Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cuse Cast XXXV

KingOtto and Cuseman recap the SU road trip. Cuseman says he expected 2-1, but that is why you do not sign for things and let them play out. He then says he would sign up for a Final Four right now. KingOtto discusses Scoops lack of PT and how he only got 15 mins last game. Cuseman insists that he got 20 mins, and of course KO was right. They then discuss how well rounded the team is and has no holes. For some reason Cuseman then takes a shot at Asians. Next up a road trip for the boys to the Cuse to see Marquette and GTown. KingOtto thinks we are due for a loss but we match up well with Marquette and will win both games. Cuseman is scared of Marquette and thinks if we do lose, it will be to them. He predicts 1-1. They then discuss how Marquette has no beef. KingOtto says Hayward is like 6'7 maybe 6'8 (he is 6'6), to witch Cuseman claims size does not matter. Next they brush up on the Rob Moore hire and wonder why the recruiting weekend was not when we had a BBall game. Cuseman thinks the new OC HAS to be Lombardi, and KingOtto says why not Kevin Rogers. Cuseman then says or him too.

Length about 21:45

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Why does this Cuseman fellow always predict so many future losses? He's such a little coward.

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