Sunday, March 15, 2009

Evaluating the Bracket guys

Getting the number of teams in is easy. Usually the last 3 in or out is all that needs to be chosen. So a monkey should get 62 of 65 each year. What you really are doing is picking 3 of 6 teams to make the field. Not very hard. What is hard is the seeding. Well I posted my bracket earlier, my friend Cuseman made a bracket and we compared to Lunardi and Palm. We awarded 3 points for a correct pick and negative 1 for each seed missed. So if you picked SU as a 3 seed you get 3 points. If you picked SU as a 4 seed you get -1 point. And the winner was....

Palm 52 points
Lunardi 34 points
Cuseman 19 points
King Otto 0 points

Everyone had 64 of 65 teams missing on Zona. King Otto and Cuseman had SD St. Palm St Marys. And Lunardi Creighton. Cuseman put his together from scratch from 5pm to 6pm right before the brackets came. I have made a few brackets the last few weeks. But it isnt my job and I never went into the depth that the "pros" do. Palm beat up on Lunardi. I think we should all stop following the fraud Lunardi and use Palm from now on.

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