.


This comes down to 3 mistakes. First punting on 4th and 1 (not 2) at the 38 (not the 45 GRob). After the KR by Holmes Pitt was reeling and SU had all the MO. Pitt scored on 7 of 9 O drives. The 2 they didnt score came right after the KR. SU was agressive on 3rd down (a deep pass to Owen where Pitt got away with PI) yet they go conservative on 4th? This makes no friggin sense! SU with its foot on Pitts throat decides to punt instead of going for it or kicking a 55 yard FG. After that Pitt was allowed to catch its breath and never looked back. The turning point of the game.

The second mistake was the end of the first half. After CBs great run he comes off the field. That is ok as he likely needed a breather. But SU seemed to be too content settling for 3 and killing the clock. The 3rd down call was pathetic. It was 3rd and 9 and we call a swing to Hogue? WTF? Why not try for a 1st or even 7 points? Even if we are sacked it is still an easy FG.

The third mistake was playing Bailey at RB. Why didnt he play against NE? Why is his first ever play in the 4th Q of a tie game? Why is CB, who was having a great game, not in? Tired my ass. He had 1 carry over 45 mins of actual time. Where was Hogue, Fiametta, and Daniel Bailey? Why play the frosh there? On top of that the team was confused as we took a TO on 2nd down and just got the snap off on 3rd down, a low snap resulting in a sack. Great HCing.

I thought he mixed plays in well and did a nice job overall. Not sure how involved he was in the 3 blunders above. Was he a part? Or was that all GRob just like having ARob start against NW?

We finally used teh Blitz and it was pretty effective. Why did it take so long? Is it because this is the first non Spread team we played? While this was good the game plan was not. You HAVE to, HAVE to make Stull beat you. You sell out against the run. We did not do that. In fact Pitt went 1 WR set and ran the same play 7 times in a row for their last TD. Pathetic. Besides strategy I have a major problem with who plays and when.

On the DL we need to have Perkins/Lewis as the run stopping DE on running downs. Kimmel gets blown off the ball time and again. Move him to spinner on running downs. We have 4 sacks on the year. FOUR. So going bigger isnt gonna make us any worse at rushing the passer. Let Giruzzi play on passing downs only. Flaherty is a mess. He needs to either sit (my preferene) or move to OLB. Let Stenclik play at MLB. Same goes for AJ Brown who made one good play against Pitt but offset that with 5 bad ones.

Our goaline D has the same personel as when its 1st and 10 at the 50. WTF? Why have undersized DEs and 4 DBs in that situation? I have never seen such a thing. We had Merk at the LOS playing like a LB over the TE. If he is coming hard off the edge, then fine. But why ask him to do something he cannot succeed at? Also we should be matching our personel to what the O is doing. Pitt pretty much went 1 WR the whole 4th Q and ran it down our throat. Why keep 4 DBs in that situation? After Pitt ran the same play 5 times in a row, why not try something different? This makes no sense. What also makes no sense is having a LB play over the slot on passing downs. On running downs it is acceptable as you want a guy who can fight off the WR block. However on passing downs the RB will only get it if it is a draw or screen. In that case you want speed not size so you play a S over the slot. If the RB doesnt get it you have the guy covering the slot. Which is better an LB or S? This is simple shit. GRob is providing the other team a favorable matchup and other teams notice this.


I thought Cam played well. He was 8-12 at one point before ending 1-5 under heavy pressure.

CB played great. He is having a breakout season. The only one who can stop him is GRob by keeping him on the bench. Having only 16 carries is unacceptable. Good for him calling out GRobs stupidity. Hogue needs to get more touches to be effective. I liked what I saw from him against NW and NE. But he struggles getting limited carries. He also lacked vision on 2 runs missing cutbacks. I prefer he move to LB now. If you do that maybe he can get up to speed by next year.

Everyone showed up, even Lobdell. Nice catch by Davis for a TD and great catch by Chew.

This group is making strides. MB has doen a great job with them. The run blocking is there. And the pass blocking has been ok. Pitt did get to the QB in teh 4th Q but overall a good performance.

Kimmel gets blown off the ball 5-6 yards every play. Santiago missed a big play with a facemask.

Continued missed tackles by all 3 guys. Mele at least looked a little better. Flaherty looked awful again. Why does he play? When he goes o tackle a guy he looks like he is gonna go hug them. Hit the MFer.

Why is AJ starting again? He makes takes one step forward (good plays) and then two steps back (bad plays). On top of that he is slow. Bruce missed a few plays as well but overall he is making plays out there. Not sure why he didnt start here from the get go. And why was he at WR and not Merk. But now you bring Merk to WR? The CBs continue to be horrible at playing the ball. We have 2 DB asst coaches and we cant get either to coach up any of these guys?

The KOs barely make the 10, not good. With Pitts KOs they either kick it right every time or they were targeting Holmes. Well if they were targeting Holmes you think they would stop after his first return. Unless they felt he would tire out from D and teh returns. Either way I think after his first 298 returns of the game you need to flip flop sides with Suter. Why was this not done?

As it happened:

-At the start of the game I thought that the crowd was smaller than NE. However some people showed up late and it filled in past the NE crowd. I would say it was close to 20k.

-AJ Brown got the start. I am not sure why he continues to play. For every nice play he makes he blows 3-4 others.

-A play that is screwed up very often in FB is the spot of the ball. Pitt was stopped a yard shy of the first to make it 3rd and 1 yet they were given the first. Maybe they dont get 3 that first drive.

-Pitt is dropping balls and the QB is far from accurate.

-Pitt had a 3rd and 3 and SU brought no pressure. This however would finally change.

-Bruce makes a nice stop. He has been doing a pretty good job at making plays. Not sure how he wasnt the starter from day 1.

-The CBs have been horrible all year at playing the ball. Which makes no sense since we have 2 DB coaches.

-3rd and 6 and we rush 4. However we make the stop and hold Pitt to 3.

-A great KR by Holmes. The crowd sounded loud there and on TV, despite no one being there.

-I was scared that Pitt would return the favor and they had a good return but it was called back on a penalty. The KOs lately have been barely making teh 10 yard line. Not good.

-We start being aggressive on D. On first the DL put pressure on Stull. On 2nd we blitzed Mele. However he tied coming off the corner from his normal LB spot. It made no sense. Bring him off the edge or up the middle. Pitt had a dropped pass on the play.

-On 3rd and 10 we only rush 4. Ugh. Pitt is stopped inches short and is forced to punt.

-A short punt gives SU the ball at the 45. The TV guy calls it the Syracuse Dome?

-On a 3rd and 1 CB barely picks up the first. He has been running well this year.

-Merk drops a pass. Why hasnt he been in at WR earlier in the year instead of Bruce?

-3rd and 6 a nice pass to Davis for the TD. SU leads 14-3!

-Kimmel gets blown off the ball and Pitt gains 6. This happens to him time and again and he is our run stopping DE? Move him to the other side and play Perkins here.

-Smith does a nice job blowing up a run. 3rd and 3 for Pitt and they have a false start.

-SU blitzes! But it is picked up. Pitt had a WR wide open but a bad pass falls incomplete.

-Pitt uses the gate protection on punts. Our gusy just run into them. Why not jump and put your hands up trying for the block?

-HCRE is on the phone. UConn and SU have similar talent yet UConn ahs a good D. Hmmmm.

-3rd and 1 Pitt gets away with PI on Owen deep. Like the call as we will obviously go for it on 4th.

-We try and get Pitt to jump offside and then take a delay of game to punt. Are you Fing kidding me? First that 3rd down call makes zero sense if you dont go for it. Second you are on the 38 friggin yard line. Technically that is FG range. This will be the turning point of the game. SU had momentum and punting takes the foot off the throat, allowing Pitt to breath and settle down.

-Pitt pitches it and Smith does a bad job. But thats not all. Holmes allows the RB to get outside.

-SU sends a blitz and the TE, covered by Mele, is open deep but the ball is overthrown.

-3rd and 1 and Pitt goes 1 wide. SU keeps Nico in for some reason. Pitt is running it. Bring in the extra DL or LB. What good is a second CB? Anyway Nico has a shot to blow up the play but fails.

-The SU D starts the 2nd Q with Kimmel getting blown off the ball again.

-SU sends another Blitz flushing STull out of the pocket and a bad pass. Boy he sucks.

-3rd and 6 we only rush 4 and have a LB, Smith, on Kinder? I just dont get it. If they go 3 WR go 5 DB. Simple.

-SU sends a Blitz and AJ does a nice job to break up the catch with a big hit.

-3rd down and SU blitzes again. Did someone kidnap GRob? Pitt settles for 3.

-Hogue has a cut back lane but just runs into the line. He has no vision. Move him to LB.

-Nice catch on the sideline by Sales.

-3rd and 3 we do a toss to Hogue, our slowest RB, with no blockers. He never had a chance. Bad conservative drive than CB didnt even get in. Why?

-A potential decent PR is averted as teh PR on Pitt trips and falls.

-Syull had all day to throw and throws a 12 yard pass. Is our DL that bad or are they taught not to rush up field?

