Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ranking the SU FB Eras

Buddys article (which made no sense) compared the 10 best years of Ben and P. It got me thinking of comparing the SU RBs. So I took a look at SU RBs that had over 1500 career yards and broke them down into eras.

1. Ernie Davis- during his three years (1959-1961) Davis rushed for 2395 yards, leading SU to a 26-5 record, a national title, and he won a Heisman Trophy.

2. Malcolm Thomas/Rob Konrad/Kyle McIntosh- this should be named the McNabb era. From 1995-1998 SU went 35-14. For their careers they rushed for 2199, 1524, and 1926 yards.

3. Robert Drummond/Daryl Johnston/Michael Owens- these are the guys that brought SU back. From 1985-1989 SU went 41-17-1. During that time they rushed for 2164, 1706, and 2009 yards.

4. Jim Nance/Floyd Little/Larry Csonka- Nance followed ED and then joined with Little who then joined with Csonka to lead SU to a 43-19 record. They rushed for 1605, 2704, and 2934 yards.

5. David Walker/Terry Richardson- from 1990-1993 the led SU to a 33-12-3 record while rushing for 2639 and 1523 yards.

6. Jim Brown- he started it all going 16-9 from 1954-1956, rushing for 1652 yards.

7. Dee Brown/James Mungro- while they did play a role during the McNabb era, they really werent the main horses until after. From 1999-2001 they produced a 23-13 record. For their careers they rushed for 2657 and 2869 yards.

8. Martin Januszkiewicz/Roger Praetorius- from 1970-1972 SU went 16-15-1 while these two rushed for 2069 and 1772 yards.

9. Robert Avery- he rushed for 1705 yards as SU went 15-18 from 1975-1977.

10. Jaime Covington- he held the fort the years before the resurgence rushing for 2188 yards as SU went 14-19 from 1982-1984.

11. Joe Morris- our career leading rusher with 4299 yards was only able to lead SU to a 19-25-1 record from 1978-1981.

12. Walter Reyes/Damien Rhodes- from 2002-2005 SU went 17-30 as these two rushed for 3424 and 2461 yards.

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