Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cantor the Cannibal

Interesting article on SU's budget


-"Before RCM we were in pretty good shape," said Gross, who was hired in December 2004. "Now with RCM, it's a different animal for us because now we're paying a lot of (expenses) that we weren't paying for before. It's made it even more challenging. There's more revenues that we have to keep (generating)."

-First, while academic centers fund financial aid through tuition, Athletics has no tuition revenue to support its scholarships for its near-600 athletes. Second, the athletic department's facilities cover more area than most other centers on campus and demand higher utility costs. Part of the participation tax involves square footage.

-At Syracuse, the percentage of Athletics' revenue that comes from subvention is less than the national average at private schools - 20 percent compared to 28 percent.

Well that makes sense. A Sports school like SU is below avg in helping out Athletics. Brilliant!!!!

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