Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cuse Cast XXXI

In what Cuseman says is great radio and the best Cuse Cast ever:

-KingOtto and Cuseman recap the Florida win. Cuseman sets the record straight, Ricky had 21 points.

-Quickly brush upon the game vs the Allen Griffin All Stars

-Tell Mookie to be cool and stay in school. Also avoid fellow Poughkeepsien, Snooki.

-Cuseman is scared of the Bonnies. KingOtto says they are no Rutgers, but they still are no good.

-KingOtto wonders if Cuseman would make it past the doorman at Club 44.

-Discuss the B11 Situation. KingOtto claims that RU would bring down the B11 perception like VT has to the ACC. And RU would add the NYC market like BC did for the ACC. Learn from the ACC mistakes, Big Ten. Whatever you do please do not take Pitt.

-Finally Cuseman says auf wiedersehen and begs Doug Marrone for some new coach news

Length about 26:45

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