Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BE BBall

In BBall ideally you want 9 or 10 teams so you can play everyone twice. Well to get there the BE would need to cut 6-7 teams. In real life that would never happen. But here in Orangeland, your dreams can come true. We can create a BBall only BE conf. So if King Otto had to make some cuts, this is who would remain:

SU- of course
GTown- hated rival and good road trip
UConn- hated rival
Nova- old time rival and good road trip
Pitt- hated rival
ND- hated rival
St Johns- old time rival and good road trip
Seton Hall- old school BE and good trip
Providence- old school BE

OUT with 9, IN with 10
WV- have a hated HC

Louisville- great program but too far west
Cincy- too far west
Marquette- waaay too far west
RU- close trip but they suck
DePaul- they are in the BE? Really?
USF- too far south and they suck

So your King would go with the Old School BE with the addition of ND, who replaces BC from the original 9 teams. The 5 CUSA teams have no history in the BE and they are too far away. The former A10 teams (WV and RU) were the last to join. RU has done nothing in the BE and really isnt a good trip (small arena, with nuttin around it). So that leaves WV as the best choice for a 10 team league. That being said I would cut them (not enough history) and go with a 9 team league. If you werent there for the battles in the 80s, you dont belong. I know I included ND, but I needed a 9th team and they are the most eastern-like and fit the private school mold.

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