-Holmes is making some plays today on D. Maybe he is back.

-Good pressure by Snatiago and Stull thrying to throw it away is picked by Merk. However Santiago grabbed Stulls facemask. Big play that goes other way.

-SU gets good pressure again but Pitt gets teh completion. Nice to see we are being more aggressive.

-Flaherty can make a stop for a loss forcing a 3rd and 6. Instead the slowest spin move ever fakes him out and Stephens-Howlings has a long run. Flaherty goes at guys liek he is trying to hug them.

-Jones makes a good play shedding a block and stuffing the run.

-3rd and 10 SU sends Blitz but Pitt throws a swing pass. Nico could make the stop but misses leading to a 1st down.

-3rd and goal from the 2 goes for a TD to the TE. Holmes was out of position to make a play.

-A short KO and decent return lead to good field position for SU. With it 14-13 SU needs an answer and we will get it.

-Davis has a false start. No excuse.

-Pitt gets called for PI. Not sure if it was catchable but I will take it.

-Brinkley hurdles a guy. Wow.

-CB goes on a long run breaking tackles and Pitt ankles with his jukes. Double Wow.

-CB comes out a SU goes conservative. It seems liek we are happy with 3 and running out the half.

-On 3rd and 9 we throw a swing to Hogue. Go for 7! Even if we get sacked it is an easy FG. Dumb.

-My friend wondered why Wanny didnt use any TOs here. There was over a minute and a half left. Plenty of time for Pitt to counter. I kinda wish they had because maybe we take a shot at 7.

-Good first half for SU. We are playing ok.

-SNY halftime report has Donnie Mac and Ray Lucas. SU and RU feel for NYC.

-Nice KR again by Holmes to start the half.

-3rd and 2 we throw deep to Chew and he makes a great catch. Live I thought it would be called back as it looked to be juggled. But there were no good angles to overturn. Good job coming out half to go up by 11.

-Pitt has a 3rd and 2 and SU calls a D TO? You cant do that in the 2nd half. No excuse.

-Pitt rolls out and WR wide open. Coverage sucks.

-Good job by Vinnie making a tackle for loss.

-3rd and 8 we rush 4. WR wide open. Where is the Blitzing from the 1st half.

-3rd and 3 we Blitz and force a bad pass. Thats more like it. Pitt settles for 3.

-Short kick, short return.

-Lobdell makes an appearance. Nice to see him making plays.

-Bailey takes an end around and goes backwards almost causing a disaster.

-Nice catch by Lobdell.

-Pitt gets a sack and SU has to punt. A run there likely sets up a FG but we were going for teh 1st down. Tough call either way.

-Missed tackle by Mele leaves a 3rd and short.

-3rd and 9 Smith misses a tackle on a WR screen allowing for an extra 5 yards and the WR is inches short of the first. That missed tackle allows Pitt to go for it on 4th (questionable call) and they get it deep in their own territory.

-McCoy has a long run as Holmes lets him outside. McCoy sits down at end of play instead of fighting for more yards. Wuss.

-End of 3rd Q. So far good job by SU.

-Another long run as Bruce misses a tackle and AJ takes a horrible angle before dragging teh RB down. The hole was opnned when Mele was touch blocked out of the way. It was a soft block and he made no attempt to fight it off.

-Pitt has 157 yards rushing at this point. Not good.

-Pitt scores on a run. Smith was being blocked but grabbed RB to slow him down. No one else came over to help. Pathetic.

-Pitt goes for 2. IMO that is too early. The game isnt ending 24-24 so no need. Pitt throws a jump ball and Merk is lost. Tie game.

-Bailey is in at RB. WTF? Why not Hogue? Or Fiametta? Or Dan Bailey? Why bring in a true frosh in this situation for his first play ever?!!!!!!!!!!

-SU is confused and takes a TO. Ugh. Out of the TO we run a bland play. Thats what the TO was for?

-3rd down Hogue comes back in. SU looks confused again. We barely get the snap off, which is low, and Pitt gets a sack. Awful drive.

-Giruzzi misses a tackle on the PR.

-Pitt simply took over the 4th Q.

-Missed tackle by Mele.

-Pitt is going 1 WR set and just running it down SU throat.

-17 yard run. Missed tackles by Buce, Kimmel, and AJ.

-PI on Nico. Again not playing the ball.

-Merk makes a tackle for a loss. Nice Play.

-Pitt has a big mismatch at LOS but calls a TO. Thank you.

-SU Blitzes and Smith has a chance at an INT on the sideline but miss times his jump. Huge play.

-Pitt lines up with trips and SU only had 2 defenders covering them. However Pitt runs a screen and Smith barely trips up the RB forcing a FG. 27-24.

-Another KR by Holmes. The guy has to be tired why not move Suter there?

-CB runs for 9.

-Davis open deep but overthrown.

-Baumbach gets beat bad and then gives up on play as fumble rolls around.

-Pitt goes 1 WR and calls the same run play to the right 5 times in a row. SU keeps its base personel.

-Pitt follows those 5 with 2 of the same play to the left.

-3rd and goal from 3 and they walk in for TD. Merk bounced in and didnt contain (why is a DB in on goaline?). Bruce dipped in as well.

-Dantley scrambles for a 1st.

-Dantley is hit as he throws incomplete. Pitt is bringing the pressure.

-Short pass for 6 when need to be throwing down field.

-Dantley is hit again. Pitt rushed 4 but left the DE for Hogue 1 on 1?

-A bad pass to Hogue on 4th ends it for SU.

-Pitt adds one more long run for good messure. Flaherty was joke on the play. AJ missed another angle.

-34-24 final

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TATTOO: Pittsburgh Panthers vs Syracuse Orange

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). Facing off are the Pitt Panthers and the Syracuse Orange. This weeks TATTOO is an Orange Pitt (ok its a Peach but lets pretend):

Born on Date
Pitt: 1787 vs SU: 1870

Ottos Edge: Pitt... which was founded as Pittsburgh Academy, and later became Western University of PA in 1819. In 1845 a fire destroyed 20 blocks in Pittsburgh, including university buildings and records. In 1908 they finally became Pitt but were not a public university until 1966.

Not affected by the fire was…

Pitt: Allegheny (1859) vs SU: Holden (1887)
Ottos Edge: SU… we moved ours around campus. They built a replacement in 1912.

Sticking with buildings…

Famous building
Pitt: Cathedral of Learning vs SU: Hall of Languages

Ottos Edge: Pitt... its the tallest educational building in the US (535ft, 42 stories) and 2nd tallest in the world. After a Pitt W it is illuminated in gold-colored lights (which should happen around 7pm Sat).

While we are on learning…

Pitt: 58th vs SU: 53rd
Ottos Edge: SU… barely beat them

School known for
Pitt: UPMC vs SU: Newhouse

Ottos Edge: Pitt... the polio vaccine was developed there by

Notable educators
Pitt: Jonas Salk, Mr Rogers vs SU: Pat Moynihan, Peter Weller

Ottos Edge: Pitt... wouldnt be such a beautiful day in the neighborhood without Salks work

A neighborhood is part of a city…

GPS (Location)
Pitt: Pittsburgh, PA vs SU: Syracuse, NY

Ottos Edge: SU... basically are the same but SU gets the nod for being in NY. PA sucks.

City Nickname
Pitt: Steel City vs SU: Salt City

Ottos Edge: Pitt... we are not bigger than US Steel.

Speaking of steel...

Pitt: Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and Andrew Mellon alum vs SU: Carnegie Library

Ottos Edge: Pitt... but thanks for the gift Mr Carnegie

Pitt is also known as the City of Bridges having 446 of them. Which are needed to cross…

Bodies of Water
Pitt: three rivers vs SU: finger lakes

Ottos Edge: Push... not too annoying having to drive over a million bridges, but lake effect snow is no better.

And snow is a pain when traveling down the…

Pitt: Washington vs SU: Olympus
Ottos Edge: Pitt… they have an inclined rail to travel down in.

At one time in that area panthers used to roam, which is how they got their…

Team Name
Pitt: Panthers vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: SU… panthers are carnivorous so we are safe from being devoured

And from the name came the…

Pitt: ROC vs SU Otto

Ottos Edge: SU... Otto cannot be eaten, I mean beaten

Mascots usually chill with the…

Pitt: multiple champs including 1992-1994 vs SU: nice to look at
Ottos Edge: SU… thats what they are there for

And they can be seen supporting the team at the…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
Pitt: Heinz Field (65k) vs SU: Carrier Dome

Ottos Edge: Pitt... you can get ketchup at Heinz, you cant get AC in the Dome

Old Home
Pitt: Pitt Stadium 56k 1925-99 (home of Steelers from 1963-69) vs SU: Achbold Stadium 40k 1907-78 (3rd concrete stadium built)
Ottos Edge: Push… both were better off before (Pitt: on campus, SU: outdoor)

Pitt played at Recreation Park until 1899. Then moved to Exposition Park until 1908, followed by Forbes Field until 1924. In 1925 they started playing in Pitt Stadium, where they stayed until moving to Three Rivers for the 2000 season and have been at Heinz since 2001.

