Monday, December 15, 2008

Doug Marrone's nickname

So what are we gonna call him folks?

HNGRob- Hes not GRob

DMOE- Doug Marrone of the Orange Empire

HCDM- Head Coach Doug Marrone

DMarr- short for Doug Marrone

CMDM- coming home

Carpe DM- Carpe Doug Marrone

DM2- since Coach Mac is DM1

CMJR- Coach Mac JR

Big Mac- Coach Mac but bigger

RT8- remember the 80s

Seven8- his number

FOOD- Friend of Ours Doug

DMX- Doug Marrone eXtreme

BX- from Bronx

bE- Bronx Express from Bronx and Elmira Express combo. Also play on bE.

bED- be extraordinary Doug

BDDB- Boogie Down Dougie Brown from Bronx and last name is Brown in Italian

Brownie- play on last name Brown

Boss Brown





BIHDM- Bring it home Doug Marrone



DMZ- Doug Marrone Zone

The Rejuvenizer

Saint Doug

HGDM- Home Grown Doug Marrone

DM5O- Doug Marrone One Of Our Own Orangemen

Dome Marrone

BUD- Big Ugly Doug plays on being OLman and OL Coach and he is a buddy or the Orange

Kotter- welcome him back


TRO- the right one

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