Friday, May 8, 2009

Early Expectations

Looking at SUs sched what are the expectations as of now? I will divide our opponents by where I project them to be overall.

Top 75-100
Maine, Akron, and @Louisville
Maine is 1AA but is usually a strong 1AA so I will include them here. Two games are at home and the other is a team we have played well the last 4 years, winning the last 2. Worst case scenario we should be 2-1 here. But I think we will go 3-0.

Top 50-75
Minn, NW, RU, @UConn
Three of these are at home. And all four are beatable. I think SU should be able to squeeze out at least 1 W here.

Top 25-50
USF, WV, Cincy, @Pitt
Again 3 are at home. While any would be a mild upset, none are out of the question. But I think we go O-fer here.

Top 25
Dont see any way SU wins this one.

So as of right now I think 3-9 should be the minimum expectation. Anything less will be a disappointment.

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