Sticking with history…

1st year of FB
Pitt: 1890 vs SU: 1889

Ottos Edge: Push... basically the same

All Time wins
Pitt: 647 vs SU: 672

Ottos Edge: SU... it is too bad that the 3 best traditional BE teams (WV, Pitt, SU) arent together dominating the conf

Which means we should all be competing to be…

Big East Champs
Pitt: One vs SU: Four
Ottos Edge: SU… I still dont understand how in the hell they were given the BCS slot in 2004

From conference to…

National Championships
Pitt: depends on who you ask vs SU: one

Ottos Edge: Pitt... 2 came after polls started (1937 and 1976)

The teams also compete for the…

Lambert Trophy
Pitt: Six timw winner vs SU: Six time winner
Ottos Edge: Push… both are tied for 3rd all time, one behind Army and many behind PSU.

Also marking success is ones…

Bowl record
Pitt: 10-14 vs SU: 12-9-1

Ottos Edge: SU... its been too long since either team made a Bowl, 2004 to be exact

Sticking with Bowls…

Sugar Bowl Shenanigans
Pitt: 1956 Bobby Grier was the first black man to play in the game vs SU: 1987 Auburn went for the tie ruining SUs perfect season
Ottos Edge: Push… there are no winners here.

In that 1956 game GTech threatened not to play because of Grier. Props to Pitt for holding their ground and demanding that Grier play. In the game (a 7-0 loss), Grier was called for a controversial pass interference call in the end zone. After the game Louisiana outlawed integrated competition and no black players participated in the Sugar Bowl until a Floyd Little and Jim Nance led SU team played in 1965.

It is wrong to hate unless its…

Penn State
Pitt: 42-50-4 vs SU: 23-41-5
Ottos Edge: Push… we are all winners hating State Penn. Both teams main rival was PSU but no longer play on a yearly basis.

Second biggest rival
Pitt: WV (Back Yard Brawl: 59-37-3) vs SU: Colgate (29-31-5)

Ottos Edge: Pitt... they also have a rivalry with ND and now have added the River City Rivalry with Cincy

And we can also consider each other rivals…

Head to Head
Pitt: 30 wins vs SU: 30 wins

Ottos Edge: Push… this game is for the lead. We also have 3 ties.

Rivals usually play for a trophy. But trophies can also be an…

Individual Trophy
Pitt: Outland winner Mark May vs SU: TE trophy named after Mackey
Ottos Edge: SU… a deserving honor

And the most important individual trophy of them all…

Heisman winner
Pitt: Tony Dorsett vs SU: Ernie Davis

Ottos Edge: Push... both were pretty damn good

Other RBs
Pitt: Curtis Martin, Ironhead Heyward vs SU Jim Brown, Floyd Little, Joe Morris, Larry Csonka, Jim Nance, Moose Johnston

Ottos Edge: SU... easy win

Handing off to them is the…

Pitt: Dan Marino vs SU: McNabb

Ottos Edge: Push... neither could win the big one

QB that lead team to undefeated season
Pitt: Matt Cavanaugh vs SU: Don McPherson

Ottos Edge: Pitt... he has the ring

Other QBs
Pitt: Pete Gonzalez, Rod Rutherford, Alex Van Pelt vs SU: Marvin Graves, Wilmeth Sidat-Singh, Todd Philcox
Ottos Edge: SU… by a slim margin

And they pass it to the…

Pitt: Latif Grim, Antonio Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald, Greg Lee vs SU: Ark Monk, Rob Moore, Marvin Harrison, Kevin Johnson

Ottos Edge: SU... one is real the other is fake

Pitt: Mike Ditka vs SU: John Mackey

Ottos Edge: Push... both were great

Skill players get the credit but just as important are the…

Pitt: Mark May, Russ Grimm, Bill Fralic, Ruben Brown, Mark Stepnoski vs SU: John Flannery, Craig Wolfley, Jim Ringo

Ottos Edge: Pitt... nice blocking there

Joining them in the trenches are the…

Pitt: Hugh Green, Chris Doleman, Bill Maas, Tony Siragusa vs SU: Dwight Freeney, Tim Green, Ted Gregory, Rob Burnett

Ottos Edge: Push… both teams have some great sack men, including Goose (as in eating)

Behind them filling the holes (unless you are a current SU LB)…

Pitt: Ricky Jackson vs SU: Keith Bulluck
Ottos Edge: Push… both are underrated

Bobby Boucher (best current defender)
Pitt: LB Scott McKillop vs SU: Art Jones
Ottos Edge: SU… whats a LB and how are they important?

And leading these players are the…

Pitt: Pop Warner, Johnny Majors, Jimmy Johnson, Jackie Sherrill, Mike Gottfried, Marty Shottenheimer, John Gruden, Mike McCarthy, Joe Walton, Mike Ditka, Wannstache vs SU Tom Coughlin, Ben Schwartzwalder, Coach Mac, Coach P

Ottos Edge: Pitt... in a landslide

Sticking with coaches...

Current HC
Pitt: Wannstache vs SU: GRob

Ottos Edge: Push... neither can coach

Former HC

Pitt: Walt Harris vs SU: Coach P

Ottos Edge: Push... neither have recovered from firing the last coach

From HC to…

FB Staffer
Pitt: David Walker (SU Alum) vs SU: Desmond Robinson (Pitt Alum)

Ottos Edge: Push... doesnt seem right, lets trade

Sticking with sports staff...

Ralph Willard
Pitt: HC vs SU: Asst
Ottos Edge: SU… not surprisingly he was successful here, since Pitt has never done a thing in BBall

Staying with BBall...

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
Pitt: about Pittsburgh team vs SU: Marv Albert appeared in
Ottos Edge: Pitt… Pisces are the best. This happens to be McNabb’s fav movie.

If they did a remake of the movie you would likely cast a…

Crazy Sports Exec
Pitt: Mark Cuban, Pat Croce vs SU: Al Davis
Ottos Edge: SU… Davis was able to win a championship

Davis rules the Raiders like a…

Pitt: Friday VIII (Mr Rogers) vs SU: Otto III
Ottos Edge: SU… what kind of freaking king lives next to the train tracks?

Instead of a king we have…

Pitt: Orrin Hatch, Rich Santorum, James Traficant vs SU: Al D'Amato, Joseph Biden

Ottos Edge: SU... ouch not the best group there, Pitt

Santorum is a contributor to Fox News Channel. Fox also employs…

Fox NFL guy
Pitt: Tony Siragusa vs SU: Daryl Johnston

Ottos Edge: SU... Moose beats the Goose

Other media guys…

Sports journalist
Pitt: Beano Cook vs SU: Bob Costas
Ottos Edge: Pitt… it is fun hearing his senile views

Pitt: Mike Gottfried vs SU: Dave Pasch
Ottos Edge: Push… not a fan of either

But I am a fan of midgets,

NFL battle
Pitt: a mini Ditka coaching a midget squad of da Bears vs SU: a Tom Coughlin coached Giants team using real giants

Ottos Edge: Pitt... a mini Ditka with a mini Fridge would still win

A mini fridge can store food from…

Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner! (Eatery)
Pitt: Primanti Brothers vs SU: Dino BBQ

Ottos Edge: SU... I will pass on the slaw

Primanti Bros have famous…

Pitt: called hoagie vs SU: called sub

Ottos Edge: Push... as long as it tastes good I could care less what you call it.

What doesnt sound good is Chipped Ham, a local fav in Pittsburgh. It is very thinly sliced chopped ham loaf (which is a mixture of ham chunks and seasoning ground together and packaged in loaves).

The most important meal of the day…

Pitt: Eatin' Park vs SU: Denny's

Ottos Edge: Push... the only winner here is the toilet paper industry

You cant get TP but you can get a portable toilet at…

Dicks Sporting Goods
Pitt: HQ in the Burgh vs SU: started in Binghamton
Ottos Edge: SU… everything starts in NY.

If yinz get a portable toilet you may need Mr Belvedere (show took place outside Pittsburgh) to redd up. Otherwise your place will be trashy like Britney Spears. Remember when she used to be an important…

Pitt: Christina Aguilera (native) vs SU: Vanessa Williams
Ottos Edge: Pitt… she was born in Shaolin. Wu Tang is forever.

Lets stick with singing…

Pitt: Gene Kelly (Singin in the Rain) vs SU: Peter Falk
Ottos Edge: Pitt… he was also in Achors Aweigh featuring this famous dance scene with Stewie Griffin (

While we are on movies…

Pitt: David Dalessandro (Snakes on a Plane) vs SU: Carl Gottlieb (Jaws)
Ottos Edge: Push… both were scary (SoaP for its acting and Jaws for the shark)

Jaws gave people a fear of…

Pitt: several Olympians, won 19 mens and 9 womens BE Titles vs SU: what swim team?
Ottos Edge: Pitt… our program is no longer

But still here is…

Pitt: Karl Krauser vs SU: Devo
Ottos Edge: SU… wait Krauser is only a Soph? How can that be? He is an old man.

