Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tale of the Tape: Stony Brook vs Syracuse

Welcome to this week’s ToT where the State University of New York at Stony Brook takes on Syracuse University.

Born on Date
SB: 1957 vs SU: 1870
Otto’s Edge: SU… SB was founded as the State University Center on Long Island at Oyster Bay before changing location and names

Speaking of location…

SB: Long Island vs SU: CNY
Otto’s Edge: SU… LI is a PIA to get to and fro

While we are on PIAs…

Famous female talk show hosts
SB: Dr Laura, Joy Behar vs SU: Megyn Kelly
Otto’s Edge: SU… not quite as racey

Sort of a race…

We’re going streaking
SB: won three straight conf titles vs SU: lost seven straight games
Otto’s Edge: SB… hopefully we finally end ours

Staying with championships…

Conf FB Titles
SB: 4 (3 Big South, 1 Northeast) vs SU: 4 BE
Otto’s Edge: Push… tied up

And those titles were won in…

FB Conference
SB: Big South vs SU: Big East
Otto’s Edge: Push.. it doesn’t make sense that SB is in the Big South or that the Big East has very few Eastern schools. Thankfully both are moving on next year as SB is going Colonial (along with Albany) and SU to the ACC. SB was in the NEC prior to the Big South. For other sports SB is in the America East Conference.

While we are on Albany…

Biggest Rival
SB: Albany (5-9) vs SU: PSU (23-40-5)
Otto’s Edge: SB… they will be in the same conference going forward. Currently they are on a break though. The schools played each other from 1995-2007 then stopped when SB went Big South. They did meet each other last year in the playoffs with SB winning. Hofstra ended its FB program before a rivalry could develop. SB had played them 13 times losing every game.

SB doesn’t have much history because…

1st year of FB
SB: 1969 vs SU: 1889
Otto’s Edge: SU… huge difference

As is our…

All time Ws
SB: 142 vs SU: 691
Otto’s Edge: SU… easy call here

And more disparity…

No one, and I mean no one comes into our house and pushes us around
SB: LaValle Stadium 8,250 vs SU: Dome 49,250
Otto’s Edge: SU… they hosted last year’s Lax final where the Stallers robbed us of a championship

Sticking with Lax…

Conf Tourny Champs
SB: 3 America East vs SU: 1 Big East
Otto’s Edge: SB… pretty sad for such a storied program that we only have 1. SB beat Denver in the NCAAs in 2010 making it to the quarterfinals, their best finish.

SB has also had recent success in…

SB: won regular season America East in 2010 and 2012 making the NIT both seasons
vs SU: won an NCAA title
Otto’s Edge: SU… a lil more important

The closest to a major title for SB was in…

SB: made CWS last year vs SU: made CWS in 1961
Otto’s Edge: SB… they still have the sport playing at Joe Nathan (alumn) Field.

While we are on names…

Last Name
SB: Seawolves vs SU: Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… they became the Seawolves in 1994 when they moved to D1 sports. They were formally known as the Soundmen, Baymen, and Patriots.

The most famous Orange…

SB: Wolfie the Seawolf vs SU: Otto the Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… Wolfie? Seriously?

Orange is a…

School colors
SB: Scarlet and Grey vs SU: Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… the best color around

And that is worn by…

SB: 24,500 vs SU: 20,000
Otto’s Edge: SB… slightly larger school

However they don’t get as good of an…

SB: 111th  vs SU: 62nd
Otto’s Edge: SU… although SB is in the AAU and SU is no longer

Speaking of longer…

Philip Finch
SB: Michael Bamiro 6’8 345 vs SU: Zion Jones 6’4 335
Otto’s Edge: SB… beating Jones out by 4 inches

While we are on beating, as in ball carriers…

Bobby Boucher
SB: Arvin West vs SU: Shamwow
Otto’s Edge: SU… he will be missed next year

And finally this year’s category of the week…

WWTD (what would Tebow do?)
SB: claim that the Jets are LI’s team so people watch The Faces of Tebow premiering Wed night on the NFL Network (sadly not a joke)
vs SU: claim the Jets are NY State’s team so people in CNY watch
Otto’s Edge: SU… we know that the Jets are the JV team

There you have it. SU will pull out a low scoring, close game by a score of 13-6. Until till next time!

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