Monday, December 22, 2008

My Playoff Solution

Screw the lame BCS. Lets make a playoff. First you need teams. Well we can give the BCS confs auto bids (6) and have 6 at larges. Then seed based on BCS standings. So we would have:

1. OU
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Bama
5. USC
6. Utah
7. Texas Tech
8. PSU
9. Boise ST
10. OSU
12. Cincy
19. VT

The only Top 12 team not to make it is TCU who loses out to auto bid VT. BCS teams are happy as they get 10 of 12 slots. Non BCS team are happy as teams like Boise St dont get screwed out of the BCS. Team like Texas Tech dont get screwed by the 3rd team conf rule. And teams like Texas dont get screwed by tie breaking rules.

So where are the games played? The closest NFL venue to the higher seed. Having true road games are not fair. But neither are completely neutral games. So give each team 10k tickets and the rest are sold locally. Since the higher seed is closer the majority of the tickets will go to their fans. But having it in a NFL venue will take away a little from the home field advantage and give the lower seed a chance. Also I think a venue should only be used once a year. Which would give us:

Dec 13th
VT vs USC in PHX
Cincy vs Utah in Denver
OSU vs Texas Tech in Dallas
Boise St vs PSU in Philly

Dec 20th
Bosie St/PSU vs OU in KC
OSU/TT vs Florida in Jax
Cincy/Utah vs Texas in Houston
VT/USC vs Bama in ATL

Then for the Final Four and Champ game have it at neutral sites. So assuming higher seeds win:

Dec 27th
Bama vs OU
Texas vs Florida

Jan 12th (Mon)
Florida vs OU

I would give 2 weeks before the Champ game. It builds up some hype and gives the teams a chance to get healthy and gameplan. Also it allows time for Bowls. Most Bowls are just for fun. I would have the Bowls schedule from Dec 28th to Jan 3rd. That means 11 Bowls that happen before Dec 28th have to reschedule. To me that is a good thing. There are currently only 5 New Years Day Bowls. That is a joke. There should be twice as many that day.

What about the BCS Bowls? Well you give them the playoff loser. The second round ends Dec 20th. That gives 11 days to prepare for a Jan 1 game. The Rose still gets the P10 vs B11, the Sugar the SEC, the Orange the ACC, and the Fiesta the B12. Assuming the Top 4 seeds make the Final Four, we are left with Bowls of:

Rose PSU vs USC
Sugar OSU vs Boise St
Orange VT vs Cincy
Fiesta Texas Tech vs Utah

This year under the current setup I believe the Fiesta gets first at large followed by the Sugar, and Orange. The Rose is the same, the Sugar is worse (had Bama vs Utah), the Orange is exactly the same, and the Fiesta is worse (traded Texas and OSU). But if one of the Top 4 seeds were upset these would change.

Some may say what if the best team doesnt win? Well I say if a Top 4 seed cant win 3 games, then they arent the best team. Just look at the teams that would make the playoffs. OU and Florida are in the game now. So you cant be upset if they won a playoff. Texas deserves a shot as they beat OU. Can be upset by them. Bama, USC, Texas Tech, and PSU only have 1 loss each. What makes their loss any worse than OU or Floridas? Yes OU and Florida are likely the most talented teams but isnt that an opinion? Shouldnt they have to prove it on the field? Then you have an undefeated Utah and Boise St. If they go undefeated and win it all (meaning each wins 4 games including Utah beating Texas in Houston and Boise St beating PSU in Philly and OU in KC) would they not be worthy? The only teams that we would feel cheated by the best team not winning it all would be if OSU, Cincy, or VT won it all. But really what are the chances of that. VT would have to beat USC in PHX, Bama in ATL, and then 2 neutral games. Cincy would have to beat Utah in Denver, Texas in Houston, and then 2 neutral games. OSU would have to beat Texas Tech in Dallas, Florida in JAX, and then 2 neutral games. Worst case you have a Final Four of Boise St, OSU, Cincy, and VT. And then a Final of Cincy vs VT. But the chances of that are very very very slim.

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Aaron said...

100% agree with you and I like the format.

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