Sticking with old people…

Pitt: Pitt Band vs SU: SUMB
Ottos Edge: SU… Pitts majorette squad is known as the Golden Girls. Not a good name choice. Do they need to be helped across the field?

While we are on bands…

Elastic Bands are called…
Pitt: Gum-Bands vs SU: Rubber
Ottos Edge: SU… I need help understanding Pittsburghese

Speaking of help…

Students helping students
Pitt: Pitt Pathfinders (host campus tours) vs SU: Goon Squad (help move new students in)
Ottos Edge: Push… people helping people, how existential

And finally this years category of the w...ait a minute, we cant let those bastards from State Penn have the biggest TATTOO of the year. It wouldnt be right for either Pitt or SU. Onward we go.

While we are on getting things right…

Pitt: many Panthers vs SU: Saltine Warrior, ED
Ottos Edge: Pitt… they dont have Nike shoes on their statues. The Millennium Panther dedicated in 2001 has a time capsule buried beneath it to be opened in 2051.

Someone who would set things right…

Manly Man
Pitt: Charles Bronson no explanation needed (native of Pittsburgh) vs SU: Thom Filicia who sets things as in decorate
Ottos Edge: Pitt… I dont have a death wish

Speaking of death…

School Paper
Pitt: The Pitt News vs SU: DO
Ottos Edge: SU… the late great Myron Cope (Steelers radio voice and inventor of the Terrible Towel, passed away this year) once worked at their paper.

Sticking with radio guys…

Disc Jockey
Pitt: Adrian Cronauer (inspiration for Good Morning, Vietnam) vs SU: Bob Shannon
Ottos Edge: SU… Bob was big in the Burgh. He originated and hosted “The Sunday Night Oldies Party”. The show became the highest-rated in Pittsburgh radio history, with a 25% share of the audience.

While we are on parties…

Pitt: Bigelow Bash vs SU: Block Party
Ottos Edge: Push… we are all winners here. The Bigelow Bash is a spring festival and has nothing to do with Bam Bam Bigelow breaking things (although that would be cool).

Bam Bam got his wrassling start in the 80s which brings us to the category of the week…

I love the 80s (aka oh yeah I remember him)
Pitt: RB Curvin Richards 1987-1990 vs SU: RB Jamie Covington 1981-84
Ottos Edge: SU… close call but Jamie is from NYC (Bayside to be exact) so he gets the W

And the TATTOO goes to...

The Syracuse Orange as the win a game that will be as close as can be.

Monday, September 22, 2008

King Ottos Konclusion

The O was fine, the D sucked. Why is it that the O can be coached up but the D seems to get worse and worse each week? GRob has had 3 full recruiting classes (meaning "his guys" are JRs, Sophs, and Frosh) yet cant field a D that can stop a bad 1AA passing attack? When 1AA coaches can figure out what you are doing and then adjust at the half and have an unstoppable O, what does that tell you about GRob? How is GRob this bad? It reminds me of Pop the Mechanic from Seinfeld (

Deena and George are still talking. Pop is under the hood of George's car. Bangs and clanks can be heard as he fiddles with the mechanics.

DEENA: Poor Lloyd.

GEORGE: I know. Completely bonkers!

DEENA: Sorry I can't be so flip about this kind of thing. You know, after what happened to Pop.

GEORGE: Pop? What happened to Pop?

DEENA: I thought you heard. He had a nervous breakdown last year. That's why I'm taking care of him.

Pop comes out momentarily.

POP: Oh, I tell you, they don't build 'em like this any more.

He goes back under the hood.

GEORGE: (a little worried) He uh, he doesn't have the auto shop any more?

DEENA: Uhn, it was too much for him.

Pop is thumping away at part of the engine with a spanner.

GEORGE: (very worried) Uhm, I, I gotta go.

DEENA: What?

GEORGE: I just remembered, I gotta be someplace. Yuh-hu-hur, that's enough. Pop. Pop, put down the wrench, Pop.

I mean GRob was a SB winning DC. So WTF happened? Did he have a breakdown after getting fired from Denver? Since then he has been lost.

Anyway I think there was good from the NE game, besides getting an actual W:

Dantley looked like a decent QB. He maybe an academic SR, but in FB playing time he is like a Soph. He hasnt been getting PT until just now. He could grow as teh year goes on. And he could be back next year along with ARob, Legree, Catalina, Nassib to give the next HC something to work with.

Brinkley and Hogue ran well. RB is not a problem.

Owen had the slip and fumble which hurt. But he was good besides that. Lobdell actually made a catch. I dont like that our WRs have only a few catches on the year. But I do like what I am seeing from Davis and Sales. Add to them Fairchild, possibly Mike Williams as well, and the next HC will have a decent set of WRs.

This group is getting the job done. He havent played the greatest teams (NW, Akron, NE) but we are protecting the QB and running the ball. The real test will be the BE sched. We will know after the next 3 games whether or not the OL has been a paper tiger like RU FB. If the OL survives Pitt, WV, and USF then I will be confident this young group will be serviceable for the next HC.

This group has weak DEs but a ton of youth there. So we wont know what we got until some time next year. The DTs however look very promising. We know what we have in Jones. Tribbey was recruited by VT. And Perkins has been playing well the last few weeks. He has been making quite a few plays.

This is my biggest worry if I am the next HC. Smith has been making some plays and seems to be at least serviceable. But then what? Battles passes the look test but he is hurt. Even if he is decent that is only 2 LBs. You have Mele, Gillum, and Canty who all seem too small. That leaves Stenclik, who was recruited by real programs. He looked good in limited time last year so maybe he is teh answer at MLB. If not we are screwed. The next HC will almost be forced to blitz every play because these LBs cant just sit bit and make plays.

Holmes got beat a bit. Williams was out there at SS and played ok. I have to wonder why he wasnt slated at SS to start the year over AJ Brown. We have a young group that will do fine next year for the next HC.

So we have a 4th and 1 and GRob decides kick the FG. Gutless call. But wait that wasnt the end of it. We got a delay of game on top of that making the FG longer. Good thing we have Shadle, who coulda been a weapon for a decent team. I hope we have something behind him for net year.

Group Results

Group A
Reagan 42%
Dennis Green 34%
Fulmer 15%
Al Davis 7%

Group B
Golden 86%
Coach Mac 13%
Friedgen 0%
John Robinson 0%

Group C
HCRE 76%
Koetter 10%
Tenuta 7%
Groh 5%

Group D
June Jones 55%
Alvarez 18%
Don Brown 15%
Ron Turner 10%

Group E
Keeler 39%
Marrone 28%
Switzer 28%
McDonnell 2%

Group F
Skip Holtz 87%
Orgeron 7%
Callahan 2%
Gilbride 2%

Group G
Cowher 89%
Lubick 5%
Rogers 2%
Warinner 2%

Group H
Parcells 36%
Ferentz 30%
Solich 27%
Lobotzke 5%

Group I
Kiffin 63%
Logan 18%
Barnett 15%
Davie 2%

Group J
Crowton 48%
Mariucci 27%
Coker 16%
Childress 8%

Group K
Sarkisian 40%
Venables 22%
Larry Johnson 20%
Deleone 17%

Group L
Brian Kelly 51%
OLeary 35%
Carr 10%
Cotrell 2%

Group M
Mason 36%
Terry Bowden 25%
Lou Holtz 22%
Brian Schottenheimer 16%

Group N
Whipple 42%
Foster 40%
Tim Lewis 8%
GRob 8%

Group O
Mornhinweg 42%
Brandon 30%
TIm Murphy 18%
Magee 9%

Group P
Strong 32%
Marty Schottenheimer 29%
Mumme 25%
Walton 12%

Group Q
Graham 38%
Chip Kelly 27%
Ditka 25%
Schellenberger 8%

Group R
Bradley 53%
Palmer 18%
Bower 15%
Gottfried 12%

Group S
Locksley 67%
Petersen 23%
Clements 5%
Grey 2%

Group T
Coughlin 78%
Price 12%
Kill 6%
Amato 3%

Group U
JB 42%
McCarney 34%
Browning 14%
OBrien 8%

Group V
Mullen 47%
Chow 26%
Fassel 20%
Tommy Bowden 5%

Group W
Gill 78%
Jimmy Johnson 15%
Hazell 6%
Shurmur 0%

Group X
Heacock 33%
TGD 33%
Nix 23%
Willingham 10%

Group Y
Clawson 46%
Harris 31%
Hackett 12%
Hufnagel 9%

Group Z
Coach P 37%
Franchione 25%
John L Smith 21%
Muschamp 15%

Which brings us to the Round of 32

Quarter Final I

Quarter Final II
Skip Holtz

Quarter Final III
Dennis Green

Quarter Final IV

Quarter Final V

Quarter Final VI

Quarter Final VII
Brian Kelly

Quarter Final VIII
Coach P
June Jones

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TATTOO: Northeastern Huskies vs Syracuse Orange

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). First we had the Sox and Yanks. Then we had the Pats and GMen. And now competing for the TATTOO are the Northeastern Huskies and the Syracuse Orange. This weeks TATTOO reflects the latest in Boston vs NY:

Born on Date
NE: 1898 vs SU: 1870
Ottos Edge: SU... they were founded as the Evening Institute for Younger Men at the YMCA. In 1922 it was renamed the Northeastern University of the Boston Young Men's Christian Association. Then it was changed to its current name in 1935. It wasn't until 1948 that it completely separated from the YMCA.

