Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BE rankings

It is still early for my official preseason BE rankings but since it is BE Media Day and all I figure why not make a list for now.

BE based on which team is the best
1. WV
2-6 USF, RU, Pitt, UConn, Cincy
7. Louisville
8. SU

I think that WV is the only legit Top 20 team in the BE. The conf is deep though as 2-6 are all in Top 40 caliber. Louisville is impossible to get a read on. Then you have SU pretending to be a D1A team. When you take the sched into account I think we will see

1. WV
2. USF
3. RU
4. Pitt
5. Louisville
6. UConn
7. Cincy
8. SU

Most likely to surprise their fans
1. Louisville- they have an easy sched but can the off the field mess be overcome?
2. SU- if they win 2 BE games it will be a huge surprise.
3. WV- they could surprise by not winning the BE

Most likely to disappoint their fans
1. Pitt- they have questions at QB and OL yet are a BCS contender?
2. RU- the loss of Rice could cost them a Bowl this year
3. UConn- after a share of the BE last year the team should fall

Saturday, July 19, 2008

FB Movie Rankings

Well with The Express coming out this year, I thought I would rank the "based on a true story" FB movies of the past. I will use this list to compare The Express when I review the movie. Now I am not a big time movie goer, so I havent seen every FB movie. For instance I havent seen We Are Marshall. It is a nice story but I have no desire to see it or Matthew McConaughey act. I hope that The Express isnt viewed in a similar fashion by people outside the SU family. I know The Express is a big deal to all of us here in Orangeland, but will anyone else care?

Well here is my list:

1. Rudy

I know a lot of people are ND haters so they may not like this movie. However I grew up an ND fan so I liked the movie. And no I am not a front runner. I first started following ND in 1987. That year they were 8-4 and it was their first winning season since 1984. So they werent the ND in their hey day. Also I grew up in Central Jersey. There was no real D1 team around to root for and ND was NYCs adopted CFB team. The closest school was PSU and I hated PSU. So I really had no choice. Also the only games ever shown on TV at the time were ND, PSU, Michigan, Miami (hated them), and FSU (hated them). So who else but ND would I follow?

Anyway this all ended thanks to HS FB and attending SU. I used to never miss a game, but when I joined the HS FB team I rarely had the chance to watch ND. And back then I didnt have the internet so I couldnt really follow the team closely. Thanks Al Gore for this wonderful invention. Then I went off to SU and fell in love with the OrangeMEN. I had always been a casual fan of SU FB. I remember McPherson, Graves, David Bavaro, the Missle, coming up short vs Miami, etc. And I always followed SU BBall closely so I had a sports history with SU. Which means it didnt take long for me to dump ND and become an Orange lover. It is only natural to feel allegiance to the school you are attending. Well unless you are Troy Nunes.

Flashback to Spring 2000. This is after the 1999 season where Mr Nunes split time at QB with Madei Williams. So as I was walking by Archibold Gym and who happens to walk out? Troy Nunes wearing a friggin PSU hat! I could not believe my eyes. The SU QB was not only wearing a hat of another College, it was SUs long time rival! I know that the kid grew up in PA but he was a friggin academic JR at the time. Shouldnt any students allegiance be with SU by then, let alone the teams QB?

You know in a way Nunes was kinda like Rudy. Both were undersized players not expected to be able to play D1 ball. Well except that for Nunes his ND is PSU. So with that I will now give my reasons as to why Rudy is my #1 movie. First it was a dream for me growing up to play for ND, so I could relate. But even if you take ND out of the picture, it is a great story. The undersized kid who follows his dream and shows great determination as he fights to over come a slew of obstacles. He has that never give up attitude which is inspirational. Then you have to shed a tear at the touching happy ending. And on top of all of this you have a fat John Favreau and Roc's speeches and clapping (Charles Dutton). What else could you ask for?

2. Remember the Titans

This is another nice story but adds the star power of Denzel Washington. The team has to deal with racism first within the FB family(players/coaches) and then outside their FB family (town/opponents/refs). The team is able to work together to overcome all. In the end it shows that it doesnt matter if you are white or black, all that matters is that you win and then everyone will like you. That is the moral of this wonderful film.

3. Invincible

Another feel good story about a guy who hits rock bottom and then ends up living out a dream playing for the Iggles. Apparently this is a true story but I find it hard to believe as no one dreams of playing for the Iggles. Not even their fans want to play for those losers. And on top of that the films biggest moment comes against my Giants. Despite all of this fiction it was a decent film. I wasnt a fan of the ending though. It kinda just came to an abrupt conclusion. It made you say, "Thats it? Its over?"It was a nice inspirational story but seemed more like a made for TV movie. And we never got to see the kinky 40 Year Old Virgin girl (Elizabeth Banks) get it on with Dirk Diggler (Marky Mark).

