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Tale of the Tape: Southern Cal vs Syracuse

Welcome back to the 2nd ToT of the season. Let's get started.

Born on Date
USC: 1880 vs SU: 1870
Otto’s Edge: SU… older and wiser

USC: 23rd vs SU: 62nd
Otto’s Edge: USC…  just not smarter

A common choice for major…

USC: shot there vs SU: Ben Stiller, son of Jerry (SU alumn), had a bit part
Otto’s Edge: USC… ok this category was a stretch but that show was awesome so it needed to be added. Judd Apatow is also a USC alumn.

Also appearing in the show…

USC: Will Farrell (alumn) played Ron Burgandy vs SU: Veronica Corningstone character went to SU
Otto’s Edge: USC… she is a smelly pirate hooker

Farrell was also famous for saying…

We’re going streaking
USC: 26 years with at least one athletic title (59-60 to 84-85) vs SU: Lax 22 straight Final Fours
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have the 3rd most school national titles all time and the most in men’s sports all time

While we are on Lax…

Non major sport awesome at
USC: Baseball 12 titles (most all time) vs SU: Lax 11 titles (most all time)
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have no peer, the next closest school has 6 titles. Players who went to USC include Aaron/Bret Boone, Randy Johnson, Dave Kingman, Fred Lynn, Mark McGwire, Mark Prior, Tom Seaver, and Barry Zito.

Staying with titles…

FB Champs
USC: Seven  vs SU: One
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have been good for a long time

Ever since…

1st year FB
USC: 1888 vs SU: 1889
Otto’s Edge: Push… it is basically the same

However not the same is our…

All Time Ws
USC: 780 vs SU: 691
Otto’s Edge: USC… well they have been playing longer so we should be behind

When you win you get to play in a…

USC: 31-16 vs SU: 13-9-1
Otto’s Edge: USC… very impressive in both number and winning %

Many of those Bowls they got to by winning the…

Founding Member of
USC: P12 vs SU: Big East
Otto’s Edge: USC… at least the P12 has gone from 8 to 10 to 12 in their name unlike this other conferences

Conf Championships
USC: 38 vs SU: 4
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have been the Rutgers of the West

Speaking of West…

USC: Los Angeles vs SU: Syracuse
Otto’s Edge: SU… I just don’t get LA

USC: Westside vs SU: Eastside
Otto’s Edge: SU… I miss Biggie. Snoop Lion (formally Dogg) is a USC fan

Fans go to games at…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around
USC: Coliseum 93,600 vs SU: Dome 49,250
Otto’s Edge: USC… almost twice as big

Just like the…

Student Size (not a reference to height)
USC: 37k vs SU: 20k
Otto’s Edge: USC… they have the largest number of international students of any university

Internationally known but often confused as…

School type many people think
USC: Public vs SU: Public
Otto’s Edge: Push… both are private schools

The schools are known as…

Last Name
USC: Trojans vs SU: Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… Trojans is my 3rd favorite name behind Orange and Orangemen

The schools are represented by…

USC: Traveler vs SU: Otto the Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU of course…  Traveler is the white horse and official mascot. Many think that Tommy the Trojan is the school’s mascot.

Also supporting the team is the…

USC: Spirit of Troy vs SU: Pride of the Orange
Otto’s Edge: USC… who play the greatest

Fight Song
USC: Fight On vs SU: Down, Down the Field
Otto’s Edge: USC… hearing it will ease the pain on Saturday

As we play…

Head to Head
USC: 3 vs SU: 0
Otto’s Edge: USC… including a W in the Meadowlands

Encouraging the teams and fans will be the…

USC: Song Girls vs SU: nameless
Otto’s Edge: USC… they can perform the perfect cheer

Also helping the team will be the…

USC: John McKay, John Robinson, Pete Carroll vs SU: Ben Schwartzwalder, Coach Mac, Coach P
Otto’s Edge: USC… without them there would be no V in victory

Both schools shared HC…

Howard Jones
USC: coached from 1925-1940 winning 4 titles vs SU: coached in 1908
Otto’s Edge: USC… a little more success at USC

Under the coaches were…

Notable players
USC: Pat Hayden, Matt Leinart, Rodney Peete, Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, Sean Salisbury, Frank Gifford, Steve Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, Lynn Swann, Johnny Morton, Fred Davis, Anthony Munoz, Tony Boselli, Bruce Matthews, Jack Del Rio, Clay Matthews (Jr and III), Brian Cushing, Ronnie Lott, Dennis Smith, Mark Carrier, Tory Polamalu, Joey Browner, Jason Sehorn, Jeff Fisher, Mike Holgren, Al Cowlings
vs SU: McNabb, Graves, McPherson, Moose, Csonka, Nance, Harrison, Moore, Monk, Kevin Johnson, Mackey, Gedney, Ringo, Flannery, Tim Green, Freeney, Bulluck, Conley, Darius, Gary Anderson, Mare
Otto’s Edge: USC… both have impressive lists

