Friday, May 8, 2009

Follow up

As a follow up to yesterday I wanted to compare other Eastern FB teams. I think it is safe to say that SU in the last 50 years is the best BE team. But what about Army, BC, MD, Navy, PSU, Temple, and VT?

Top 25 Finishes
PSU 40
VT 17 (15 since 1990)
BC 11
MD 11
Navy 4
Army 1
Temple 1

So after looking at all of this, SU seems to be the 2nd best Northeastern team the last 50 years behind PSU, who is #1 by far. For awhile SU was on par with PSU until they pulled away in the 1970s. From 1959-1969 PSU had 9 Top 25s, while SU had 8 and a Championship. From 1970-1986 PSU had 15 Top 25s with 2 Championships, while SU had ZERO Top 25s. Then from 1987-2001 SU was very close to PSU, 11 to 10 in Top 25s. And then SU fell down again as PSU has had 5 Top 25s from 2002-2008 and SU has had NONE.

Also there is the Lambert Trophy winners of the last 50 years

PSU 26
Miami 4 (BE teams are eligible)
SU 4
BC 3
Pitt 3
WV 3
Dartmouth 2
VT 2
Navy 1.5
Louisville 1
Yale 0.5

Again there is a huge gap between #1 and #2, but once again SU is the 2nd best of the bunch.

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