4. Friday Night Lights

I really dont remember a whole lot about this film and often confuse it with Varsity Blues (which is also supposedly inspired by the Permian Panthers). I do know that Billy Bob Thornton and Tim McGraw were in the film and that isnt a good thing. I also remember that one character was named Boobie Miles. Now you would think that name would be for someone of Dolly Partons stature. But instead it was the name of a HS RB, strange indeed. Anyway the film is about a FB crazed town in Texas (I know redundant) and the HS FB teams season. Not a whole lot to it but it did inspire a TV show, which I have never seen. As you can tell I wasnt a big fan of Friday Night Lights and am pretty sure Varsity Blues was better.

And that is the end of the list. I have only seen 4 "based on a true story" FB movies. So even if The Express is awful, it will make my Top 5 All Time.

Friday, July 18, 2008

If They Mated: SU Addition

Warning I am bad at editing photos so if you can do better, go ahead. Enjoy.

When you talk about the current state of the SU FB program, there are plenty of people to blame. But mostly six people come to mind: Buzz Shaw, Jake Crouthamel, Coach P, TWO, TGD, and GRob. Well have you ever wondered what would happen if they mated?

Buzz Shaws offspring:

Well the only realistic one was the Shaw/Cantor pic. It looks like Buzz in drag. Ironic since they were both Chancellors. I also like the Shaw/GRob pic as it looks like Gary the Retard.

Jakes offspring:

The first pic looks like Dan Rather. The pic with Cantor kinda looks like Dan Patrick. The TGD pic looks like Jason Taylor.

Coach Ps offspring:

The tops of Jakes head and GRobs head fit perfectly with P. They actually look like his real pic.

TWOs offspring:

If I guessed beforehand I woulda thought the TGD pic would look like Lael. Instead it looks like an alien. The one with GRob is a pig lady.

TGDs offspring:

The pic with P kinda looks like the Joker. Maybe he will get the part in the sequel. We all know how much TGD loves Hollywood. Also the one with Shaw kinda looks like Stewie Griffin.

GRobs offspring

If I am not mistaken the one with Jake looks just like Matt Park. The last pic is a ringer for Harry Belafonte.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Old Big East vs New Big East

I have heard people mention that the NBE is better than the old BE. The reason they give is that the NBE doesnt have RU and Temple (who were both awful as can be) or Pitt who averaged 1.86 BE Ws in the 1990s. So a team like BC had 3 built in Ws. However IMO the top of the old BE was much stronger. So a team like BC would have 3 built in Ls. That is why they went 4-3 or 3-4 every friggin year. I will agree that the NBE is much deeper than the old BE but the old BE was much stronger at the top.

Here are the avg conf records from 1993-2003 (I didnt include 1991 and 1992 since teams didnt play everyone in conf):

Miami 6-1 (66-11)
VT 5-2 (55-22)
SU 4.27-2.73 (47-30)
WV 4.27-2.73 (47-30)
BC 3.36-3.55-0.09 (37-39-1)
Pitt 2.82-4.18 (31-46)
Temple 1.18-5.82 (13-64)
RU 1.00-5.91-0.09 (11-65-1)

Then compare those teams to the NBE 2005-2007 (I didnt include 2004 as it still had BC and didnt have the CUSA teams):

WV 5.68-1.33 (17-4)
Louisville 4.67-2.33 (14-7)
RU 4.00-3.00 (12-9)
USF 4.00-3.00 (12-9)
Cincy 3.33-3.67 (10-11)
Pitt 3.00-4.00 (9-12)
UConn 2.67-4.33 (8-13)
SU 0.67-6.33 (2-19)

So if you go just by records you get:

Miami (O)
WV (N)
VT (O)
UL (N)
SU (O)
WV (O)
RU (N)
BC (O)
UC (N)
Pitt (N)
Pitt (O)
UConn (N)
Temple (O)
RU (O)
SU (N)

However if I were to rank the teams I would go by:

Miami (O)
VT (O)
WV (N)
SU (O)
UL (N)
WV (O)
RU (N)
BC (O)
UC (N)
Pitt (N)
Pitt (O)
UConn (N)
SU (N)
Temple (O)
RU (O)

I think the old is at the top and the bottom, with the NBE in the middle. So what about head to head, 1-8 who would win in a theorectical Bowl Game?

