Monday, December 22, 2008

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


What do you think of the Devo situation?

Devo is being screwed by an over zealous bunch of power ladened committee who are blind to justice . Maybe they will wise up and lessen the sanctions for everyone's sake

What do you think of Marrone?

Doug Marrone is the best thing to happen to the football program since the Dome and he will put fannies in the seats when he gets the wins.

What would you like Santa to bring SU?

If Santa will bring me a couple impact recruits for the team I will be more then happy. I also want the loyal commandos to be healthy and happy this current basketball season and no more wasted efforts like the one against Cleveland which was a porly played game with no offensive strategyYou can't allow a team to limit Andy to one 3 point attempt and keep Jonny from trying his shot Devo is the irom man heart of the team his anger gets directed into his game on drives and the 3. AO is good early on until the defense starts to figure out his stle . Passes into the post border on each end of the polar extremes asin poor to sensational but the pass must hit the big guys square in the chest or its an automatic TO Harris must become a bit more offensive minded to the basket and start drawing fouls, Ogenaet must find a way to score a few to go with his hustle game Boeheim is beginning to go to his nose more. Never a good sign. Lets hope he dosn't get any other itches on his body before the whole game is censored for indecent touching Run for the hills if Bernie leans one way or the other as a WMD will be released. Pity the people behind him and their families Start passing the hat for the survivors if any make it past the first rip.

Over and out Don't shoot your eye out Over and out! Drink your Ovaltine and spend time with your family.

Cali out!!

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