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Tale of the Tape: Syracuse Orange vs Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Welcome to the ToT. This week Syrcause does battle against the Knighties from Jersey. The teams will battle for an Empire State Building Tattoo. Lets get it started.

Born on Date
RU: 1766 vs SU: 1870
Ottos Edge: RU… ... founded as Queens College , it is the 8th oldest school in US and one of the 9 colonial colleges, 7 of which went Ivy (missed the boat there). It was a private male only institution affiliated with the Dutch Reformed Church. In its early years, due to a lack of funds, Queen's College was closed for two extended periods. Early trustees considered merging the college with the College of New Jersey , which later became Princeton (the measure failed by one vote). When it reopened in 1825 it was renamed Rutgers College in honor of Revolutionary War hero Henry Rutgers who bailed the school out with his donations. It became a land grant college of NJ in 1864 and designated the State U of NJ in 1945. In 1970 (yes 1970) the Board of Governors voted to admit women (how can the state U not take women?). So long story short, RU has a long history of making mistakes, ie sucking.

GPS (Location)
RU: New Brunswick , NJ vs SU: Syracuse , NY
Ottos Edge: SU… the Dome holds almost as many people as NB has

RU: 66th (US News) vs SU: 58th
Ottos Edge: SU… if RU kicked all the Jersey people out they would be Top 10.

A subject often taught…

African American History
RU: Paul Robeson who was beaten and had his fingernails pulled out by his teammates but turned into an All American vs SU: Wilmeth Sidat-Singh one of the first black college QBs, Ernie Davis the first black Heisman winner
Ottos Edge: Push… no one wins with racism. Ole Man River Robeson was the third black accepted to RU and the only one on campus at the time. He was a multi lingual actor, bass singer, writer, civil rights activist, and commie sympathizer (boo).

Sticking with color…

School Colors
RU: Scarlet vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: SU… originally students sought to make orange RU’s color due to its Dutch heritage (again ball being dropped). Scarlet was adopted when the players wore scarlet colored turbans and handkerchiefs to distinguish them during the first FB game.

Speaking of that first game…

Birthplace of
RU: College Football vs SU: Bitching
Ottos Edge: SU... at least we are good at what we started

RU played the first college game in
First year of FB
RU: 1869 vs SU: 1889
Ottos Edge: RU… the game was against long time rival Princeton in 1869. Since then they have battled in the Cannon War, which was stolen until Princeton buried it half way into the ground, but is now painted scarlet by RU students. They also did battle in the first intercollegiate Ultimate Frisbee game in November of 1972 on the anniversary of the first FB game. Overall RU is 17-53-1 against Princeton in FB, but haven’t played since 1980.

All Time wins
RU: 607 vs SU: 677
Ottos Edge: SU... and most of the RU W’s are against nobodies

Head to head
RU 10 wins vs SU 28 wins
Ottos Edge: SU... surprised it is that close

National Champs
RU: Zero vs SU: One (1959)
Ottos Edge: SU… wasnt RU supposed to win this year?

Big East Champs
RU: Zero vs SU Four
Ottos Edge: SU… wait they havent even won a BE Champ and they are talking National?

Lambert Trophies
RU: None vs SU: 6
Ottos Edge: SU… you sure they have had a FB team since 1869?

Bowl Record
RU: 3-2 vs SU: 12-9-1
Ottos Edge: SU… and their biggest Bowl game is the Insight?

Glory Days
RU: 2006 vs SU: anything prior to 2005
Ottos Edge: SU... we will be back, for now we just have to hold on to what we got. We will make it I swear. Our glory days will not pass us by, in the wink of a Rutgirls eye.

RU: greatest W of all time vs SU: greatest Ws of GRob era
Ottos Edge: SU… that is pretty sad

FB greats
RU: Marco Battaglia, LJ Smith, Deron Cherry, Mike McMahon, Ray Rice, Brian Leonard vs SU: John Mackey, Chris Gedney, Donovin Darius, Marvin Graves, Walter Reyes, Rob Konrad, and many many more
Ottos Edge: SU... no contest there

NY Giant
RU: Sean OHara vs SU: Tom Coughlin
Ottos Edge: SU… he has the bigger FB reach

Bobby Boucher (best current defender)
RU: Devin McCourty vs SU: Derrell Smith
Ottos Edge: RU… although we owe his cheap shot ass

Sticking with defenders…

RU: Jonathan Freeny vs SU: Dwight Freeney
Ottos Edge: SU… I dont believe Jonathan that he is cousins when they dont spell the names the same.

