Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How the ACC should schedule

While the easy thing would be to do a North and South set up, that isn't possible for several reasons. First the South is a lot stronger in FB. Second, teams that would be in the North would be losing rivalries from the South. So my solution is a pod system. FSU and Miami would always be split. For FB this is beneficial as you want those two meeting in the ACC CG. They can still play yearly and go back to the opening game of the year like the used to. That keeps the game relevant should they meet again. For BBall they would only play once a year. They may not be happy about that but they have been only playing each other twice a year since 2004. So there isn't a long history, and shouldn't be a deal breaker. The pods would be as follows...

North- BC, SU, Pitt
Atlantic- MD, UVA, VT
Coastal- UNC, Duke, NC St
South- Wake, Clemson, Ga Tech

You are guaranteed to play the teams in your pod every year in FB and twice a year in BBall. The rest of the schedule you rotate the pods together each year. That should keep UNC and Duke happy. MD might be a little mad as they lose twice a year match ups vs UNC and Duke. Instead they would play those teams 4 times in 3 years (year 1 and 2 once a year, year 3 twice). So the divisions would be like below...

Year 1
FSU, BC, SU, Pitt, MD, UVA, VT
Miami, UNC, Duke, NC St, Wake, Clemson, Ga Tech

Year 2
FSU, BC, SU, Pitt, UNC, Duke, NC St
Miami, MD, UVA, VT, Wake, Clemson, Ga Tech

Year 3
FSU, BC, SU, Pitt, Wake, Clemson, Ga Tech
Miami, MD, UVA, VT, UNC, Duke, NC St

Year 4, 5, and 6 are like 1, 2, and 3 except flip FSU and Miami

So scheduling would go as follows. In FB you play your 6 division mates. Then you play a cross over rival from the other division (for example FSU would play Miami). Then you play on a rotating basis 2 of the other 6 teams for 9 total conference games. For BBall you play you 6 division mates twice and the other division teams once for 19 games. The FB yearly cross rivals would be as so...

Pitt-Ga Tech

That means those teams would play every year in FB. That helps keep rivalries even more so. Using this system would result in the following for SU...

FB over a 9 year period

9 games against BC, Pitt, and MD
7 games against Duke
6 games against FSU and Miami
5 games against UVA, VT, UNC, NC St, Wake, Clemson, Ga Tech

BBall over a 6 year period

12 games vs BC and Pitt
9 games vs FSU and Miami
8 games vs MD, UVA, VT, UNC, NC St, Duke, Wake, Clemson, Ga Tech

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