But each school is most known for being…

Tailback U
USC: Mike Garrett, OJ Simpson, Ricky Bell, Charles White, Marcus Allen, Reggie Bush vs SU: Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little, Joe Morris
Otto’s Edge: SU… actually USC won the category but had to vacate the win

Some of these guys won the…

Heisman Trophy
USC: 7 winners vs SU: 1 winner
Otto’s Edge: USC… they are tied for most all time if you count Bush’s vacated win

Also of importance to both schools is…

USC: 55 (worn by Seau, McGinest, Caliborne) vs SU: 44
Otto’s Edge: SU… offense beats defense here

Staying with D…

Bobby Boucher
USC: TJ McDonald vs SU: Shamwow
Otto’s Edge: USC… he is the better pro prospect

Prospects are usually known as…

Blue Chips
USC: scenes filmed at school vs SU: JB a star
Otto’s Edge: SU… luckily JB didn’t get the acting bug like

Former RB turned actor
USC: OJ Simpson vs SU: Jim Brown
Otto’s Edge: USC… Nordberg had so much potential

Someone else with potential…

USC: Paul was HC vs SU: Nate is OC
Otto’s Edge: SU… he hasn’t failed yet

Someone with connections to both Hacketts

USC: where he wishes he was AD vs SU: where he is AD
Otto’s Edge: Push… while his heart is out there, in order for him to go back he has to be successful here

Other connections between the schools…

USC: Todd vs SU: Mikhail
Otto’s Edge: USC… he had the better college career

Luke Jensen
USC: alumn vs SU: coach
Otto’s Edge: Push… dual hand Luke can be play for both sides

Sometimes he seems like he is on another planet just like…

USC: Neil Armstrong vs SU: Eileen Collins
Otto’s Edge: USC… first man on moon beats first female shuttle commander

He was a great American unlike…

Miss America
USC: Pat Nixon vs SU: Vanessa Williams
Otto’s Edge: Push… both vacated their title in controversy

Other notable Alumni
USC: Ron Howard, George Lucas, Macy Gray, Mark McGrath, LeVar Burton, Anthony Edwards, Michael Landon, Matthew Lawrence, Lisa Ling, Ted McGinley, Timothy Olyphant, Kelly Preston, John Ritter, Kyra Sedgwick, Tom Selleck, Ally Sheedy, Cybill Shepard, Robert Stack, John Wayne, Forest Whitaker, Norman Schwarzkopf, Cindy McCain, Bob Lorenz, Michele Tafoya, Salvatore Ferragamo, Barron Hilton, Rob Kardashian, John Carpenter, Joe Francis, Michael McDonald, Dr Drew, Robert Vaughn
vs SU: Dick Clark, Aaron Sorkin, Lou Reed, Taye Diggs, Peter Falk, Joe Biden, Bob Costas, Mike Tirico, Marv Alvert, Ted Koppel, Lisa Lampanelli, Lexington Steele
Otto’s Edge: USC… some really big names in Hollywood

Speaking of big…

Philip Finch
USC: Zach Banner 6’9 335 vs SU: Zion Jones 6’4 335
Otto’s Edge: USC… wow he is huuuuuge

Sticking with big…

Biggest Rival
USC: UCLA 46-28-7  vs SU: Colgate 30-31-5
Otto’s Edge: USC…  although some would argue that it is ND. USC has played UCLA, ND, Cal, Ore St, Stanford, and Wash all more than any team SU has played. UCLA and USC shared to Coliseum until UCLA moved to the Rose Bowl in 1982.

When they used to play each other both teams would wear their home…

School Colors
USC: Cardinal & Gold vs SU: Orange
Otto’s Edge: SU… let’s go Orange

Which is a chant heard more often for…

BBall Great
USC: Cheryl Miller  vs SU: Dave Bing
Otto’s Edge: SU… even though they also have Lisa Leslie

While we are on BBall…

Sports Management Alumni
USC: Jerry Buss, Frank McCourt vs SU: Al Davis, David Falk
Otto’s Edge: SU… very LA centric

Something else that is very LA…

Now let’s put the women and children to bed and go lookin for dinner
USC: Shelly Hwang (alumn) founded Pinkberry vs SU: Dino BBQ
Otto’s Edge: SU… there will be no chat and cutting tolerated here

And finally the category of the week…

WWTD (what would Tebow do?)
USC: bench alumn Mark Sanchez vs SU: run the Wildcat with Broyld
Otto’s Edge: SU… either way the Jets will score less than Tebow at the Playboy Mansion

And there it is folks, USC will win this one 27-14. Until next time…

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