Monday, August 18, 2008

Word to the Wise

Do not mix alcohol with zeppoles. It will kill your stomach.

Now on to a more serious matter. Why do they not have a Tailgating Olympiad?
The events:

Trampoline- for the ladies (and our eyes)


Russianator said...

Cornhole? You gotta explain that one...

KingOttoIII said...

3 Idiots said...

Fair enough - but you've got to add some flip cup in there to round it out - nice list.

Aaron Goldfarb said...

Sal, inquiring minds need to know if you hit your Sadaharu Oh type feat of 40 zeppolis cumulative over the weekend.

KingOttoIII said...

Yes FlipCup needs to be added.

And maybe a marathon keg stand as well.

We can have softball with kegs for bases where you have to drink at each base. And before hitting you have to chug a beer and spin around the bat.

Then we can have the tricycle race like in revenge of the nerds.

And it end it we can have team chug lines.

Aaron... I quit at 24. I was Bolt ahead of everyone else so I kept it at a low number so one day someone can challenge my record. Then I will come out of retirement to defend my honor.

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