Sunday, September 28, 2008

King Ottos Konclusion

We were competitive for once but that wasnt good enough. We shoulda won this game. In the battle of idiot HCs we won (or lost) having the biggest idiot.


This comes down to 3 mistakes. First punting on 4th and 1 (not 2) at the 38 (not the 45 GRob). After the KR by Holmes Pitt was reeling and SU had all the MO. Pitt scored on 7 of 9 O drives. The 2 they didnt score came right after the KR. SU was agressive on 3rd down (a deep pass to Owen where Pitt got away with PI) yet they go conservative on 4th? This makes no friggin sense! SU with its foot on Pitts throat decides to punt instead of going for it or kicking a 55 yard FG. After that Pitt was allowed to catch its breath and never looked back. The turning point of the game.

The second mistake was the end of the first half. After CBs great run he comes off the field. That is ok as he likely needed a breather. But SU seemed to be too content settling for 3 and killing the clock. The 3rd down call was pathetic. It was 3rd and 9 and we call a swing to Hogue? WTF? Why not try for a 1st or even 7 points? Even if we are sacked it is still an easy FG.

The third mistake was playing Bailey at RB. Why didnt he play against NE? Why is his first ever play in the 4th Q of a tie game? Why is CB, who was having a great game, not in? Tired my ass. He had 1 carry over 45 mins of actual time. Where was Hogue, Fiametta, and Daniel Bailey? Why play the frosh there? On top of that the team was confused as we took a TO on 2nd down and just got the snap off on 3rd down, a low snap resulting in a sack. Great HCing.

I thought he mixed plays in well and did a nice job overall. Not sure how involved he was in the 3 blunders above. Was he a part? Or was that all GRob just like having ARob start against NW?

We finally used teh Blitz and it was pretty effective. Why did it take so long? Is it because this is the first non Spread team we played? While this was good the game plan was not. You HAVE to, HAVE to make Stull beat you. You sell out against the run. We did not do that. In fact Pitt went 1 WR set and ran the same play 7 times in a row for their last TD. Pathetic. Besides strategy I have a major problem with who plays and when.

On the DL we need to have Perkins/Lewis as the run stopping DE on running downs. Kimmel gets blown off the ball time and again. Move him to spinner on running downs. We have 4 sacks on the year. FOUR. So going bigger isnt gonna make us any worse at rushing the passer. Let Giruzzi play on passing downs only. Flaherty is a mess. He needs to either sit (my preferene) or move to OLB. Let Stenclik play at MLB. Same goes for AJ Brown who made one good play against Pitt but offset that with 5 bad ones.

Our goaline D has the same personel as when its 1st and 10 at the 50. WTF? Why have undersized DEs and 4 DBs in that situation? I have never seen such a thing. We had Merk at the LOS playing like a LB over the TE. If he is coming hard off the edge, then fine. But why ask him to do something he cannot succeed at? Also we should be matching our personel to what the O is doing. Pitt pretty much went 1 WR the whole 4th Q and ran it down our throat. Why keep 4 DBs in that situation? After Pitt ran the same play 5 times in a row, why not try something different? This makes no sense. What also makes no sense is having a LB play over the slot on passing downs. On running downs it is acceptable as you want a guy who can fight off the WR block. However on passing downs the RB will only get it if it is a draw or screen. In that case you want speed not size so you play a S over the slot. If the RB doesnt get it you have the guy covering the slot. Which is better an LB or S? This is simple shit. GRob is providing the other team a favorable matchup and other teams notice this.


I thought Cam played well. He was 8-12 at one point before ending 1-5 under heavy pressure.

CB played great. He is having a breakout season. The only one who can stop him is GRob by keeping him on the bench. Having only 16 carries is unacceptable. Good for him calling out GRobs stupidity. Hogue needs to get more touches to be effective. I liked what I saw from him against NW and NE. But he struggles getting limited carries. He also lacked vision on 2 runs missing cutbacks. I prefer he move to LB now. If you do that maybe he can get up to speed by next year.

Everyone showed up, even Lobdell. Nice catch by Davis for a TD and great catch by Chew.

This group is making strides. MB has doen a great job with them. The run blocking is there. And the pass blocking has been ok. Pitt did get to the QB in teh 4th Q but overall a good performance.

Kimmel gets blown off the ball 5-6 yards every play. Santiago missed a big play with a facemask.

Continued missed tackles by all 3 guys. Mele at least looked a little better. Flaherty looked awful again. Why does he play? When he goes o tackle a guy he looks like he is gonna go hug them. Hit the MFer.

Why is AJ starting again? He makes takes one step forward (good plays) and then two steps back (bad plays). On top of that he is slow. Bruce missed a few plays as well but overall he is making plays out there. Not sure why he didnt start here from the get go. And why was he at WR and not Merk. But now you bring Merk to WR? The CBs continue to be horrible at playing the ball. We have 2 DB asst coaches and we cant get either to coach up any of these guys?

