Friday, July 18, 2008

If They Mated: SU Addition

Warning I am bad at editing photos so if you can do better, go ahead. Enjoy.

When you talk about the current state of the SU FB program, there are plenty of people to blame. But mostly six people come to mind: Buzz Shaw, Jake Crouthamel, Coach P, TWO, TGD, and GRob. Well have you ever wondered what would happen if they mated?

Buzz Shaws offspring:

Well the only realistic one was the Shaw/Cantor pic. It looks like Buzz in drag. Ironic since they were both Chancellors. I also like the Shaw/GRob pic as it looks like Gary the Retard.

Jakes offspring:

The first pic looks like Dan Rather. The pic with Cantor kinda looks like Dan Patrick. The TGD pic looks like Jason Taylor.

Coach Ps offspring:

The tops of Jakes head and GRobs head fit perfectly with P. They actually look like his real pic.

TWOs offspring:

If I guessed beforehand I woulda thought the TGD pic would look like Lael. Instead it looks like an alien. The one with GRob is a pig lady.

TGDs offspring:

The pic with P kinda looks like the Joker. Maybe he will get the part in the sequel. We all know how much TGD loves Hollywood. Also the one with Shaw kinda looks like Stewie Griffin.

GRobs offspring

If I am not mistaken the one with Jake looks just like Matt Park. The last pic is a ringer for Harry Belafonte.

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