Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conference Shuffle

Here is my prediction to how it all shakes out...

West- Wash, WSU, Ore, Ore St, Stan, Cal, UCLA, USC
East- ASU, Zona, Utah, BYU, Col, KU, OU, Okie St

East- ND, Purdue, Indiana, Mich St, Mich, OSU, PSU, RU
West- Texas, Mizzou, Illinois, NW, Wisc, Minn, Neb, Iowa

East- Florida, FSU, Uga, Ga Tech, SC, Clemson, Tenn, Vandy
West- Bama, Aub, Miss, Miss St, LSU, Ark, A&M, UK

North- USF, Louisville, WV, Pitt, Nova, UConn, SU, BC
South- MD, VT, UVA, UNC, Wake, NC St, Duke, Miami

East- K St, ISU, Houston, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech, New Mexico, Air Force
West- CSU, Wyoming, Boise St, UNLV, Nevada, Fresno St, SD St, Hawaii

East- Temple, Marshall, Cincy, ECU, UAB, Troy, FAU, UCF
West- Memphis, So Miss, Tulane, La Tech, Rice, SMU, UTEP, Tulsa

East- Navy, Army, UB, UMass, Ohio, Kent, Miami, Akron
West- Bowling Green, WKU, Ball St, NIU, EMU, CMU, WMU, Toledo

East- App St, FIU, Georgia Southern, So Alabama, Mid Tenn, Ark St, UL-Laf, UL-Monroe
West- N Texas, Texas St, UTSA, NM St, Utah St, Idaho, Montana, SJ St

Big East
GTown, Butler, Marquette, St Johns, Xavier, St Joes, Seton Hall, Providence, DePaul, Detroit


KingOttoIII said...

Oh and the BCS goes bye bye. No not a playoff as the big boys want control of the money. We go back to a Bowl only system. So Rose is P12 winner vs B10 winner. Sugar is SEC champ vs ACC champ. Fiesta SEC #2 vs P10 #2. Orange B10 #2 vs ACC #2. Cotton B10 #3 vs SEC #3. Capital One P10 #3 vs ACC #3. And so on.

As to the NCG you play it after the Bowls. So it will be on a Monday depending on when Jan 1 falls the between 1/11-1/17. The highest two BCS ranked teams play. Which technically could be a non power conference. Also having two teams play 10 to 16 days after their Bowl means they will be fresher. Less chance of a sloppy game.

KingOttoIII said...

In addition the system is pretty much set up for the SEC champ to play the winner of the Rose in the NCG. Of course that can vary as you can have an undefeated MWC team, undefeated ACC team, or the SEC/P12/B10 2nd place team get in as well. Which means you could see an undefeated SEC team play a one loss SEC team for the title.

As to scheduling teams play division mates once (7 games) then 2 cross division on a rotating basis (bringing the total to 9). So SU would play the N teams every year and the S teams once every 4 years. So we would see VT in the Dome once every 8 years.

For BBall you play division mates twice (14 games) and 4 cross division games. So SU would play the N teams twice a year and the S teams every other year. So we would see UNC in the Dome once every 4 years.

KingOttoIII said...

And for BBall SU can play GTown and St Johns OOC every year. One home and one away.

KingOttoIII said...

ACC Change

The N is much stronger than the S in BBall. So we should move UL S and Miami N. In addition that sets up a potential Miami vs VT champ game. Also it allows Miami and USF to play each year in FB.

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