Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vinnie, Vidi, Vicky

Not to be confused with the Latin phrase Veni, Vidi, Vici the saying Vinnie, Vidi, Vicky is Jersian for I gymed, I tanned, I laundered. And that is what I did in honor of tonights game at RU. What better way to prepare for the game? So I started off by hitting the gym for a workout, followed it up with some tanning, and topped it all with doing my laundry. I must admit it was quite refreshing. I think I have a new outlook on life.

On to the game. I think the two biggest stories were Mookie and Andy. Mooks came in and hit 3 threes and was very active out there. I like seeing him at SF against smaller teams. Against the physical teams I am not so sure he is big enough to handle it. He kinda of reminds me of TRob in the way he moves around. Both are athletic but both kinda look awkward while doing it. Andy had a nice all around game. He shot the ball well and hit a big shot every time we needed it. And that long bounce pass was great. Not to mention 9 assists and 8 boards. However he still had a bunch of bad passes, finishing with 5 TOs. The SU fast break turning into a three on one vs Andy seems to happen every game.

RU actually seemed to have a crowd show up. I guess the ADs plan worked out for them. But what next of Hill? For some odd reason he is signed through the 2012-13 season. So it isnt likely he is fired after this season, and maybe not even after next season. I know I wouldnt mind 2.5 more seasons of him.

Good job by the Cuse of taking care of business and on to WV.

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