Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I just caught the last episode again. When I first saw it I figured it was the show that got wacked. We (the viewers) didnt even see it coming. Reports that Steve Perry was assured the song wouldnt be used as Tony's demise support my original view. Also the fact that their lives didnt stop they went on and on and on and on. Why use that song?

However after analyzing the ending, I came to the conclusion it was Tony who was wacked. Which bring sup the questions why and by whom. My theory here is that Butchie took Tony out. When they met about Phil he just assured that he would back off. He honored that promise. Once Phil was taken out, you would assume Butch would become Boss. Now if you were him and were analyzing the situation would you keep Tony around?

It was plain and obvious that he never liked Tony. He wanted to take Tony out that time Tony blew up the Wire Room. Plus he knows in negotiations that Tony would want a 50/50 split on joint ventures. Tony pushed the envelope with Johnny Sac. Would he not do the same to the new Boss, Butchie, who Tony would likely think he is better than? Also there is always the fear that Tony would join up with Little Carmine to take over the Brooklyn family. Little Carmine was forced to retire because he is weak. But now that Brooklyn has been decimated it could be an opportunity to get back in. On the contrary Butchie could take over a decimated Jersey if he takes Tony out. Hit them while they are weak and least expect it. Do you not do this if you are Butchie?

Then of course there are quotes that back this up as well. Like the original script supposedly ending with the Members Only guy walking toward the table. Then there was flash back with Bobby form the seasons first episode. Although he could have been just thinking about Bobby dying and remembered that. However there is this quote:

"There had been indications of what the end is like. Remember when Jerry Torciano was killed? Silvio was not aware that the gun had been fired until after Jerry was on his way down to the floor. That's the way things happen: It's already going on by the time you even notice it."

However my original interpretation, that the viewer was the one who was wacked, can counter this argument. Which brings us back to what the hell happened? I think this quote may be the answer:

"I wasn't going to do this, but somebody said it would be a good idea if we said something about that ending. I really wasn't going to go into it, but I'll just say this...when I was going to Stanford University's graduate film school and was 23 [years old], I went to see Planet of the Apes with my wife. When it was over, I said, ' they had a Statue of Liberty, too."

Is he saying that the ending is open to interpretation? Is this the final answer? My original thought was the viewer was wacked. After analyzing I came to the conclusion that Tony was wacked. But is the answer there is no ending? The ending is what you want it to be? Well since I have to have closure its RIP Tony Soprano.

Court Vision

If I had to pick now I would go with him in the Derby.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cantor the Cannibal

Interesting article on SU's budget


-"Before RCM we were in pretty good shape," said Gross, who was hired in December 2004. "Now with RCM, it's a different animal for us because now we're paying a lot of (expenses) that we weren't paying for before. It's made it even more challenging. There's more revenues that we have to keep (generating)."

-First, while academic centers fund financial aid through tuition, Athletics has no tuition revenue to support its scholarships for its near-600 athletes. Second, the athletic department's facilities cover more area than most other centers on campus and demand higher utility costs. Part of the participation tax involves square footage.

-At Syracuse, the percentage of Athletics' revenue that comes from subvention is less than the national average at private schools - 20 percent compared to 28 percent.

Well that makes sense. A Sports school like SU is below avg in helping out Athletics. Brilliant!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What can Brown(ing) do for (S)U?

I have to say I love this guy and I love his system. I really think he will be able to succeed at SU. The question is will he be given the chance? SU has historically been a power running team and this guy will bring that back, which I love to see. But how much can he do in one year? And will the D be good enough to save GRobs job? That is the real question. I do not think GRobs system fits in the college game. But even if it did, SU isnt likely to be very good on D since the players are so young. This group is likely to have its ups and downs no matter who the coach is.

Since the D is so young and the O has a new OC, it isnt likely the team will be over .500. So what is SUs benchmark for this staff returning in 2009? If the team goes say 4-8 and is well coached and plays close games how in the hell can you fire GRob? I do not think GRob is the answer at SU but he was brought back on "fairness". If SU has a season like I mentioned and he is fired then this season was all a waste and pointless. That would show that SU is totally clueless to the situation. Why bring the guy back for 2008 if you are not willing to be fair?

Browning is the type of guy I want as OC. But will he be around long enough to get results? I sure hope so. GRob isnt likely to get it done on D. If SU has to make a choice I hope they either keep GRob and force on him a new DC or promote Browning to HC. Losing Browning would be a mistake.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun Quotes

Is that you Mr Robinson?

"My belief and what I see and where I believe we can go as a team... I believe one day that we will win a championship here and I believe a couple of these guys will be a part of that."

"As I sit here and I say it today, I know people will laugh even more at me, but I'm hell-bent on getting this accomplished and making sure that we get it done. And I'm not leaving until we get it done."

"I want to leave something that's going to stand for a long time. I want to leave a legacy. I want to leave a tradition. I want to leave an imprint, a blueprint in terms of how people play and how they coach and how they respond when they put on a ... uniform."

""This is a dark time for us, but I know there's a light at the end of this tunnel and I'm going to keep digging and I'm going to keep pushing and I'm not going to quit. I'm going to do it here."

"I believe we're on the right path and I believe we have the right players." "Our record doesn't show that, but I'm not ready to give up on these players.

"We have good talent. We have good players. We have young players ... and we have a good nucleus. We just need to get them to play well together."

Sounds familiar doesnt it? I guess GRob and Zeke have a lot in common. Both have a good eye for talent and both have driven once proud teams into the ground with mismanagement and poor coaching. Even worse, neither were fired for some strange reason. So who is more inept... Syracuse University or Mr Dolan? I may have to give the edge to SU as Dolan looks to finally be moving on. We cant say the same about SU even if we see another 2-10 season.

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