Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Star Game

So I stayed up till 2 in the morn to watch this thing. Usually I dont even watch but Yankee Stadium kept me around. That and the fact I was hoping to see a position player pitch or have Selig finally give in and call it a tie. Those woulda been cant miss moments. Even without those happening it was a great game. There was plenty of drama and great plays (except Uggla) after a boring first few INNs.

Anyway watching the game brought up a very important question: If you are trying to win, why pull the starters? Do you not want your best players in for as long as possible? I mean ARod had 2 friggin at ABs. Why sit him so Crede can hit? Shouldnt the starters all be getting at least 3 ABs? Only the first 3 hitters and Bradley (DH) got to 3 ABs. This isnt Little League where everyone has to play. In this case the problem was magnified because the game went on and on and on. The drama was great but all the stars were out. The players are not "all stars", but just good players. Do we really need to see Drew, Young, Quentin, Guillen, Sizemore, Longoria, Morneau, Kinsler, and Navarro all get to hit? And because of the way the game played out, they all had 4-5 ABs.

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Aaron Goldfarb said...

I think it's time to start scrapping the every-team-must-have-a-player-in-the-game rule. I hated that rule even when I was a little kid.


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