GPS (Location)
NE: Boston vs SU: Syracuse
Ottos Edge: SU... you have to be wicked retahded to like Boston. NE is in the Fenway-Kenmore section of the city.

Type of School
NE: Private vs SU: Private
Ottos Edge: SU... NE is primarily a commuter school, which is unprivate like

NE: 96th vs SU: 53rd
Ottos Edge: SU... I am pretty shewah higher is better

School known for
NE: Co-Op/Internship Program vs SU: Newhouse
Ottos Edge: SU... they place about 5k students annually with employers in Boston. Students alternate periods of study with periods of paid employment related to their major.

Zero Point Zero (alumnus that didn't graduate)
NE: Shawn Fanning (founded Napster) vs SU: Lou Reed
Ottos Edge: NE... music should be free

School Paper
NE: Huntington News vs SU: DO
Ottos Edge: SU... their paper was founded in 1926 as the NE News. The paper went indy in 2008 and changed the name.

School Colors
NE: Red and Black vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: SU... just because

NE: Paws vs SU: Otto
Ottos Edge: SU... Paws is a live mascot. The first husky was named King Husky and had an honorary degree. King Husky VII passed away in 1989 and there was no mascot until the arrival of Paws in 2003.

Team Name
NE: Huskies vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: NE... Otto is kinda Husky himself

1st year FB
NE: 1932 vs SU: 1889
Ottos Edge: SU... nearly 50 years better

All Time Wins
NE: 284 vs SU: 670
Ottos Edge: SU... a lot more

HC record at current school
NE: Rocky Hager 15-31 vs SU: GRob 7-31
Ottos Edge: NE... he has more Ws. How bizah that they are tied in Ls. Loser takes the lead.

Ottos Edge: NE... their champ is decided on the field

NE: Colonial Athletic Association vs SU: BE
Ottos Edge: NE... I dont think SU could beat a Colonial team in FB or BBall this year. Before 2005 NE was in the A10 for FB and America East for other sports. When they moved to the CAA for all sports the A10 FB died. CAA absorbed the A10 FB teams.

Conf Titles
NE: 1 (2002 A-10 Co-Champ) vs SU: 4
Ottos Edge: SU... we play real teams

For instance...

Last time played at UConn
NE: won 35-27 (2000) vs SU: lost 30-7
Ottos Edge: NE... ok maybe that was a bad example. We have never won at UConn

Lets try…

Team played most
NE: Rhode Island 55 (25-28-2) vs SU: PSU 69
Ottos Edge: NE... their series is a lot closer

The players that made up the teams…

NE: Sean Jones vs SU: Dwight Freeney
Ottos Edge: SU… that’s Sean Jones of the Raiders, Oilers, and Pack

NE: Dan Ross (former Bengal) vs SU: John Mackey
Ottos Edge: SU... Ross set SB records for TEs when he had 11 catches for 104 yards and 2 TDs.

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
NE: Parsons Field (7K) vs SU: Dome
Ottos Edge: SU... we will likely only have 7K for this game. They share their field with the Brookline HS FB team

NE: Boston Arena (Matthews Arena) vs SU: War Memorial
Ottos Edge: NE... the arena is the original home of the Broons, Seltz, and Whalers. As well as the Beanpot Tournament. It is the oldest surviving hockey arena in the world, opening in 1910. In 1979 it was renamed after NE alumnus George Matthews, who helped fund its refurbishment.

Speaking of hockey...

Sport with Sticks
NE: Hockey vs SU: Lax
Ottos Edge: SU... we have 10 titles in our sport. In the 80s NE won the Beanpot Tournament 4 times and was runner up twice. In 1982 they made it to the Frozen Four.

Other sports…

BBall Coach
NE: Dave Leitao is alumnus vs SU: JB
Ottos Edge: SU... he is a Husky Squared

Athletes of note
NE: Carlos Peña, Reggie Lewis vs SU: Dave Bing, Melo
Ottos Edge: SU… two BBall greats

NE: usually Top 10 vs SU: long history
Ottos Edge: Push… I don’t know enough to pick a winner

Sports Media
NE: Michelle Bonner, Dan Orsillo (NESN/SOX) vs SU: Mike Tirico, Joe Castiglione (Sox radio), and all
Ottos Edge: SU... we have had some good ones

NE: Will vs SU: Sean
Ottos Edge: NE… father comes first

Speaking of fathers…

FB Founder
NE: George Matthews (helped create USFL, owned Boston Breakers) vs SU: Al Davis (helped create AFL, owns Raiders)
Ottos Edge: SU... the AFL was a tad better

From Sports founders to…

NE: Robert Black (founder Black & Decker), Robert Davis (founder Lycos) vs SU: Arthur Rock (provided capital to start Intel), David Rockwell (founder Rockwell Group)
Ottos Edge: NE… tools (power and web search) rule

JFK, Teddy, and Bill Clinton (no this has nothing to do with a Hollywood star and going to town, nor a car and watching one drown, nor a cigar and a dirty gown)
NE: commencement speakers vs SU: commencement speakers
Ottos Edge: Push... they also had Michael Dukakis, Mikhail Gorbachev, Madelein Albright, Bill Richardson, Christine Todd Whitman, Tip ONeill, Coretta Scott King, and Henry Cabot Lodge all speak at commencement.

Many of those were politicians…

Poly Sci Prof
NE: Michael Dukakis vs SU: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Ottos Edge: NE... he has more to talk about like Dukakis in the tank

Dem VP Candidate Connection
NE: Hadassa Lieberman (Joey's wife) vs SU: Joe Biden
Ottos Edge: SU… unless he loses and then it goes to NE (since Gore/Lieberman at least won the popular vote)

Speaking of elected office...

NE: Patrice ONeal (on Office) vs SU: GMac (could be Mayor of Scranton)
Ottos Edge: SU… as well as Mayor of the Cuse

Sticking with NBC...

NE: Jane Curtin (SNL) vs SU: Jerry Stiller (Seinfeld)
Ottos Edge: SU... that was a great show

As was…

Flavor Flav
NE: Jennifer Toof (Toastee) vs SU: Tiffany (New York is from Syracuse)
Ottos Edge: NE… she downs drinks like water out of the bubblah

Since Toastee often gets drunk, you want to make sure you take her...

NE: what you staht the cah with vs SU: pants
Ottos Edge: SU… most annoying accent

Sticking with transportation…

Getting around
NE: Orange Line of T runs by campus, have underground tunnels linking 13 campus buildings vs SU: Centro and snow shoes
Ottos Edge: NE… underground tunnels sure beat snow tunnels

And finally the category of the week…

I love the 80s (aka oh yeah I remember him)
NE: DE Keith Willis (1978-81) vs SU Terry Wooden (1986-89)
Ottos Edge: NE… Willis played for the Steelers in the 80s

And the TATTOO goes to....

The Syracuse Orange as they win one that is tighter than it should be.

Its Back!

The 2nd Annual: Who will be SUs HC next year. This year we will do it World Cup Soccer style instead of NCAA Bracket Style.

Group A
Al Davis
Dennis Green
John Reagan
Phil Fulmer- assuming he is fired

Group B
Al Golden
Dick MacPherson
John Robinson
Ralph Friedgen- assuming he is fired

Group C
Al Groh- assuming he is fired
Dirk Koetter
John Tenuta
Randy Edall

Group D
Barry Alvarez
Don Brown
June Jones
Ron Turner

Group E
Barry Switzer
Doug Marrone
KC Keeler
Sean McDonnell

Group F
Bill Callahan
Ed Orgeron
Kevin Gilbride
Skip Holtz

Group G
Bill Cowher
Ed Wrinner
Kevin Rogers
Sonny Lubick

Group H
Bill Parcels
Frank Solich
Kirk Ferentz- assuming he is fired
Steed Lobotzke

Group I
Bob Davie
Gary Barnett
Lane Kiffin
Steve Logan

Group J
Brad Childress- assuming he is fired
Gary Crowton
Larry Coker
Steve Mariucci

Group K
Brent Venables
George Deleone
Larry Johnson
Steve Sarkisian

Group L
Brian Kelly
George Oleary
Lloyd Carr
Ted Cottrell

Group M
Brian Schottenheimer
Glen Mason
Lou Holtz
Terry Bowden

Group N
Bud Foster
Greg Robinson
Mark Whipple
Tim Lewis

Group O
Calvin Magee
Gregg Brandon
Marty Mornhinweg
Tim Murphy

Group P
Charlie Strong
Hal Mumme
Marty Schottenheimer
Tim Walton

Group Q
Chip Kelly
Howard Schnellenberger
Mike Ditka
Todd Graham

Group R
Chris Palmer
Jeff Bower- not related to Jack
Mike Gottfried
Tom Bradley

Group S
Chris Petersen
Jerry Grey
Mike Locksley- last years winner
Tom Clements

Group T
Chuck Amato
Jerry Kill
Mike Price
Tom Coughlin

Group U
Dan McCarney
Jim Boeheim
Mitch Browning
Tom Obrien

Group V
Dan Mullen
Jim Fassel
Norm Chow
Tommy Bowden- assuming he is fired

Group W
Darrell Hazell
Jimmy Johnson
Pat Shurmur
Turner Gill- ironically he was left out last year due to strong Nebraska rumors

Group X
Daryl Gross
John Heacock
Patrick Nix
Ty Willingham

Group Y
Dave Clawson
John Hufnagel
Paul Hackett
Walt Harris

Group Z
Denis Franchione
John L Smith
Paul Pasqualoni
Will Muschamp

Below are their Bios'Brien_(football_coach)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

King Ottos Konclusion

So I actually watched the game a second time. Well most of it. The NYC ABC switched right after the SU TD with 1 min left in the 3rd Q. They went to Oregon vs Purdue. So I got to fast forward to the end and see an awful FG atempt by Purdue as time expried. And then in the 2nd OT another one. The recording ended perfectly after that game. What didnt go perfectly was the SU game, unless you are a Penn St fan.

