Tuesday, October 14, 2008

KingOttos Konclusion

I didnt watch the game live. I heard it on the radio until it became 10-6 in the 4th. I then missed the rest. But I was able to go back and watch the game.

I wouldnt have gone for any of the three 4th downs. But I cant kill GRob for going for the first two. The last one just made no sense. You need two scores why go for the 4th and 18? Also the 2nd 4th down I would like to know if the 3rd down call was GRobs or MBs. You DO NOT used 3rd down to make the 4th down more makable when you are on the 8 yard line. You should be trying to score on 3rd down. That was backwards thinking running it there.

I thought he called a good game. The O killed itself the first few drives with mistakes. Too many penalties and that fumble on the first drive killed. I thought there was a good mix of run and pass. My biggest issue was the 3rd down call mentioned above. Also there was a 3rd and inches in the 4th Q I believe that we ran the ball and was stopped. Either QB sneak it or give it to the FB. And we tried to throw to the FB waaay too much. MB is doing a good job overall, especially with the OL.

We played good D for once. We made some personel changes (about time). Cant complain too much here.

Nice kick by Shadle. Good for him. I was actually surprised GRob went for the long FG with that much time left. I woulda punted.

Dantley played well overall. His only problem is he has no touch. But he is good enough to get the job done. We should be fine at QB next year.

CB has been great this year. I worry that it will be hard to replace him next year.

We have a lot of decent young WRs. Can you say Spread next year? I like what I am seeing for Davis (a perfect #2) and Sales has looked good as well. Imagine if we get Mike Williams back to join these two to go along with Lobdell, Chew, Fairchild, Cervino, Sheerhan, and Merk.

They are opening holes and keeping guys off Dantley. Too many penalties early though.

Jones still making plays. This group is still young.

Smith has been good in pass coverage all year. This game he made plays at the LOS as well. Previously vs the Spread he played over the slot. Suter was there this time freeing up Smith. Makes you wonder why we havent done this all year. We still need to find 2 other LBs though.

Graham made a nice pass break up in the end zone. Holmes made so nice plays as well. Suter was very disruptive out there. WTF hasnt he been in at all this year?! He was blowing plays up single handedly. There was no excuse to not have him in vs the Spread teams earlier this year. Even vs non Spread teams he should be playing SS and be near the LOS. I dont care if he isnt great in pass coverage. Play Cover 1 or 3 with Bruce at FS. Suter needs to be on the field.

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