Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BE FB Fans

If you were to take the BE fan bases and find an equal in the NL or AL East you would find:

Cincy is equal to the Nationals
Both fan bases are small and both live in the shadow of the team most locals care about (tOSU/Orioles) . Both play in inferior leagues (BE/NL).

Louisville is equal to the Braves
For years both fan bases suffered from bad teams. But at least they still had the memory of an All Time Great (Johnny U/Aaron). Then the teams shot up to be the best in the league, only to fall back to mediocrity. Also both teams switched divisions (CUSA to BE/NL West to East).

Pitt is equal to the Orioles
Both play in a stadium that is far from sold out. Other teams have no problem taking over the stadium. No one really cares about the team.

RU is equal to the Mets
Both suffer from a major inferiority complex. RU fans beg for attention and acceptance from their BE brethren. Mets fans pay more attention to the Yanks "failing" then their own team. They have the nerve to make fun of the Yanks for not making it to the World Series when they themselves were NL favorites and choked away the Division to not even make the playoffs. Entering every season both think their team is the greatest and will win it all. And their players are all the best. Especially their prospects (Recruits/Minor Leaguers). Then reality hits in as they realize that "My Entire Team Sucks". Both fans boo at inappropriate times (Navy/Free Agents' first games). Both fans are bandwagon fans who only fill the stadium when the team has buzz. Bottom line both fans are fertilizer.

SU is equal to the Blue Jays
Both only show up if the team is a winner or if a big name team comes to town. Otherwise the stadium is empty. Both care more about another sport (BBall/Hockey). Both teams peaked in the 90s.

UConn is equal to the Red Sox
Both are annoying as they think they are the greatest fans ever. Both play in a small stadium. Both think they are the best traveling fans in the world. Both think the sport started in 2004 and ignore everything before then (joined BE/finally won it all).

USF is equal to the Rays
Both are in Tampa. Both have no one show up even though the team is good. Both are expansion teams (first year was 1997/1998).

WV is equal to the Phillies
Both are dangerous fans capable of killing other team's fans and even Santa. Both like to throw things on the field (Oranges/Batteries).

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