There werent really many decisions that GRob had to make. He went for it on 4th downs instead of kicking meaningless FGs.

Too conservative. I wanted to give MB the benefit of the doubt his first few games but this game he didnt show much. The first play after the TO was tailor made for a play action pass toward the endzone. Instead we got what looked like a screen that turned into a fumble. Unless he wanted CB to throw it there. Either way bad call. The rest of the half wasnt so bad. Too many runs into the line though. PSU is physically a better team. Yet MB was conservative and showed little imagination. If the players did a better job then it wouldnt have looked as bad. However we really needed to spread it out to have any chance. The half ended with awful play calling. Again after a turnover and little time left in the half (down 35-3) we are running the ball and content on playing for 3. I had higher hopes for MB than he has shown so far as an OC. I do have to give him credit for the OL. He had Chavers and a true Frosh on the OL and was able to keep Dantley upright for the most part.

The problem I have here for this game was who played and when. Giruzzi time and again fails to make plays. He isnt holding his position on run plays. So if he isnt physically getting the job done then why arent we seeing a youngin? We did see much more of Marinovich this game. Hopefully Giruzzi will be phased out. However in garbage time we still saw him in there. Derrell Smith has been our best LB. Yet he was out for a bunch of plays as Canty was worked in. Why not Mele instead? Then there is Flaherty who shouldnt be on the field. Why not try Stenclik who flashed in limited time last year? Then in the 2nd half with the game already over we see AJ Brown and Chiara. Why take out Scott and why not play Suter? What good is having SRs play garbage time?

We cant block on KRs this year. And we cant cover on KOs. The first is a problem since we have so many. The other not so much since we rarely KO.

Dantley was bad. He made some nice throws but also made some really bad ones. He had a RJ Anderson type of game.

That dropped lateral by CB killed.

Owen had a nice catch and a big drop. I thought Davis looked good and gives us hope. Same for Sales. Mayes got PT and made a decent catch. Lobdell needs to sit. He adds nothing.

They couldnt run up the middle but that was expected. Pass protection has been good this year. The group is still young.

Kimmel was overmatched. Giruzzi shouldnt be out there. DTs had their moments with Jones and Perkins.

Flaherty needs to sit. He is too slow. He is too tentative. He makes plays 6 yards down field even if unblocked. Mele showed signs last year in pass coverage. Yet he is playing inside while Smith plays over the slot. Makes sense. Smith though did make some nice plays in coverage. Canty got in as well but didnt notice him bad or good.

Should Nico Scott have even played? The early PSU TD said no. Graham has potential but his first PT is against PSU? Really? Holmes is having trouble making plays this year. I liked seeing Scott at SS. But he sat in the 2nd half for AJ Brown. Makes sense. Bruce played decent and made some plays. Then he sits for Chiara in the 2nd half. And where the F is Suter?!!!!!!

A few random thoughts as they happened...

Seeing a promo they showed a drum major. I dont recall seeing SU with one ever. Why not?

The game started off with bad KO cov. PSU ran on their first play and Smith was held to allow a 9 yard gain to the outside. Then we see a nice play by Santiago and a fumble recovery by SU.

SU starts off by giving it right back to PSU. CB dropped the lateral and then Lobdell avoided the fumble like GRob avoids Ws.

PSU scores on a long pass. Game over. Nico Scott was nowhere near the guy. If he is hurt he shouldnt have played. With 13:40 in the 1st Q you can go home.

I noticed that we had ED 44 on the helmets. Nice touch.

Later on PSU has 3rd and 17. SU brings no pressure and sits in a zone. QB makes the read and converts the pass for a first down. If you bring some pressure their the QB has to hit his hot WR and they dont get the first down.

A few times we got some pressure on screens. On both plays the QB threw it away without an intentional grounding call. And both times he hit his OL and didnt get an ineligable WR penalty either. Both turned into breaks for PSU.

I expected more and louder PSU fans. I would guess it was 25K-20K SU. I feared 30 to 15.

SU was in 3 and out city. However on one 3rd down Davis was hit early with no pass interference. We didnt get many calls. PSU woulda won big anyway, did we really need the refs to kick us while we were down as well?

Kimmel and Giruzzi were getting abused. Smith was doing well in pass coverage.

In the Next HC Bowl they showed UBs Hail Mary. I didnt see the game at all but based on losing on the road by a fluke I say Golden was the winner.

A few times PSU ran a bubble screen to the slot with no LB or S within 15 yards and the CB on WR playing 10 yards away. It woulda been an easy 10 yards every time if the QB didnt overthrow it.

Another swing and Flaherty is within the area. No one is blocking him and he is just sitting there waiting for the WR to come to him. Note to Jake they dont tackle themselves. Move! Anyway he misses the tackle.

PSU runs outside and Flaherty is too slow to get there. Why does he play?

This whole game I kinda sat there and felt like Cameron in the pool scene from Ferris Buellers day off.

DC3 pulls up and is hurt. Just great.

Giruzzi gets tossed aside and Mele takes on the FB like a girl. Result long run.

Graham gives up a TD due to not playing the ball. We have 2 DB coaches. Couldnt one of them teach our DBs to turn?

Mayes with a nice pickup. Wasnt an easy catch.

Later on we have a 3rd and 1 and just run it into the line. How many times will we do this?

Owen gets a catch on 4th down. Then on the next 3rd down he drops a 1st down catch leaving SU with a FG attempt.

SU has another helmet fall off. I think that is 4 today. We have to lead the nation in this.

PSU is faced with a 3rd and less than a yard. They take a deep shot but its overthrown. Why couldnt SU have done this the last drive? 4th down a QB sneak gets the first.

Graham gets beat for a TD. If SU ever brought pressure maybe the CBs wouldnt look so bad.

With 2:15 seconds left and SU facing a 2nd and 6 PSU calls TO. Really?After third down, fine. But this showed totaly disrespect with 2:15 seconds left. JoePa pretty much said you aint moving the ball I want 2 min left to work with. Its 35-3 no need.

PSU fumbles the PR and SU recovers. Karma is a bitch.

SU opens up with a swing pass instead of trying for points. Great. Then we follow with a draw. Awesome. 3rd down is a bad pass and SU takes the FG. First you dont win with FGs when your opponent has 35. Second can you be more conservative?

PSU ends the half with a 52 yarder which easily goes through of course.

The seats are all empty to start the second half.

On 3rd and inches in our own territory SU throws long, and a bad throw at that. QB sneak it if you arent willing to go for it on 4th.

Great punt down to 1.

The red headed asst coach on PSU is a dick. He has been yelling at his players all day. Who the F does he think he is? I would pop him if I were a PSU player.

PSU drops a pass on 3rd down and has to punt!

CB does a nice job picking up a blitz. Pass protection has been good.

Dantley throws it right to a DB for an INT.

Our LBs play patty cake with blockers instead of taking them one. Cant we recruit bad ass mofos at LB? How come Dantonio could do it at Cincy but GRob has these guys?

AJ Brown is in. Why? And where the F is Suter?

Holmes is beat on a short pass, misses the tackle, then recovers to cause a fumble. Tribbey and 14 other SU plays miss the ball and PSU recovers.

PSU scores and gets a BS celebration penalty. The refs need to cut this crap. Do you have no common sense?

Hogue converts up the gut on a 4th and 1. Bout time.

Mays has been playing quite a bit. Nice to see.

Davis catches the ball down the field.

4th and 8 Sales catches a TD pass. We are coming back. Maybe not. As SU is about to kick off ABC switches to Oregon vs Purdue. Hey we made it to 1 min left in the 3rd Q. Not bad.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What the next HC is looking at

IMO GRob came in and did an awful job recruiting the D his first year. For example Anthony Smith was a SR. Behind him was Maljovec. So would you not make getting a 3 Star FS a priority? You needed someone to come in and compete right away. Now after 3 full classes we still have no depth at FS, as seen by having a converted RB on the 2nd team. Then you have DE and LB which he also did nothing for. So next year what does the next HC have to concentrate on?

