Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scheduling for ACC BBall

I think the ACC should do the following

-Play every team once (13 games)

-Play 3 permanent rivals a 2nd time (up to 16)

-Rotate two more teams to play a 2nd time (18 total).

By having 3 permanent rivals that means there are 10 teams left. If you rotate 2 teams from that 10, then you will play each of those teams twice a year every 5 years. Meaning the total over those 5 years would be 6 games (3 home and 3 away).

So to use SU as an example we would play everyone at least once. Then our 3 permanent rivals (MD, Pitt, BC) a second time. Then 2 more games as follows:

Year 1: VT and UVA
Year 2: UNC and NC St
Year 3: Duke and Wake
Year 4: FSU and Miami
Year 5: Clemson and GA Tech

The permanent rivalries will be as follows:

SU: MD, Pitt, BC
Pitt: SU, BC, VT
BC: SU, Pitt, VT
MD: Duke, SU, UVA
VT: Pitt, BC, UVA
UNC: Duke, NC St, UVA
Duke: UNC, MD, Wake
NC St: UNC, Wake, FSU
Wake: Duke, NC St, GA Tech
GA Tech: Wake, Clemson, Miami
Clemson: GA Tech, FSU, Miami
FSU: NC St, Clemson, Miami
Miami: GA Tech, Clemson, FSU

That all means that you play 8 teams once a year and 5 teams twice a year (18 games). Of those 5 twice a year teams, three you see every year. Two you see twice a year once in five years.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cuse Cast LXI

KingOtto and Cuseman give a brief recap of the Cincy game, preview the Pitt game, and touch on the BBall team

Length about 22 mins

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