Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What can Brown(ing) do for (S)U?

I have to say I love this guy and I love his system. I really think he will be able to succeed at SU. The question is will he be given the chance? SU has historically been a power running team and this guy will bring that back, which I love to see. But how much can he do in one year? And will the D be good enough to save GRobs job? That is the real question. I do not think GRobs system fits in the college game. But even if it did, SU isnt likely to be very good on D since the players are so young. This group is likely to have its ups and downs no matter who the coach is.

Since the D is so young and the O has a new OC, it isnt likely the team will be over .500. So what is SUs benchmark for this staff returning in 2009? If the team goes say 4-8 and is well coached and plays close games how in the hell can you fire GRob? I do not think GRob is the answer at SU but he was brought back on "fairness". If SU has a season like I mentioned and he is fired then this season was all a waste and pointless. That would show that SU is totally clueless to the situation. Why bring the guy back for 2008 if you are not willing to be fair?

Browning is the type of guy I want as OC. But will he be around long enough to get results? I sure hope so. GRob isnt likely to get it done on D. If SU has to make a choice I hope they either keep GRob and force on him a new DC or promote Browning to HC. Losing Browning would be a mistake.

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