Monday, December 22, 2008

My Playoff Solution

Screw the lame BCS. Lets make a playoff. First you need teams. Well we can give the BCS confs auto bids (6) and have 6 at larges. Then seed based on BCS standings. So we would have:

1. OU
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Bama
5. USC
6. Utah
7. Texas Tech
8. PSU
9. Boise ST
10. OSU
12. Cincy
19. VT

The only Top 12 team not to make it is TCU who loses out to auto bid VT. BCS teams are happy as they get 10 of 12 slots. Non BCS team are happy as teams like Boise St dont get screwed out of the BCS. Team like Texas Tech dont get screwed by the 3rd team conf rule. And teams like Texas dont get screwed by tie breaking rules.

So where are the games played? The closest NFL venue to the higher seed. Having true road games are not fair. But neither are completely neutral games. So give each team 10k tickets and the rest are sold locally. Since the higher seed is closer the majority of the tickets will go to their fans. But having it in a NFL venue will take away a little from the home field advantage and give the lower seed a chance. Also I think a venue should only be used once a year. Which would give us:

Dec 13th
VT vs USC in PHX
Cincy vs Utah in Denver
OSU vs Texas Tech in Dallas
Boise St vs PSU in Philly

Dec 20th
Bosie St/PSU vs OU in KC
OSU/TT vs Florida in Jax
Cincy/Utah vs Texas in Houston
VT/USC vs Bama in ATL

Then for the Final Four and Champ game have it at neutral sites. So assuming higher seeds win:

Dec 27th
Bama vs OU
Texas vs Florida

Jan 12th (Mon)
Florida vs OU

I would give 2 weeks before the Champ game. It builds up some hype and gives the teams a chance to get healthy and gameplan. Also it allows time for Bowls. Most Bowls are just for fun. I would have the Bowls schedule from Dec 28th to Jan 3rd. That means 11 Bowls that happen before Dec 28th have to reschedule. To me that is a good thing. There are currently only 5 New Years Day Bowls. That is a joke. There should be twice as many that day.

What about the BCS Bowls? Well you give them the playoff loser. The second round ends Dec 20th. That gives 11 days to prepare for a Jan 1 game. The Rose still gets the P10 vs B11, the Sugar the SEC, the Orange the ACC, and the Fiesta the B12. Assuming the Top 4 seeds make the Final Four, we are left with Bowls of:

Rose PSU vs USC
Sugar OSU vs Boise St
Orange VT vs Cincy
Fiesta Texas Tech vs Utah

This year under the current setup I believe the Fiesta gets first at large followed by the Sugar, and Orange. The Rose is the same, the Sugar is worse (had Bama vs Utah), the Orange is exactly the same, and the Fiesta is worse (traded Texas and OSU). But if one of the Top 4 seeds were upset these would change.

Some may say what if the best team doesnt win? Well I say if a Top 4 seed cant win 3 games, then they arent the best team. Just look at the teams that would make the playoffs. OU and Florida are in the game now. So you cant be upset if they won a playoff. Texas deserves a shot as they beat OU. Can be upset by them. Bama, USC, Texas Tech, and PSU only have 1 loss each. What makes their loss any worse than OU or Floridas? Yes OU and Florida are likely the most talented teams but isnt that an opinion? Shouldnt they have to prove it on the field? Then you have an undefeated Utah and Boise St. If they go undefeated and win it all (meaning each wins 4 games including Utah beating Texas in Houston and Boise St beating PSU in Philly and OU in KC) would they not be worthy? The only teams that we would feel cheated by the best team not winning it all would be if OSU, Cincy, or VT won it all. But really what are the chances of that. VT would have to beat USC in PHX, Bama in ATL, and then 2 neutral games. Cincy would have to beat Utah in Denver, Texas in Houston, and then 2 neutral games. OSU would have to beat Texas Tech in Dallas, Florida in JAX, and then 2 neutral games. Worst case you have a Final Four of Boise St, OSU, Cincy, and VT. And then a Final of Cincy vs VT. But the chances of that are very very very slim.

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


What do you think of the Devo situation?

Devo is being screwed by an over zealous bunch of power ladened committee who are blind to justice . Maybe they will wise up and lessen the sanctions for everyone's sake

What do you think of Marrone?

Doug Marrone is the best thing to happen to the football program since the Dome and he will put fannies in the seats when he gets the wins.

What would you like Santa to bring SU?

If Santa will bring me a couple impact recruits for the team I will be more then happy. I also want the loyal commandos to be healthy and happy this current basketball season and no more wasted efforts like the one against Cleveland which was a porly played game with no offensive strategyYou can't allow a team to limit Andy to one 3 point attempt and keep Jonny from trying his shot Devo is the irom man heart of the team his anger gets directed into his game on drives and the 3. AO is good early on until the defense starts to figure out his stle . Passes into the post border on each end of the polar extremes asin poor to sensational but the pass must hit the big guys square in the chest or its an automatic TO Harris must become a bit more offensive minded to the basket and start drawing fouls, Ogenaet must find a way to score a few to go with his hustle game Boeheim is beginning to go to his nose more. Never a good sign. Lets hope he dosn't get any other itches on his body before the whole game is censored for indecent touching Run for the hills if Bernie leans one way or the other as a WMD will be released. Pity the people behind him and their families Start passing the hat for the survivors if any make it past the first rip.

Over and out Don't shoot your eye out Over and out! Drink your Ovaltine and spend time with your family.

Cali out!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Doug Marrone's nickname

So what are we gonna call him folks?