***** I wanted to clarify the below. The next HCs 1st class will be filling holes for the 2010 season. The below is our depth for that season.

Catalina JR
Legree JR
Nassib Soph

I think you definitely want to get a QB. And because QB is important it is always a priority even though the recruit wont get PT until RS Frosh or Soph year.

Hogue SR
Collier Soph
Bailey Soph
Jones Soph
Harden Soph

I think 1/2 of those guys will end of changing positions. You want two RBs for depth but it isnt a high priority.

Davis SR
Cervino JR
Chew JR
Sales JR
Sheeran JR or Soph?
Fairchild Soph

You want two WRs for depth but they will be more important for the future. So it isnt a high priority.

Provo JR
Pratt JR
Stevens Soph
Cutler Soph

You want a TE for depth but the position is the least important on O.

Baubach SR
Meldrum SR
Rosner SR
Bartholomew SR
McKenzie SR
White JR
Haney JR
Lepak JR
Speller Soph
Kay Soph
Allport Soph

OL is always important. So you want 2 guys in here to develop under the guys above.

Kimmel SR
Perkins SR
Stewart JR
Marinovich JR
Tucker Soph
Vaughan Soph
Jones Soph
Jones Soph

I am sure some of these guys will be moved to DT. Not a position of need.

Tribbey SR
Lewis SR
Middleton JR
Boatman Soph
Lowery Soph

Same as DE.

Canty SR
Mele SR
Smith SR
Battles JR
Gillum JR
Kimmel Soph

This position is a mess. The next coach will need 2 LBs who can come in an push the above group.

Merk SR
Holmes SR
Scott SR
Reid JR
Graham JR
Mayes Soph
Harris Soph

There is some talent here. You may even be able to move a few to S. Still it is always good to stockpile DBs.

McKinnon SR
Suter SR
Scott JR

Not much here but a few RBs or CBs will likely be moved. Could be a position of need.

Long SR
Novak JR
Wallis Soph

These arent huge priorities but you do need a P to take over for the next year.

So if I were to rank by need

1. 2 LBs
2. QB
3. 2 OL
4. 2 WR
5. RB
6. DT
7. DE
8. CB
9. S
10. TE/FB
11. K/P

Monday, September 8, 2008

TATTOO: Penn State Nittany lions vs Syracuse Orange

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). Competing for the TATTOO are the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Syracuse Orange. This weeks TATTOO is an Orange Painted Lion:

Born on Date
PSU: 1855 vs SU: 1870
Ottos Edge: PSU... PSU was founded as the Farmers' High School ofPennsylvania. It then changed to the Agricultural College ofPennsylvania (1862), Pennsylvania State College (1875), and finally PSU(1953).

GPS (Location)
PSU: State College, Happy Valley, University Park vs SU: Syracuse
Ottos Edge: SU... pick a name already. When Penn State changed its namefrom College to University in 1953, its president sought to persuade thetown to change its name as well. When they decided not to, PSU createdUniversity Park.

At that location is a…

PSU: Mount Nittany vs SU: Song Mountain
Ottos Edge: PSU... the word Nittany is derived from the Algonquian language word Nit-A-Nee meaning "single mountain"

Which is where PSU got their…

Team Name
PSU: Nittany Lions vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: PSU… we fed the men to the lions and are now a fruit

Speaking of fruit…

Gay guy
PSU: John Amaechi (former PSU BBaller) vs SU: Thom Filicia (Queer Eye)
Ottos Edge: Push... both are fabulous

Sticking with BBall and sex…

BBall sex scandal
PSU: Rene Portland allegedly kicked a girl off the team for being a lesbian vs SU: Flynn, Jackson, Scoop alleged rape
Ottos Edge: Push... there are no winners here. Portland was forced out after coaching 27 successful seasons.

More BBall…

Point Guard
PSU: Joe Crispin vs SU: GMac
Ottos Edge: PSU... just kidding

While we are on Scranton and joking…

Fictional alumnus
PSU: Toby Flenderson (Office) vs SU: Sonny Koufax (Big Daddy)
Ottos Edge: SU... Toby is a loser and divorced

Another fictional alumnus of SU was…

PSU: Adam McKay (writer/director) vs SU: Veronica Corningstone (charcter and fictional alumnus)
Ottos Edge: PSU... she is a smelly pirate hooker

Sticking with movies…

Along Came Polly
PSU: John Aniston (Jennifers dad) vs SU: Jerry Stiller (Bens dad)
Ottos Edge: Push... from the sounds of that movie the winners were those of us that didn't see it

The guys behind the movies are the…

PSU: Steven de Souza (Lethal Weapon, Die Hard) vs SU: Carl Gottlieb(Jaws)
Ottos Edge: PSU... yippee-ki-yay

Staying with writers…

War Novelist
PSU: David Morrell wrote First Blood (Rambo) vs SU: Stephan Crane wrote The Red Badge of Courage
Ottos Edge: PSU... its over Grob, er Johnny.

Writers also work for…

School Papers
PSU: The Daily Collegian vs SU: DO
Ottos Edge: SU... we have the more interesting storyline of GRob

Speaking of storylines, Friday is the premier of The…

RB nickname
PSU: Reading Rambler (Lenny Moore) vs SU: Elmira Express (Ernie Davis)
Ottos Edge: Push… both are great players with great nicknames. Too bad the art of nicknames has been lost.

ED was part of…

Black History
PSU: Wallace Triplett 1st black draftee to play in the NFL vs SU: Ernie Davis 1st black Heisman winner
Ottos Edge: Push… both broke barriers

Staying with the Heisman…

Heisman Winner
PSU: John Cappelletti vs SU: Ernie Davis
Ottos Edge: Push... both had to deal with leukemia (John dedicated his Heisman to his dying brother Joey) and had a movie about it (made for TV: Something for Joey). Surprisingly PSU has only one Heisman winner.

While we are on RBs…

Other RBs
PSU: Franco Harris, Lenny Moore, Larry Johnson, Curt Warner, Matt Suhey,Wallace Triplett, Richie Anderson, Gary Brown, Blair Thomas, Curtis Enis, Ki-Jana Carter, Sam Gash vs SU: Jim Nance, Larry Csonka, Moose Johnston, Jim Brown, Floyd Little, James Mungro, Walter Reyes, Joe Morris, Rob Konrad, Michael Owens, David Walker, Jamie Covington
Ottos Edge: SU... lots of busts lately for PSU

Paving the way for the RBs is the…

PSU: Mike Muchak, Marco Rivera, Brad Benson, Todd Rucci, Dave Szott, Steve Wisniewski vs SU: Jim Ringo, John Flannery, Walt Sweeney, CraigWolfley, Stan Walters, Adam Terry
Ottos Edge: PSU... we are still weaker on the OL

But we are stronger at…

PSU: Mickey Shuler, OJ McDuffie, Kyle Brady, Joe Jurevicius, Eddie Drummond, Bobby Engram vs SU: John Mackey, Rob Moore, Chris Gedney, Art Monk, Kevin Johnson, Marvin Harrison
Ottos Edge: SU... just a tad better

And throwing to them are the…

PSU: Kerry Collins, John Hufnagel, Todd Blackledge, Michael Robinson,Wally Richardson, Tony Sacca, Zach Mills, Richie Lucas (1st ever Buffalo Bill) vs SU: Donovan McNabb, Bill Custis, Marvin Graves, Todd Philcox, Wilmet Sadet-Singh, Don McPherson, Bill Hurley, Troy Nunes (a PSU fan)
Ottos Edge: SU... triple negative points for the bust Blackledge

From Offense to Defense…

PSU: Rosey Grier, Courtney Brown, Tamba Hali vs SU: Dwight Freeney, Tim Green, Rob Burnett
Ottos Edge: SU... we could use these guys now

Currently our worst unit is our…

PSU: Jack Ham, Paul Posluszny, Dan Connor, Andre Collins, KeithGoganious, Lance Mehl, Matt Millen, Shane Conlan, Brandon Short, LaVarArrington, John Skorupan, Denis Onkotz, Greg Buttle vs SU: Keith Bulluck, Dan Conley, Kevin Mitchell, Jim Collins, TerryWooden
Ottos Edge: PSU... they dont call it LB U for nuttin

Bobby Boucher (best current defender)
PSU: Maurice Evans vs SU: Art Jones
Ottos Edge: SU… we know Art will play, while Evans may still be suspended

Ironically the “player” that can determine who Ws and who Ls is the…

PSU: Bahr Borthers (Matt, Chris), Robbie Gould vs SU: Gary Anderson, Olinda Mare, Nate Trout
Ottos Edge: SU... although I am grateful for Matts kicks with the GMen.

And finally the category of the what? You want more? Alright you go it.

