Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tale of the Tape: Syracuse at Louisville

Welcome to this weeks ToT as Syracuse travels to Kentucky to take on the Cardinals of Louisville. The teams will be battle for an orange bat Tattoo.

Born on Date
Louisville: 1798 vs SU: 1870
Ottos Edge: Louisville… nearly 100 better

School known for
Louisville: Medical field vs SU Journalism
Ottos Edge: Louisville... who discovered a vaccine that is 100 percent effective against cervical cancer, were first to implant a self contained artificial heart, had the first successful hand transplant, and were also credited with developing the Pap smear test, the first civilian ambulance, the nation's first ER, and the first blood bank in Louisville.

Also known as
Louisville: Pizza U vs SU: Cuse
Ottos Edge: SU... Cuse can order pizza while in the house

GPS (Location)
Louisville: Louisville vs SU: Syracuse
Ottos Edge: SU… NY beats out Kentucky

Louisville: Louie, Louis, Loua vs SU: Sira, Sara, Ques
Ottos Edge: Push… lets get it right people

City named after
Louisville: King Louis XVI of France vs SU Siracusa, Sicily
Ottos Edge: SU... off with their heads

Some other notes about Louisville:

-the city owns a steamboat (Belle of Louisville)
-the city was 70% under water from the floods of ‘37
-the largest building will be Museum Plaza Tower a 62 story building set to be completed in 2011

Sticking with Kings…

State is
Louisville: a Commonwealth vs SU: an Empire
Ottos Edge: SU… one day the SU empire will strike back

But NY is not part of an Evil Empire…

Tom Cruise
Louisville: grew up in the city (Louisvillian as they call themselves) vs SU: born in the city
Ottos Edge: Push... having him born in your city is nothing to be proud of, but Louisvillian sounds like villain, maybe that is what made Tom evil?

Now to cruising, as in cars on the…

Road way
Louisville: Spaghetti junction (where I-64, I-65, and I-71 meet) vs SU: Erie boulevard
Ottos Edge: SU… nothing is good about traffic nightmares

Speaking of food…

Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner (Cuisine)
Louisville: Exotic vs SU: Normal
Ottos Edge: SU… I love food but wont even touch half this stuff. I will stick with the salt potatoes and Dino ribs.

Look at this stuff:

Hot Brown- open faced sandwich of turkey and bacon covered in mornay sauce and baked till crisp
Burgoo- stew of veggies and lamb
Frog legs
Fried brain sandwich- calves brain on bread
Derby pie- chocolate and walnut tart in pie shell with pastry dough crust
Benedictine- condiment made from cucumbers and cream cheese
Bourbon ball- crushed cookies, corn syrup, pecans mixed with bourbon and coated with powdered sugar
Beer cheese dip

And to wash it down…

Louisville: Bourbon vs SU: Beer
Ottos Edge: Louisville… that will put some hair on your chest

Bourbon is in Mint Juleps that are drunk at…

Most exciting 2 mins in sports
Louisville: Kentucky Derby vs SU: time before FB team trails and the game is over
Ottos Edge: Louisville… whose band plays my old Kentucky home at the Derby

Staying with Horse Racing…

Oldest race
Louisville: Derby 1875 vs SU: Travers 1864
Ottos Edge: SU… the Travers is the oldest of them all

Another name for a horse is a Bronco…

Denver Bronco Great
Louisville: Tom Jackson vs SU: Floyd Little
Ottos Edge: SU… TJ gets points taken away for not sacking Berman yet

While we are on sacks…

Sack Master
Louisville: Dumervil vs SU: Freeney
Ottos Edge: SU… although Dumervil is making a name for himself

Freeney plays for the…

Colts Great
Louisville: Johnny Unitas vs SU: Marvin Harrison
Ottos Edge: Louisville... the best field general of all time

Sticking with WRs…

Miami Dolphin Great
Louisville: Mark Clayton vs SU: Larry Csonka
Ottos Edge: SU… and an all time great

Redskins Great
Louisville: Joe Jacoby vs SU Art Monk
Ottos Edge: SU… about time he got into the HoF

I am the Greatest…

All time great athlete
Louisville: Cassius Clay (native) vs SU: Jim Brown
Ottos Edge: SU... Brown was great in several sports and I think he coulda beaten up the Louisville slugger too

Often marking greatness are trophies…

Louisville: Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award vs John Mackey Award
Ottos Edge: Louisville... QB is more important than TE

Sticking with QBs…

Younger Brother
Louisville: Jay Gruden brother of John was QB at Louisville, Arena League HoFer, and former Orlando Predators HC vs SU: David Bavaro brother of Mark
Ottso Edge: SU… nothing beats a Bavaro

Best QBs
Louisville: Johnny Unitas, Browning Nagle, Chris Redman, Dave Ragone, Jeff/Brian Brohm, Stefan Lefors vs SU: Donovan McNabb, Marvin Graves, Don McPherson, Wilmeth Sidat-Singh, Bill Hurley
Ottos Edge: Louisville… Johnny U could win by himself

Johnny used to battle…

Ex Giants CB
Louisville: Sam Madison vs SU: Will Allen
Ottos Edge: Louisville… he has the ring to prove it

Remaining with the D…

NT Ted
Louisville: Washington vs SU: Gregory
Ottos Edge: Louisville... Washington is a mountain

Bobby Boucher (best current defender)
Louisville: John Dempsey vs SU: Derrell Smith
Ottos Edge: SU… although our guys are dropping like flies

Other Footballers
Louisville: Ernest Givens, Deion Branch, Frank Minnifield, Ray Buchanan, Kerry Rhodes, Otis Wilson, Bruce Armstrong vs SU: Rob Moore, Donovan Darius, Ernie Davis, Keith Bullock, Joe Morris, Jim Ringo, David Tyree
Ottos Edge: SU… Skill Position U

So called FB players…

Louisville: David Akers vs SU Gary Anderson
Ottos Edge: SU… is he still playing?

