Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What if there were a D1A and D1AA in BBall?

So you have the FB confs in D1A but include the Sun Belt and BE BBall onlies to get to 131 teams. You can then have a 48 team NCAAT. Would that be a good thing? By doing that you eliminate the little guy, and upsets are fun and exciting. But upsets make it easier for the next team they play. Also having a D1A and D1AA, you will get more talent per team. In BBall one guy can make a difference. You can go anywhere you want. However if you split D1A and D1AA would a kid who is choosing between being a career 6th man at SU or a starter for Hofstra pick Hofstra if they are D1AA? Having a split may very well add depth to every D1A team and make games even better.

I forgot to add that every teams reg season sched would be a lot harder. No more cupcake games. In this case confs would likely play more conf games. The B11 would likely go from 18 to 20. The ACC, SEC, and B12 from 16 to 22. The BE from 18 to 22. The P10 would remain at 18. Even so teams would have to fit in about 10 more OOC games and there are only 131 D1A teams to choose from. So we should see a lot more games between the Big 6 confs.

I made a bracket based on this year. I tried to keep the seedings as close to possible but had to move some teams to different regions to fill in holes. There are 43 D1A teams in this year NCAAT. However I only used 42 of them since both Temple and Akron wouldnt have gotten at larges. Only would could be the MAC champ. I then took the 6 highest seeded NIT teams to fill it in. So here is what it would look like:

East South MW West
1 Pitt UNC UL Uconn
2 Duke OU MSU Memphis
3 Nova SU KU Missou
4 Wake Utah FSU Wash
5 UCLA WV Illinois Purdue
6 Texas ASU BC Marq
7 LSU Clemson Cal BYU
8 A&M OSU Tenn Okie St
9 Mich Temple USC MD
10 Minn Wisc WKU Utah St
11 Zona SD St Fla Auburn
12 Miss St PSU ND Va Tech

So the Top 4 seeds get 1st round byes. The rest would play as follows:

UCLA/Miss St WV/PSU Illinois/ND Purdue/Va Tech
Texas/Zona ASU/SD St BC/Fla Marq/Auburn
LSU/Minn Clemson/Wic Cal/WKU BYU/Utah St
A&M/Mich OSU/Temple Tenn/USC Okie St/MD

The the potential 2nd round games of:

Pitt/A&M UNC/OSU UL/Tenn Uconn/Okie St
Duke/LSU OU/Clemson MSU/Cal Memphis/BYU
Nova/Texas SU/ASU KU/BC Missou/Marq
Wake/UCLA Utah/WV FSU/Illinois Wash/Purdue

So would this be bad or good for CBBall?

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Aaron said...

Personally I like it. Too many fucking teams in D-1A and it's continuing to expand! Why does NJIT need to be in the same division as UNC and Syracuse?! Their might as well be women's team! I think a cap of 200 total teams would be pretty good but not sure how to get to that number.

BTW, Sal, you blog has been loading slow as shit the last few days. No clue why. It's annoying.

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