Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BE rankings

It is still early for my official preseason BE rankings but since it is BE Media Day and all I figure why not make a list for now.

BE based on which team is the best
1. WV
2-6 USF, RU, Pitt, UConn, Cincy
7. Louisville
8. SU

I think that WV is the only legit Top 20 team in the BE. The conf is deep though as 2-6 are all in Top 40 caliber. Louisville is impossible to get a read on. Then you have SU pretending to be a D1A team. When you take the sched into account I think we will see

1. WV
2. USF
3. RU
4. Pitt
5. Louisville
6. UConn
7. Cincy
8. SU

Most likely to surprise their fans
1. Louisville- they have an easy sched but can the off the field mess be overcome?
2. SU- if they win 2 BE games it will be a huge surprise.
3. WV- they could surprise by not winning the BE

Most likely to disappoint their fans
1. Pitt- they have questions at QB and OL yet are a BCS contender?
2. RU- the loss of Rice could cost them a Bowl this year
3. UConn- after a share of the BE last year the team should fall

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