The KOs barely make the 10, not good. With Pitts KOs they either kick it right every time or they were targeting Holmes. Well if they were targeting Holmes you think they would stop after his first return. Unless they felt he would tire out from D and teh returns. Either way I think after his first 298 returns of the game you need to flip flop sides with Suter. Why was this not done?

As it happened:

-At the start of the game I thought that the crowd was smaller than NE. However some people showed up late and it filled in past the NE crowd. I would say it was close to 20k.

-AJ Brown got the start. I am not sure why he continues to play. For every nice play he makes he blows 3-4 others.

-A play that is screwed up very often in FB is the spot of the ball. Pitt was stopped a yard shy of the first to make it 3rd and 1 yet they were given the first. Maybe they dont get 3 that first drive.

-Pitt is dropping balls and the QB is far from accurate.

-Pitt had a 3rd and 3 and SU brought no pressure. This however would finally change.

-Bruce makes a nice stop. He has been doing a pretty good job at making plays. Not sure how he wasnt the starter from day 1.

-The CBs have been horrible all year at playing the ball. Which makes no sense since we have 2 DB coaches.

-3rd and 6 and we rush 4. However we make the stop and hold Pitt to 3.

-A great KR by Holmes. The crowd sounded loud there and on TV, despite no one being there.

-I was scared that Pitt would return the favor and they had a good return but it was called back on a penalty. The KOs lately have been barely making teh 10 yard line. Not good.

-We start being aggressive on D. On first the DL put pressure on Stull. On 2nd we blitzed Mele. However he tied coming off the corner from his normal LB spot. It made no sense. Bring him off the edge or up the middle. Pitt had a dropped pass on the play.

-On 3rd and 10 we only rush 4. Ugh. Pitt is stopped inches short and is forced to punt.

-A short punt gives SU the ball at the 45. The TV guy calls it the Syracuse Dome?

-On a 3rd and 1 CB barely picks up the first. He has been running well this year.

-Merk drops a pass. Why hasnt he been in at WR earlier in the year instead of Bruce?

-3rd and 6 a nice pass to Davis for the TD. SU leads 14-3!

-Kimmel gets blown off the ball and Pitt gains 6. This happens to him time and again and he is our run stopping DE? Move him to the other side and play Perkins here.

-Smith does a nice job blowing up a run. 3rd and 3 for Pitt and they have a false start.

-SU blitzes! But it is picked up. Pitt had a WR wide open but a bad pass falls incomplete.

-Pitt uses the gate protection on punts. Our gusy just run into them. Why not jump and put your hands up trying for the block?

-HCRE is on the phone. UConn and SU have similar talent yet UConn ahs a good D. Hmmmm.

-3rd and 1 Pitt gets away with PI on Owen deep. Like the call as we will obviously go for it on 4th.

-We try and get Pitt to jump offside and then take a delay of game to punt. Are you Fing kidding me? First that 3rd down call makes zero sense if you dont go for it. Second you are on the 38 friggin yard line. Technically that is FG range. This will be the turning point of the game. SU had momentum and punting takes the foot off the throat, allowing Pitt to breath and settle down.

-Pitt pitches it and Smith does a bad job. But thats not all. Holmes allows the RB to get outside.

-SU sends a blitz and the TE, covered by Mele, is open deep but the ball is overthrown.

-3rd and 1 and Pitt goes 1 wide. SU keeps Nico in for some reason. Pitt is running it. Bring in the extra DL or LB. What good is a second CB? Anyway Nico has a shot to blow up the play but fails.

-The SU D starts the 2nd Q with Kimmel getting blown off the ball again.

-SU sends another Blitz flushing STull out of the pocket and a bad pass. Boy he sucks.

-3rd and 6 we only rush 4 and have a LB, Smith, on Kinder? I just dont get it. If they go 3 WR go 5 DB. Simple.

-SU sends a Blitz and AJ does a nice job to break up the catch with a big hit.

-3rd down and SU blitzes again. Did someone kidnap GRob? Pitt settles for 3.

-Hogue has a cut back lane but just runs into the line. He has no vision. Move him to LB.

-Nice catch on the sideline by Sales.

-3rd and 3 we do a toss to Hogue, our slowest RB, with no blockers. He never had a chance. Bad conservative drive than CB didnt even get in. Why?

-A potential decent PR is averted as teh PR on Pitt trips and falls.

-Syull had all day to throw and throws a 12 yard pass. Is our DL that bad or are they taught not to rush up field?

-Holmes is making some plays today on D. Maybe he is back.

-Good pressure by Snatiago and Stull thrying to throw it away is picked by Merk. However Santiago grabbed Stulls facemask. Big play that goes other way.

-SU gets good pressure again but Pitt gets teh completion. Nice to see we are being more aggressive.

-Flaherty can make a stop for a loss forcing a 3rd and 6. Instead the slowest spin move ever fakes him out and Stephens-Howlings has a long run. Flaherty goes at guys liek he is trying to hug them.

-Jones makes a good play shedding a block and stuffing the run.

-3rd and 10 SU sends Blitz but Pitt throws a swing pass. Nico could make the stop but misses leading to a 1st down.

