Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What the next HC is looking at

IMO GRob came in and did an awful job recruiting the D his first year. For example Anthony Smith was a SR. Behind him was Maljovec. So would you not make getting a 3 Star FS a priority? You needed someone to come in and compete right away. Now after 3 full classes we still have no depth at FS, as seen by having a converted RB on the 2nd team. Then you have DE and LB which he also did nothing for. So next year what does the next HC have to concentrate on?

***** I wanted to clarify the below. The next HCs 1st class will be filling holes for the 2010 season. The below is our depth for that season.

Catalina JR
Legree JR
Nassib Soph

I think you definitely want to get a QB. And because QB is important it is always a priority even though the recruit wont get PT until RS Frosh or Soph year.

Hogue SR
Collier Soph
Bailey Soph
Jones Soph
Harden Soph

I think 1/2 of those guys will end of changing positions. You want two RBs for depth but it isnt a high priority.

Davis SR
Cervino JR
Chew JR
Sales JR
Sheeran JR or Soph?
Fairchild Soph

You want two WRs for depth but they will be more important for the future. So it isnt a high priority.

Provo JR
Pratt JR
Stevens Soph
Cutler Soph

You want a TE for depth but the position is the least important on O.

Baubach SR
Meldrum SR
Rosner SR
Bartholomew SR
McKenzie SR
White JR
Haney JR
Lepak JR
Speller Soph
Kay Soph
Allport Soph

OL is always important. So you want 2 guys in here to develop under the guys above.

Kimmel SR
Perkins SR
Stewart JR
Marinovich JR
Tucker Soph
Vaughan Soph
Jones Soph
Jones Soph

I am sure some of these guys will be moved to DT. Not a position of need.

Tribbey SR
Lewis SR
Middleton JR
Boatman Soph
Lowery Soph

Same as DE.

Canty SR
Mele SR
Smith SR
Battles JR
Gillum JR
Kimmel Soph

This position is a mess. The next coach will need 2 LBs who can come in an push the above group.

Merk SR
Holmes SR
Scott SR
Reid JR
Graham JR
Mayes Soph
Harris Soph

There is some talent here. You may even be able to move a few to S. Still it is always good to stockpile DBs.

McKinnon SR
Suter SR
Scott JR

Not much here but a few RBs or CBs will likely be moved. Could be a position of need.

Long SR
Novak JR
Wallis Soph

These arent huge priorities but you do need a P to take over for the next year.

So if I were to rank by need

1. 2 LBs
2. QB
3. 2 OL
4. 2 WR
5. RB
6. DT
7. DE
8. CB
9. S
10. TE/FB
11. K/P

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