Other Athletes
RU: Eddie Jordan (76ers HC), Eric Young, Tom Emanski (back to back to back AAU champs), Joe Borowski, Jim Valvano, Alexi Lalas vs SU: Melo, Rony Seikaly, Derrick Coleman, Dave Bing, Powells

Ottos Edge: RU... hey if Fred McGriff has your back then you must be the man
Greatest Athlete
RU Ruthie (Real World) vs SU Jim Brown
Ottos Edge: RU... and she can drink you under the table too

Speaking of drinking…

Controversial club owner
RU: Robert Kriendler 21 Club (prohibition speakeasy) vs SU Steve Rubell Studio 54 (sex and drugs)
Ottos Edge: SU... that musta been some party

Speaking of partiers…

Bring us a pitcher of beer every 7 mins until somebody passes out. And then bring one every 10 mins.
NYC Fan (who just finished his 12785th NYC Marathon)
RU: parties summers at the Jersey Shore vs SU: partied in college at SU
Ottos Edge: RU… unlike SU FB, down the shore everythings alright

Bank of NY
RU: Thomas Renyi ex CEO vs SU: at least 1 peep at 101 Barclay and several at 1633 Broadway
Ottos Edge: RU… he is the guy in charge. Shout out to my ex peeps at 1633. BTW I don’t know how I don’t run into more RU grads being that I live in Jersey City and work in Manhattan . I can only name One RU grad I have worked with since I graduated college. Strange.

While he are on head honchos…

NFL team owner
RU: Sonny Werblin (Jets founder) vs SU: Al Davis
Ottos Edge: SU… his franchise is a winner unlike the Jets

Davis was also a…

Sports commish
RU David Stern vs SU Al Davis (AFL)
Ottos Edge: SU... Davis brought the AFL to new heights, while Stern has ruined the NBA. Even he couldnt F it up with Magic, Larry, and Jordan but since then he has ruined the game.

NBA games are shown on…

RU: William Rasmussen founder vs SU: Mike Tirico
Ottos Edge: RU… EPSN started off with good intentions and has turned into the devil.

Speaking of devils…

RU: Jersey Devil vs SU: Champy
Ottos Edge: SU... Champy is a peaceful creature

Sticking with myths…

RU: William of Orange vs SU: Saltine Warrior
Ottos Edge: SU… Orange wins. SU’s is based on the myth that an Indian Chief’s remains were found on campus. For RU’s Whistling Willie, legend says that the statue whistles whenever a virgin walks by. Unfortunately it hasn’t whistled in quite so time. Gotta love those Jersey girls.

While we are on virgins…

Porn star
RU: Asia Carrera vs SU: Lexington Steel
Ottos Edge: RU… she is also a MENSA member

A big fan of the ladies…

Crazy Internet fan
RU: Rutgers Al vs SU: Cali
Ottos Edge: SU... if you dont agree he will elbow you where it hurts

Internet boards are the new form of talk radio…

SNY Loudmouths
RU: Chris Carlin (also does RU FB on radio) vs SU Adam Schein (aka Primetime)
Ottos Edge: SU... the Continent is a typical know nothing sports guy. Who hires these guys?

Staying with SNY…

SNY Halftime Guy
RU: None vs SU: Don McPherson
Ottos Edge: SU… you would think NYCs team would have an analyst

Carlin also does the Giants pregame…

NFL teams that play in state
RU: Giants/Jets vs SU: Bills
Ottos Edge: RU... why are they in Jersey ? They belong in NY.