-3rd and goal from the 2 goes for a TD to the TE. Holmes was out of position to make a play.

-A short KO and decent return lead to good field position for SU. With it 14-13 SU needs an answer and we will get it.

-Davis has a false start. No excuse.

-Pitt gets called for PI. Not sure if it was catchable but I will take it.

-Brinkley hurdles a guy. Wow.

-CB goes on a long run breaking tackles and Pitt ankles with his jukes. Double Wow.

-CB comes out a SU goes conservative. It seems liek we are happy with 3 and running out the half.

-On 3rd and 9 we throw a swing to Hogue. Go for 7! Even if we get sacked it is an easy FG. Dumb.

-My friend wondered why Wanny didnt use any TOs here. There was over a minute and a half left. Plenty of time for Pitt to counter. I kinda wish they had because maybe we take a shot at 7.

-Good first half for SU. We are playing ok.

-SNY halftime report has Donnie Mac and Ray Lucas. SU and RU feel for NYC.

-Nice KR again by Holmes to start the half.

-3rd and 2 we throw deep to Chew and he makes a great catch. Live I thought it would be called back as it looked to be juggled. But there were no good angles to overturn. Good job coming out half to go up by 11.

-Pitt has a 3rd and 2 and SU calls a D TO? You cant do that in the 2nd half. No excuse.

-Pitt rolls out and WR wide open. Coverage sucks.

-Good job by Vinnie making a tackle for loss.

-3rd and 8 we rush 4. WR wide open. Where is the Blitzing from the 1st half.

-3rd and 3 we Blitz and force a bad pass. Thats more like it. Pitt settles for 3.

-Short kick, short return.

-Lobdell makes an appearance. Nice to see him making plays.

-Bailey takes an end around and goes backwards almost causing a disaster.

-Nice catch by Lobdell.

-Pitt gets a sack and SU has to punt. A run there likely sets up a FG but we were going for teh 1st down. Tough call either way.

-Missed tackle by Mele leaves a 3rd and short.

-3rd and 9 Smith misses a tackle on a WR screen allowing for an extra 5 yards and the WR is inches short of the first. That missed tackle allows Pitt to go for it on 4th (questionable call) and they get it deep in their own territory.

-McCoy has a long run as Holmes lets him outside. McCoy sits down at end of play instead of fighting for more yards. Wuss.

-End of 3rd Q. So far good job by SU.

-Another long run as Bruce misses a tackle and AJ takes a horrible angle before dragging teh RB down. The hole was opnned when Mele was touch blocked out of the way. It was a soft block and he made no attempt to fight it off.

-Pitt has 157 yards rushing at this point. Not good.

-Pitt scores on a run. Smith was being blocked but grabbed RB to slow him down. No one else came over to help. Pathetic.

-Pitt goes for 2. IMO that is too early. The game isnt ending 24-24 so no need. Pitt throws a jump ball and Merk is lost. Tie game.

-Bailey is in at RB. WTF? Why not Hogue? Or Fiametta? Or Dan Bailey? Why bring in a true frosh in this situation for his first play ever?!!!!!!!!!!

-SU is confused and takes a TO. Ugh. Out of the TO we run a bland play. Thats what the TO was for?

-3rd down Hogue comes back in. SU looks confused again. We barely get the snap off, which is low, and Pitt gets a sack. Awful drive.

-Giruzzi misses a tackle on the PR.

-Pitt simply took over the 4th Q.

-Missed tackle by Mele.

-Pitt is going 1 WR set and just running it down SU throat.

-17 yard run. Missed tackles by Buce, Kimmel, and AJ.

-PI on Nico. Again not playing the ball.

-Merk makes a tackle for a loss. Nice Play.

-Pitt has a big mismatch at LOS but calls a TO. Thank you.

-SU Blitzes and Smith has a chance at an INT on the sideline but miss times his jump. Huge play.

-Pitt lines up with trips and SU only had 2 defenders covering them. However Pitt runs a screen and Smith barely trips up the RB forcing a FG. 27-24.

-Another KR by Holmes. The guy has to be tired why not move Suter there?

-CB runs for 9.

-Davis open deep but overthrown.

-Baumbach gets beat bad and then gives up on play as fumble rolls around.

-Pitt goes 1 WR and calls the same run play to the right 5 times in a row. SU keeps its base personel.

-Pitt follows those 5 with 2 of the same play to the left.

-3rd and goal from 3 and they walk in for TD. Merk bounced in and didnt contain (why is a DB in on goaline?). Bruce dipped in as well.

-Dantley scrambles for a 1st.

-Dantley is hit as he throws incomplete. Pitt is bringing the pressure.

-Short pass for 6 when need to be throwing down field.

-Dantley is hit again. Pitt rushed 4 but left the DE for Hogue 1 on 1?

-A bad pass to Hogue on 4th ends it for SU.

-Pitt adds one more long run for good messure. Flaherty was joke on the play. AJ missed another angle.

-34-24 final

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