Monday, October 20, 2008

My Top 10 HC list

Each week I will update my list of Top 10 choices to replace GRob. I will only use guys who I think we have a realistic chance of getting.

10. Al Golden (-2)
9. Chip Kelly (-2)
8. Bud Foster (-2)
7. Turner Gill (-3)
6. Skip Holtz (-1)
5. Glen Mason (-2)
4. Mark Whipple (-2)
3. Gary Patterson (NR)
2. Chris Petersen (-1)
1. Tommy Bowden (NR)

Dropped Dean Hood (9), Don Treadwell (10)

Bowden wasnt available until now. Gill barely beat Army and needs to win out to be seriously considered. Patterson joins the list because of his UC Davis connection. It is a slight connection though so I am not sure if I will keep him on this list.

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