Monday, December 1, 2008

Commander Cali's Corner

In order to enforce the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland I needed an enforcer. Someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. And not afraid to use force when necessary. Without further adieu I present to you Commander Cali, the loyal and noble protector of the Sovereign Laws of Orangeland:


Who is your favorite current FB player?

My initial view of Donte Davis was impaired perhaps because of his early drops in his first few games last year but he has emerged as a "go to kid of guy so My favorite player goes to him.

What is your favorite position?

My favorite position in football is the MIKE and let me add it hasn't been dominant for some time now I want speed and killer instinct.

What will become of Elon Mitchell?

Elon Mitchell needs to get his degree and continue hiding from the coaching staff or they might put him in at a position that he excells at now that hid personal guarfian is gone.

Do we need a big name/celeb HC to replace GRob?

If we want to kill off the football team by natural causes just bring in Paris Hilton as the towel girl. Within 6 months the team is gone by a combination of STD and skankacytis.

What are you thoughts on Jim Boeheim going with the Man D?

Jim Boeheim might be giving us a hint that tha apocalypse is about to be upon us by showing so much man defense. At some point his reluctance to use Sean Williams will bite his and the team's ass.

Cali's orders: keep a good thought about the next coach and remember your family. Spend time and plan activities with them. Teach your kids about the game of basketball meaning subtleties . Like the open man and how he got that way not just what a dunk means

Over and Out" Drink your Ovaltine and don't shoot your eye out. "Make sure your Glock is out of children's reach and keep the safety on.

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