Monday, December 8, 2008

My Top 10 HC List

Each week I will update my list of Top 10 choices to replace GRob. I will only use guys who I think we have a realistic chance of getting.

For likely the last post before we hire a HC I will give you the Top 10 Worst Case List and Top 10 of the names that have been mentioned.

Worst Case
10. Don Treadwell
9. Dean Hood
8. Brady Hoke
7. Gary Crowton
6. Charlie Strong
5. Doug Marrone
4. Steve Addazio
3. Mike Locksley
2. Ron Prince
1. Mark Whipple

There really is no reason what so ever to end up with anyone below Whipple on this list.

Best Case
10. Turner Gill
9. Chip Kelly
8. Skip Holtz
7. Al Golden
6. Chris Petersen
5. Gary Patterson
4. Randy Edsall
3. Tommy Bowden
2. Tommy Tuberville
1. Mike Leach

So realistically I would like to see SU hire in order Golden, Holtz, Gill, Whipple. I will be shocked if we get someone on my list higher than Golden. I will be extremely disappointed if we get someone lower than Whipple.

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