Miami 6-1 vs WV 5.68-1.33
I dont think anyone would argue that WV is equal to those Miami teams. I know it is a very very small sample for the NBE but I think this WV squad is on par with those VT squads. So IMO the NBE's best team is the equal of the old BEs 2nd.
Winner: Miami

VT 5-2 vs UL 4.67-2.33
I think UL was on its way to being on par with these VT squads. They had 2 very good years. But when Petrino left they took a big hit. Who knows how they respond this year. But for comparisons sake I would say they are on par with the old SU, who was the 3rd best team.
Winner: VT

SU/WV 4.27-2.73 vs RU/USF 4-3
This one isnt even close. I would say RU is on par with those BC teams, and BC was the 5th best old BE team. However USF and the old WV seem pretty even.
Winner: SU/WV

BC 3.36-3.66-0.09 vs UC 3.33-3.67
This is at least close. I think BC is better but not by a whole lot. As you can tell by their record, BC was overrated much like RU is now. UC needs to prove they can keep it up.
Winner: BC

Pitt 2.82-4.18 vs Pitt 3-4
Interesting that Pitts place in the standing have not changed. I think the Pitt for 2000-2003 was better than todays Pitt, but the 1990s Pitt was awful. So you have to give the advantage to the new Pitt.
Winner: New Pitt

Temple 1.18-5.82 vs UConn 2.67-4.33
UConns big season last year makes this one a blowout. I would say UConn is the equal of old Pitt, who was 6th in the old BE.
Winner: UConn

RU 1-5.91-0.09 vs SU 0.67-6.33
Wow 0.67. That hurts. WTF happened to Syracuse Football? Even so I think SU wins here. 2007 was an RU like season for SU. However the were competitive in 2005 and were not that bad in 2006. Also RU got to play Temple and the 1990s Pitt. SU doesnt have those type of teams today. Now my view can change this year depending on how bad SU is, but I give the advantage.
Winner: SU

So after 8 games, I have the Old BE winning 5 and losing 3. But the most important games are the ones at the top. No? The old BE 1-5 was much much better. The NBE 6-8 is much much better.

To me the old BE is better. The top half (1-4) of the conf blows away the top of the NBE. I think teams 5-6 are pretty even. However, I think the bottom (7-8) of the NBE blows out the old. But that doesnt make up for the top.

Feel free to vote for yourself.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Star Game

So I stayed up till 2 in the morn to watch this thing. Usually I dont even watch but Yankee Stadium kept me around. That and the fact I was hoping to see a position player pitch or have Selig finally give in and call it a tie. Those woulda been cant miss moments. Even without those happening it was a great game. There was plenty of drama and great plays (except Uggla) after a boring first few INNs.

Anyway watching the game brought up a very important question: If you are trying to win, why pull the starters? Do you not want your best players in for as long as possible? I mean ARod had 2 friggin at ABs. Why sit him so Crede can hit? Shouldnt the starters all be getting at least 3 ABs? Only the first 3 hitters and Bradley (DH) got to 3 ABs. This isnt Little League where everyone has to play. In this case the problem was magnified because the game went on and on and on. The drama was great but all the stars were out. The players are not "all stars", but just good players. Do we really need to see Drew, Young, Quentin, Guillen, Sizemore, Longoria, Morneau, Kinsler, and Navarro all get to hit? And because of the way the game played out, they all had 4-5 ABs.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BE BBall

In BBall ideally you want 9 or 10 teams so you can play everyone twice. Well to get there the BE would need to cut 6-7 teams. In real life that would never happen. But here in Orangeland, your dreams can come true. We can create a BBall only BE conf. So if King Otto had to make some cuts, this is who would remain:

SU- of course
GTown- hated rival and good road trip
UConn- hated rival
Nova- old time rival and good road trip
Pitt- hated rival
ND- hated rival
St Johns- old time rival and good road trip
Seton Hall- old school BE and good trip
Providence- old school BE

OUT with 9, IN with 10
WV- have a hated HC

Louisville- great program but too far west
Cincy- too far west
Marquette- waaay too far west
RU- close trip but they suck
DePaul- they are in the BE? Really?
USF- too far south and they suck

So your King would go with the Old School BE with the addition of ND, who replaces BC from the original 9 teams. The 5 CUSA teams have no history in the BE and they are too far away. The former A10 teams (WV and RU) were the last to join. RU has done nothing in the BE and really isnt a good trip (small arena, with nuttin around it). So that leaves WV as the best choice for a 10 team league. That being said I would cut them (not enough history) and go with a 9 team league. If you werent there for the battles in the 80s, you dont belong. I know I included ND, but I needed a 9th team and they are the most eastern-like and fit the private school mold.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

MLB Divisions

I would like to see MLB go back to 2 divisions (East and West) with 2 Wildcards. Is it not the fair thing to do? Right now you have Zona and LA both under .500 yet if the playoffs started today one of them would make it. Also I am not a fan of interleague play. They really are pointless games. So eliminate those games as well. Not having the AL and NL play adds more mystery to the World Series. So I would like to see a split to:

AL East
New York

AL West
Kansas City

NL East
New York
St Louis

NL West
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco

For the AL you would play each team in division 15 times and the other division teams 10 times. However that leaves you at 160 games so you would have to play 2 more games. So you would get a 16th game against 2 teams in division. For the NL you would play 14 games in and 8 games out. That gets you to 162.