From kicking to…

Louisville: the bird at midfield vs SU: the Dome
Ottos Edge: SU... stomping the Dome is fun, stomping the bird results in an ass whooping

While we are there…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
Louisville: Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium vs SU: Ernie Davis Legends Field at the Carrier Dome
Ottos Edge: SU… no place like home

Stadium named after
Louisville: Papa Johns Pizza vs SU: Carrier AC
Ottos Edge: SU… I cant live without AC and could do with that “pizza”

Draw 35k fans
Louisville: St Xavier/Trinity game vs SU: in a good year
Ottos Edge: Louisville… FB is foreign to CNYers

Someone UL fans wish was foreign to them…

Head Coach
Louisville: Kragthorpe vs SU: Marrone
Ottos Edge: SU… come on he couldn’t beat GRob

Staying with HCs…

Turned the program around
Louisville: Howard Schnellenberger vs SU: Coach Mac (or GRob in a negative way)
Ottos Edge: Louisville… we at least had prior greatness

As seen by our FB history…

First year FB
Louisville: 1912 vs SU: 1889
Ottos Edge: SU… what took them so long?

All Time Wins
Louisville: 400 something vs SU: 600 something
Ottos Edge: SU… it is sad what has happened to SU

National Championships
Louisville: None vs SU: One (1959)
Ottos Edge: SU… I would love to see another

Big East Championships
Louisville: 1 vs SU: 4
Ottos Edge: Louisville… nothing like program building

Lambert Trophies
Louisville: 1 vs SU: 6
Ottos Edge: SU… since when are they NE?

Bowl Record
Louisville: 6-7-1 vs SU: 12-9-1
Ottos Edge: SU… before Kragthorpe they had a streak of 9 straight Bowls

Rivalry Trophies
Louisville: Governors Cup (UK) and Keg of Nails (UC) vs SU: Schwartzwalder (WV)
Ottos Edge: Push… neither team can win the trophies

Head to Head
Louisville: 3 wins vs SU: 5 wins
Ottos Edge: SU… we can double them up this year

Both schools are more known for BBall…

Famous BBall coach
Louisville: Denny Crum vs SU: Jim Boeheim
Ottos Edge: SU... JB has more wins and will have more championships when he is done

Rick Pitino
Louisville: Head Coach vs SU: Assistant Coach
Ottos Edge: Louisville... how old does that make JB feel?

Top 50 NBA player
Louisville: Wes Unseld vs SU: Dave Bing
Ottos Edge: SU... both were good but he is our guy

Freshman BBall phenom
Louisville: Pervis Ellison vs SU: Melo
Ottos Edge: SU… Pervis would be nervous if he had to guard Melo

Someone who may also get nervous…

Former Thursday night ESPN CFB guy
Louisville: Lee Corso (ex coach) vs SU Mike Tirico
Ottos Edge: SU... poor Mike has to hate going to work after an SU game

ESPN is part of…

ABC news
Louisville: Diane Sawyer (Good Morning America) vs SU: Ted Koppel (Nightline)
Ottos Edge: SU... he has better hair

Something that would be big news…

Breaking into
Louisville: Fort Knox vs SU: win column
Ottos Edge: Louisville… we should be able to break through in our lifetimes

Columns are used to build…

Louisville: large Victorian section vs SU: Mike Holmes
Ottos Edge: Louisville… ok that was a stretch

Speaking of Homes…

Louisville Chris Dodd (Fannie mess) vs SU: Biden
Ottos Edge: SU… he hasnt ruined our country, yet

While we are on Gov…

Louis Brandeis
Louisville: born there and his remains are located under the portico of Brandeis Law School vs SU: Sacco & Vanzetti mural on HBC (Mrs Sacco stayed at Brandeis home during trial)
Ottos Edge: Louisville… their connection makes sense

Sticking with building names…

BBall Practice Facility
Louisville: Yum! Center after KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut parent company vs SU: Melo Center
Ottos Edge: SU… Louisville has sold out to fast foods

Louisville also has ties to UPS, who offers full tuition reimbursement to students who work overnight at Worldport, the companys air hub. Currently 75% of the workers there are students.

But that doesn’t leave much time for…

Louisville: Tier 3 vs SU: Tier 1
Ottos Edge: SU… gotta love the NBE

Hitting the books will lead to a good job that allows you to hit the…

Golf course
Louisville: Valhalla Golf Club vs SU: Atunyote Golf Club
Ottos Edge: SU… Turning Stone is up and coming, hopefully SU FB will soon be too

And finally the category of the week…

Competitive Eater
Louisville: Ted Washington vs SU: Doug Marrone
Ottos Edge: SU… no mountain is too big for Marrone

And the Tattoo goes to…

The Syracuse Orange as they get their first BE win for Doug Marrone

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