Lets stay with the Giants…

XLII SB winning Giants
PSU: Kareem McKenzie, Jay Alford vs SU: David Tyree, Tom Coughlin
Ottos Edge: SU... they played a larger role

And more of the Giants…

Other former Giants
PSU: Kerry Collins, John Hufnagel (current Calgary Stampeders HC), BrandonShort, LaVar Arrington, Brad Benson, Matt Bahr, Joe Jurevicius, RoseyGrier vs SU: Joe Morris, Will Allen, Larry Csonka, Carl Karilivacz
Ottos Edge: PSU... lots of Ws produced by those folks

Speaking of Ws…
All Time Wins
PSU: 790 vs SU: 670
Ottos Edge: PSU... not many can beat SU

Remaining on winning…

We're going streaking
PSU: 49 straight non losing seasons (1939-87) vs SU: 22 straight non losing seasons (1950-1971)
Ottos Edge: PSU… that is amazing. PSU also once had a 31 game win streak. However they had no title to show for it. They went undefeated in 1968 and 1969 finishing 2nd in the polls both years.

But they did win it in…

National Titles
PSU: 2 (1982, 1986) vs SU: 1 (1959)
Ottos Edge: PSU... the 1987 Fiesta Bowl was the most watched CFB game ever. PSU won 14-10 despite being out gained 3 to 1 (450 to 150), thanks to Testeverde’s 5 INTs

Speaking of the Fiesta Bowl…

PSU: 25-12-2 vs SU: 12-9-1
Ottos Edge: PSU... they have the highest Bowl Win % in CFB

The best way to get to a Bowl is by winning your…

PSU: Big Ten vs SU: Big East
Ottos Edge: SU... PSU ruined the B10 by making it 11.

Conf Titles
PSU: 2 vs SU: 4
Ottos Edge: SU... PSU missed out by not joining the BE where they belong

Despite being in different confs, the teams still play for the…

Lambert Trophy
PSU: 26 (last 2005) vs SU: 6 (last 1992)
Ottos Edge: PSU... since 1998 they have only won once

Staying with Trophies…

Rivalry Trophies
PSU: Governors Victory Bell (started 1993 with Minnesota, PSU leads 6-4), Land Grant Trophy (started 1993 with Mich St, PSU leads 11-4) vs SU: Schwartzwalder Trophy (started 1993 with WV, who leads 9-6)
Ottos Edge: Push... all are made up trophies trying to establish tradition. At least the SU-WV game has been played many years.

Speaking of playing many times…

Team played most
PSU: Pitt 96 times (50-42-4) vs SU: PSU 68 times
Ottos Edge: SU… good job JoePa ruining both. PSU last played Pitt in 2000.

Of those 68 meetings…

Head to Head
PSU: 40 Ws vs SU: 23 Ws
Ottos Edge: PSU… not close just like this game will be. The teams have tied 5 times.

Many of those games were played at…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
PSU: Beaver Stadium (107,250) vs SU: the Dome
Ottos Edge: PSU... they have the largest stadium in the US (Michigan had to reduce seating for handicap accessibility). Their largest crowd ever was 110,753 (makes sense that it is 3k more than capacity). The stadium is named after James Beaver, former PA Govna and former president of the BOTs.

While there you will hear the…

PSU: Blue Band (over 300 members) vs SU: SUMB
Ottos Edge: PSU... in 2005 the band won the Sudler Trophy, which goes to the nations top band.

As well as the fans…

PSU: We are... Penn St vs SU: Lets go Orange
Ottos Edge: SU... we know who you are and are not impressed

And those fans are made up of…

Fan Base
PSU: avg'd 107,567 a game, 90k season ticket holders (21k student), White Out vs SU: maybe 30k a game, season tickets?, Silver Out
Ottos Edge: PSU... it doesn't hurt that PSU has over 450k alumni

The have so many alumni because of their large…

Student size
PSU: 43k vs SU: 19K
Ottos Edge: PSU... the more the merrier

Those students should be there to get an…

PSU: 57th (US News) vs SU 53rd
Ottos Edge: SU... PSU was King Otto's safety school

Which is why schools often…

Outlawed Fun
PSU: The Phi Psi 500 (a fund raising mile run with pit stops at bars) vs SU: Livingston Block Party
Ottos Edge: Push... no one wins when fun is taken away. While PSU banned that fund raiser they are proud to have the THON (dance marathon), which is the largest student run philanthropy in the world.

And finally the category of the wait you still want more? OK, on with the marathon

Sticking with fun and dancing…

PSU: Richard James (invented Slinky), Herman Fisher (Fisher-Price), Mike Scioscia vs SU: Steve Rubell (Studio 54), Lexington Steele, Marv Albert
Ottos Edge: SU… our guys are involved in adult entertainment

Speaking of adult entertainment…

Howard Stern Show
PSU: Benjy vs SU: Frozen (interned)
Ottos Edge: SU... Benjy is annoying

Howard is the King of All Media, which would include…

Sports Media
PSU: Tom Verducci, Lisa Salters, Todd Blackledge vs SU: Bob Costas, VeraJones, Mike Tirico, etc.
Ottos Edge: SU... its our bread and butter

While we are on food…

Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner! (Eatery)
PSU: Otto's Pub & Brewery vs SU: Empire Brewing Company
Ottos Edge: PSU... it was named after Otto, right? PSU also has the Ye Olde College Diner, which was voted the 3rd best place to eat a sticky bun in the United States. It is a place of Penn State tradition that dates back to1929.

While we are on Otto…

PSU: Nittany Lion vs SU: Otto the Orange
Ottos Edge: SU... poor Lion doesn't even have a name

But the Lion does have a…

PSU: Lions Shrine vs SU: Saltine Warrior
Ottos Edge: PSU… it is better for painting orange

Speaking of statues, for the game SU will be unveiling a…

FB statue
PSU: Joe Paterno vs SU: Ernie Davis
Ottos Edge: SU... Joe ruined NE FB by going to the B11

But he has been a successful…

PSU: JoePa (started 1966, 373 Ws, paid $500K) vs SU: GRob (started 2005, 7 Ws, paid $1 million)
Ottos Edge: PSU... JoePa is still tied for career INTs (14) at Brown University. He is in his 59th season at PSU (started as an asst). He is 7-1 all time against his current nemesis Bobby Bowden. He is the only HC to win the Rose, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, and Cotton Bowls.

Sticking with HCs…

Former Coach
PSU: Rip Engle vs SU: Ben Schwartzwalder
Ottos Edge: SU... Ben was 9-7 vs Engle

And SUs last coach was…

Paul Pasqualoni
PSU: former player vs SU: former HC
Ottos Edge: SU... he did a lot for SU

Playing under Coach P was McNabb, who is now a…

PSU: Chair is CEO of Eat'n Park vs SU: a trustee is an NFL QB
Ottos Edge: SU... that shows where our priorities are

SU has always been strong at revenue sports but overall…

PSU: among the best vs SU: trying to improve
Ottos Edge: PSU... they have been Top 25 in the NACDA Directors Cup all15 years of its existence. Last year they were 9th (their eight Top 10 finish). They have 10 national titles in fencing, mens gymnastics has a record 12 titles, women volleyball won it all in 2007 and the men won in2008. But they still suck at BBall.

Supporting athletics is the…

Booster Club
PSU: State College QB Club vs SU: Orange Club
Ottos Edge: PSU… fans gather at the Nittany Lion Inn midweek to discuss the last game and the next game. JoePa and players often visit.

Dressing the athletic teams is…

PSU: Mark Parker (CEO) vs SU: Melo
Ottos Edge: SU... not the greatest decision to hire the trouble making Melo

Sticking with dress…
School colors used to be
PSU: Black and Pink vs SU: Pink and Green
Ottos Edge: PSU... supposedly PSU changed to Blue and White when the Black and Pink faded. Also they stayed classic with the unis while SU has beenF-ing it up lately.

While we are on F-ing things up…

PSU: always down to 1 lane even though no work is ever done vs SU: smooth sailing
Ottos Edge: SU... also PA is filled with drivers going 20 MPH in the left lane. The state is a driving nightmare.

For this I blame the state…

PSU: Rick Santorum, Valerie Plame, Tom Ridge vs SU: Joe Biden, Donna Shalala, Al D'Amato
Ottos Edge: SU... their group is much more controversial

Rumors are that Biden may be replaced as VP by…

Hillary Clinton
PSU: Hughs (father and brother) vs SU: NY Senator
Ottos Edge: Push... there are no winners here

If she did become VP it would be a first for a woman. And Obama would be the first black Pres. Along those lines…

Astronaut firsts
PSU: Guion Bluford (1st African American in space) vs SU: Eileen Collins(1st female pilot)
Ottos Edge: Push... both boldly went where none had gone before

Sticking with firsts…

1st year FB
PSU: 1881 vs SU: 1889
Ottos Edge: PSU… back then JoePa was only an asst coach.

And from first to last, as in the last category and the category of the week (sorry I have nothing left)…

I love the 80s (aka oh yeah I remember him)
PSU: RB DJ Dozier 1983-86 vs SU: RB Robert Drummond 1985-1988
Ottos Edge: SU… he did win 4 Grey Cups after all

And the TATTOO goes to……

In the city, the great Salt City the Lions weep tonight. Oooooh. That’s right the Syracuse Orange will pull off the upset by the skin of their teeth. State Penn sucks!

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