Also at the Meadowlands…

State fair held at
RU: Meadowlands vs SU: Fairgrounds
Ottos Edge: SU... yeah lets go to a parking lot in the swamp, good job Jersey

More on the State…

State known as:
RU: Arm Pit State vs SU: Empire State
Ottos Edge: SU... that must be why it smells in Jersey

RU: a gay Gov vs SU: Hillary Clinton
Ottos Edge: RU... Hillary cant even win that. BTW the last 3 NJ Govs have broken their leg while in office. Whitman while skiing, McGreevey during a nighttime “walk” on the beach, and Corzine in a car accident.

Sticking with Senators…

Former Senator and Alum
RU: Robert Torricelli vs SU Al D’Amato
Ottos Edge: SU… Torricelli didnt seek a second term due to bribery charges

Speaking of embarrassment…

Embarrassing actor from area
RU: Joe Piscopo NJ native vs SU: Bobcat Goldthwait Syracuse native
Ottos Edge: SU... at least he did Police Academy , Piscopo gave us nuttin

Piscopo used to do impressions of Sinatra, who was from…

Bar Capital
RU: Hoboken vs SU: Oswego
Ottos Edge: RU... it is like a college town without the college (yes I know Stevens is there but that doesnt count)

Sticking with Frankie…

Summer wind
RU: the Shore vs SU: Sylvan Beach
Ottos Edge: RU... down the shore everythings alright. Jenks and Bar A will never get old. And you cant beat drunken bingo at the Trop.

If bingo isn’t your game you can go to the…

RU: Atlantic City vs SU: Turning Stone
Ottos Edge: RU... AC trumps Turning Stone

Speaking of Trump…

Reality TV star
RU: Randal (Apprentice) vs SU: Eliza Orlins (Survivor)
Ottos Edge: SU... I have no clue who Eliza is as I havent watched Survivor in 10 years, but the fact that we dont use her in SU commercials gives us the edge. How pathetic of RU.

Staying with reality TV...

I Love New York
RU: 12 Pack from NJ (obviously) vs SU: Miss New York from Syracuse
Ottos Edge: SU... NY is awesome and I dont get the love affair between 12 Pack and Heat

Back to the subject of gambling…

Horse Race
RU: Haskell vs SU: Travers
Ottos Edge: SU... this one is easy if you have been to Saratoga and Monmouth Park

From horse racing to…

Car racing
RU: Raceway Park vs SU: Watkins Glenn
Ottos Edge: RU... ooohohohoho Raceway Park

While we are in the area…

Locals buy cheap things at
RU: Englishtown Auction vs SU: Walmart
Ottos Edge: Push... both are trashy

And not too far away in Jackson …

Six Flags
RU: Great Adventure vs SU: Darien Lake
Ottos Edge: RU... Kingda Ka is the tallest and fastest coaster. Plus gotta give love to Freefall and Rolling Thunder.

Water Park
RU: Action Park (now Mountain Creek) vs SU: Enchanted Forrest Water Safari
Ottos Edge: RU... Action Park was awesome: bungee jumping, a giant water slide that went straight down and you almost fell out of, a water slide with a loop (yes a loop!!!), Tarzan swing off of rocks and into the water, alpine slide which tore up plenty of knees and elbows. I wonder why it shut down and they got rid of those?

Maybe it got bad mouthed (like the Dome turf) by…

Snake oil salesman
RU: Schiano vs SU: TGD
Ottos Edge: SU... both seem shady at times but at least TGD seems to have good intentions

Speaking of the Dome…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
RU: Rutgers Stadium 52.5k vs SU Dome 49.5k
Ottos Edge: SU… and it beats the RAC too

The Dome is a…

RU: Bernard Marcus founder of Home Depot vs SU: Bruce Fowle founder of FXFowle Architects
Ottos Edge: SU… he is also on the SU Advisory Board

There is a Home Depot in Freehold right off of…

RU: 9 vs SU: 5 (Erie Boulevard)
Ottos Edge: RU... although it sometimes gets jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive

To make a left turn
RU: take jug handle vs SU: wait for light
Ottos Edge: RU... it is more efficient

Toll roads
RU Turnpike/Parkway vs SU Thruway
Ottos Edge: RU... you from Jersey ? What exit?