HNGRob- Hes not GRob

DMOE- Doug Marrone of the Orange Empire

HCDM- Head Coach Doug Marrone

DMarr- short for Doug Marrone

CMDM- coming home

Carpe DM- Carpe Doug Marrone

DM2- since Coach Mac is DM1

CMJR- Coach Mac JR

Big Mac- Coach Mac but bigger

RT8- remember the 80s

Seven8- his number

FOOD- Friend of Ours Doug

DMX- Doug Marrone eXtreme

BX- from Bronx

bE- Bronx Express from Bronx and Elmira Express combo. Also play on bE.

bED- be extraordinary Doug

BDDB- Boogie Down Dougie Brown from Bronx and last name is Brown in Italian

Brownie- play on last name Brown

Boss Brown





BIHDM- Bring it home Doug Marrone



DMZ- Doug Marrone Zone

The Rejuvenizer

Saint Doug

HGDM- Home Grown Doug Marrone

DM5O- Doug Marrone One Of Our Own Orangemen

Dome Marrone

BUD- Big Ugly Doug plays on being OLman and OL Coach and he is a buddy or the Orange

Kotter- welcome him back


TRO- the right one

Monday, December 8, 2008

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


The Band? Part of the college experience? Or a bunch of annoying nacho eating wastes of space?

The Orange babd ,I believe had only one or two different pieces of music to perform but I concentrated on the baton girl who looked like a a young ladt trying very hard to look normal instead of a tightly wrapped sausage ready to explode from its casing. When she dropped a baton and bent over to pick it up it was "run for your life If that costume ever blows the only survivors might be the tuba section which at least has some sturdy metal in front of their bodies. The school's tradition of the lithe talented twirlers has gone the way of the team;down the poop shoot.

The Wave. Do you find it an annoying distraction to the game or is it part of the fun and excitement of FB?

The wave is a distracton from a poor team and does nothing to add to the game experience Most of the old farts in my old section 301 wouldn't stand up for a great play much less to participate in a sophmoric visual distraction.

What games are you looking forward to this Bowl season?

I havre no favorite bowl games unless the Orangement are participating so now I foloow the Big Zeast and cheer any team playing Rutgers and/or West zvirginia and of course Notre dame if they happen to get into a game.

What do you think of Skip Holtz rumors?

As far as Skip Holtz goes if he comes her its going to be good . as far as his father goes. I always wonder how he survived the school yard bullies He still looks like a prime target for losing his lunch from a shot to the gut. If he makes suggestions to Skippy we win but I wouldn't bet my basketball tickets on him coming here I suspect Gross will screw the pooch once again unless he brings in an alum like Marrone.

What is the best drink to have after an SU win? After an SU loss?

Drinks after loss Anything that destroys brain cells and makes you for get. My preference is Grey Goose or a hgh quality gin Bribes are graciously accepted in this man's army In a pinch I go with Jack and Jim or even the Captain. If we win repeat above so that you don't expect winning to become a habit.

Over and out and don't forget to spike the eggnog Get your Commander Çali rings while they last

KOmputer Rankings

I used a Supercomputer (my brain) to rank the teams:

10. TCU

9. Boise St

8. Utah

7. Texas Tech

6. Penn St

5. USC

4. Bama (1)

3. Texas (4)

2. OU (3)

1. Florida (2)

It is too bad that Texas and Bama cant play. And it is a shame or sham that Ohio St gets a BCS Bowl game over Boise St. Although the matchup with TCU should be a good one.

My Top 10 HC List

Each week I will update my list of Top 10 choices to replace GRob. I will only use guys who I think we have a realistic chance of getting.

For likely the last post before we hire a HC I will give you the Top 10 Worst Case List and Top 10 of the names that have been mentioned.

Worst Case
10. Don Treadwell
9. Dean Hood
8. Brady Hoke
7. Gary Crowton
6. Charlie Strong
5. Doug Marrone
4. Steve Addazio
3. Mike Locksley
2. Ron Prince
1. Mark Whipple

There really is no reason what so ever to end up with anyone below Whipple on this list.

Best Case
10. Turner Gill
9. Chip Kelly
8. Skip Holtz
7. Al Golden
6. Chris Petersen
5. Gary Patterson
4. Randy Edsall
3. Tommy Bowden
2. Tommy Tuberville
1. Mike Leach

So realistically I would like to see SU hire in order Golden, Holtz, Gill, Whipple. I will be shocked if we get someone on my list higher than Golden. I will be extremely disappointed if we get someone lower than Whipple.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


Who is your favorite current FB player?

My initial view of Donte Davis was impaired perhaps because of his early drops in his first few games last year but he has emerged as a "go to kid of guy so My favorite player goes to him.

What is your favorite position?

My favorite position in football is the MIKE and let me add it hasn't been dominant for some time now I want speed and killer instinct.

What will become of Elon Mitchell?

Elon Mitchell needs to get his degree and continue hiding from the coaching staff or they might put him in at a position that he excells at now that hid personal guarfian is gone.

Do we need a big name/celeb HC to replace GRob?

If we want to kill off the football team by natural causes just bring in Paris Hilton as the towel girl. Within 6 months the team is gone by a combination of STD and skankacytis.

What are you thoughts on Jim Boeheim going with the Man D?

Jim Boeheim might be giving us a hint that tha apocalypse is about to be upon us by showing so much man defense. At some point his reluctance to use Sean Williams will bite his and the team's ass.

Cali's orders: keep a good thought about the next coach and remember your family. Spend time and plan activities with them. Teach your kids about the game of basketball meaning subtleties . Like the open man and how he got that way not just what a dunk means

Over and Out" Drink your Ovaltine and don't shoot your eye out. "Make sure your Glock is out of children's reach and keep the safety on.

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