If these were the divisions right now you would have

AL East
Tampa 55-35 -
Boston 55-39 2
New York 49-42 6.5
Detroit 46-44 9

AL West
Anaheim 54-37 -
Chicago 53-37 0.5
Minnesota 50-41 4
Oakland 49-42 5
Texas 48-44 6.5

AL Wildcard
Chicago 53-37 -
Boston 55-39 -
Minnesota 50-41 3.5
New York 49-42 4.5
Oakland 49-42 4.5
Texas 48-44 7
Detroit 46-44 8

So the playoffs would be Tampa vs Chicago and Anaheim vs Boston. Under the current setup it would be the exact same.

In the NL...

NL East
Chicago 55-36 -
St Louis 51-41 4.5
Philadelphia 49-43 6.5
Florida 47-44 8
New York 47-44 8

NL West
Milwaukee 50-41 -
Arizona 45-46 5
Los Angeles 45-46 5

NL Wildcard
St Louis 51-41 +2
Philadelphia 49-43 -
Florida 47-44 1.5
New York 47-44 1.5
Arizona 45-46 3.5
Los Angeles 45-46 3.5

So the playoffs would be Chicago vs Philadelphia and Milwaukee vs St Louis. Under the current setup it would be Chicago vs Arizona and Philadelphia vs St Louis. Now which one makes more sense? Do you really want a team that doesnt deserve it (Zona) having a chance to get hot and make a run? In that case the regular season means nothing.

Looking back the last 4 years

For 2007

Cleveland vs New York and Anaheim vs Boston. The matchups woulda been the same but Anaheim would have home field instead.

Arizona vs San Diego and Philadelphia vs Colorado. The difference here is Chicago made it over San Diego.

For 2006

New York vs Oakland and Minnesota vs Detroit. The teams were the same but NY played Detroit not Oakland.

New York vs Los Angeles and San Diego vs Philadelphia. This is a big difference as Philly makes it over St Louis, who went on to win the World Series. Which is why I want to make this change. Do we want an 83 win team as the Champs?

For 2005

Chicago vs Boston and Anaheim vs New York. This is the exact same mathcups.

St Louis vs Philadelphia and Houston vs Atlanta. This would have a few differences. First Houston would be the 2 seed instead of the 4 seed, which woulda given Houston home field vs Atlanta. Second Philly woulda made it over 82-80 SD.

For 2004

New York vs Minnesota and Anaheim vs Boston, which is the exact matchups that happened.

St Louis vs Houston and Los Angeles vs Atlanta. The teams are the same but St Louis gets Houston instead of LA. Not only that but LA gets home field vs Atl.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BE FB Fans

If you were to take the BE fan bases and find an equal in the NL or AL East you would find:

Cincy is equal to the Nationals
Both fan bases are small and both live in the shadow of the team most locals care about (tOSU/Orioles) . Both play in inferior leagues (BE/NL).

Louisville is equal to the Braves
For years both fan bases suffered from bad teams. But at least they still had the memory of an All Time Great (Johnny U/Aaron). Then the teams shot up to be the best in the league, only to fall back to mediocrity. Also both teams switched divisions (CUSA to BE/NL West to East).

Pitt is equal to the Orioles
Both play in a stadium that is far from sold out. Other teams have no problem taking over the stadium. No one really cares about the team.

RU is equal to the Mets
Both suffer from a major inferiority complex. RU fans beg for attention and acceptance from their BE brethren. Mets fans pay more attention to the Yanks "failing" then their own team. They have the nerve to make fun of the Yanks for not making it to the World Series when they themselves were NL favorites and choked away the Division to not even make the playoffs. Entering every season both think their team is the greatest and will win it all. And their players are all the best. Especially their prospects (Recruits/Minor Leaguers). Then reality hits in as they realize that "My Entire Team Sucks". Both fans boo at inappropriate times (Navy/Free Agents' first games). Both fans are bandwagon fans who only fill the stadium when the team has buzz. Bottom line both fans are fertilizer.

SU is equal to the Blue Jays
Both only show up if the team is a winner or if a big name team comes to town. Otherwise the stadium is empty. Both care more about another sport (BBall/Hockey). Both teams peaked in the 90s.

UConn is equal to the Red Sox
Both are annoying as they think they are the greatest fans ever. Both play in a small stadium. Both think they are the best traveling fans in the world. Both think the sport started in 2004 and ignore everything before then (joined BE/finally won it all).

USF is equal to the Rays
Both are in Tampa. Both have no one show up even though the team is good. Both are expansion teams (first year was 1997/1998).

WV is equal to the Phillies
Both are dangerous fans capable of killing other team's fans and even Santa. Both like to throw things on the field (Oranges/Batteries).

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