Gas stations
RU: full service vs SU: pump your own
Ottos Edge: RU... they dont pump gas they pump fists

Convenience store
RU: Wawa vs SU: Nice N Easy
Ottos Edge: RU... Nice N Easy does have beer, but Wawa has subs at any time of the night. Which Jay and Silent Bob would approve of.

Jay and Silent Bob would also be interested in…

RU: one every 10 miles vs SU: cant get DestiNY built
Ottos Edge: RU... the more malls the more places for the women to go during game day

Kids also love malls as well as…

Snow days
RU: with 1 inch vs SU: with 1 foot
Ottos Edge: RU... snow days rule

Speaking of snow…

Area known for
RU: diners, pizza, bagels, meat heads, girls with big hair vs SU: snow, salt, mullets
Ottos Edge: RU... 24 hour diners and good giant pizza slices are too good to give up

While we are the subject of food…

Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner (late nite snack)
RU: Grease Trucks vs SU: Wimpy Wagon
Ottos Edge: SU… you can get almost anything on a Fat Sandwhich, but can you get "blow" pops? Maybe it is just me but does a Fat Darrell (chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fries, and marinara sauce) really sound that tempting?

Speaking of fat…

Actor with disorder
RU: Calista Flockhart alum (eating) vs SU: Tom Cruise born in area (mental)
Ottos Edge: RU... Cruise is a danger to society

Maybe she should go eat at…

Famous establishment
RU: Stone Pony vs SU: Dino BBQ
Ottos Edge: RU... Bruce and Bon Jovi beat out ribs and salt potatoes

The Dino once had a viral outbreak which caused people to take antibiotics…

RU: Abraham Waksman whose work led to the discovery of over 20 antibiotics vs SU: Nina Fedoroff, National Science Board member
Ottos Edge: RU… unless you are Calista who likes to vomit

Other Famous Alumni
RU: Bill Bellamy, John Carpenter (1st Who Wants to be a Millionaire champ), Mr Magoo, Kristin Davis, James Gandolfini, Jim Florio, Louis Freeh (FBI), Marc Ecko (Ecko clothes) vs SU: Dick Clark, Taye Diggs, Veronica Corningstone, Aaron Sorkin, Jerry Stiller, Vanessa Williams, Joe Biden, Betsey Johnson (cart wheeling designer)
Ottos Edge: SU… Tony gets wacked

RU: Becky Quick vs SU: Contessa Brewer
Ottos Edge: Push… RU and Brewer both had feuds with Imus. BTW does anyone else notice that Becky and Buffet spend an awful lot of time together?

Sticking with media…

School paper
RU: Daily Targum vs SU: Daily Orange
Ottos Edge: RU… they had the first college paper (The Political Intelligencer and New Jersey Adviser 1783-1785). The name Targum stems from the teachings of Aramaic paraphrases (Targums) by RU to its students.

While we are on unique names…

Team name
RU: went from Queensmen to Chanticleer (a fighting rooster) to Scarlet Knights vs SU: Orangemen to Orange
Ottos Edge: SU…Chanticleer as a mascot was often the subject of ridicule because of its association with being chicken. I guess things don’t change since RU has a chanticleer shit schedule.

Even so RU still has shown little fight, speaking of which…

Fight Song
RU: The Bells Must Ring vs SU: Down, Down the Field
Ottos Edge: SU… RU is used to having its bell rung

Sticking with fighting...

Fight for NYC (more likely to see in NYC, on the Subway/PATH, at a Yankees game, or at a Bruce Concert)
RU: RU gear vs SU: SU gear
Ottos Edge: SU... outside of a 10 mile radius around New Brunswick, RU fans are hard to find

Someone who has both schools gear...

Paula and Clam fan
RU: goes to school there vs SU: wishes went to school there
Ottos Edge: Push... there are no winners when kids have to go to RU. Although he did get a Fat Sandwich named after him. Unfortunately he didnt name it the Fat 44 like I suggested, after Obama but secretly for SU.

Which bring us to the category of the week…

Competitive Eater
RU: Mario Batali (Iron Chef) vs SU: Doug Marrone
Ottos Edge: SU... who cares if you can cook, Doug can eat

And the winner of the Tattoo is...

The Syracuse Orange defeat the orange skinned clan and returning balance to the force.

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