Sunday, September 14, 2008

King Ottos Konclusion

So I actually watched the game a second time. Well most of it. The NYC ABC switched right after the SU TD with 1 min left in the 3rd Q. They went to Oregon vs Purdue. So I got to fast forward to the end and see an awful FG atempt by Purdue as time expried. And then in the 2nd OT another one. The recording ended perfectly after that game. What didnt go perfectly was the SU game, unless you are a Penn St fan.

There werent really many decisions that GRob had to make. He went for it on 4th downs instead of kicking meaningless FGs.

Too conservative. I wanted to give MB the benefit of the doubt his first few games but this game he didnt show much. The first play after the TO was tailor made for a play action pass toward the endzone. Instead we got what looked like a screen that turned into a fumble. Unless he wanted CB to throw it there. Either way bad call. The rest of the half wasnt so bad. Too many runs into the line though. PSU is physically a better team. Yet MB was conservative and showed little imagination. If the players did a better job then it wouldnt have looked as bad. However we really needed to spread it out to have any chance. The half ended with awful play calling. Again after a turnover and little time left in the half (down 35-3) we are running the ball and content on playing for 3. I had higher hopes for MB than he has shown so far as an OC. I do have to give him credit for the OL. He had Chavers and a true Frosh on the OL and was able to keep Dantley upright for the most part.

The problem I have here for this game was who played and when. Giruzzi time and again fails to make plays. He isnt holding his position on run plays. So if he isnt physically getting the job done then why arent we seeing a youngin? We did see much more of Marinovich this game. Hopefully Giruzzi will be phased out. However in garbage time we still saw him in there. Derrell Smith has been our best LB. Yet he was out for a bunch of plays as Canty was worked in. Why not Mele instead? Then there is Flaherty who shouldnt be on the field. Why not try Stenclik who flashed in limited time last year? Then in the 2nd half with the game already over we see AJ Brown and Chiara. Why take out Scott and why not play Suter? What good is having SRs play garbage time?

We cant block on KRs this year. And we cant cover on KOs. The first is a problem since we have so many. The other not so much since we rarely KO.

Dantley was bad. He made some nice throws but also made some really bad ones. He had a RJ Anderson type of game.

That dropped lateral by CB killed.

Owen had a nice catch and a big drop. I thought Davis looked good and gives us hope. Same for Sales. Mayes got PT and made a decent catch. Lobdell needs to sit. He adds nothing.

They couldnt run up the middle but that was expected. Pass protection has been good this year. The group is still young.

Kimmel was overmatched. Giruzzi shouldnt be out there. DTs had their moments with Jones and Perkins.

Flaherty needs to sit. He is too slow. He is too tentative. He makes plays 6 yards down field even if unblocked. Mele showed signs last year in pass coverage. Yet he is playing inside while Smith plays over the slot. Makes sense. Smith though did make some nice plays in coverage. Canty got in as well but didnt notice him bad or good.

Should Nico Scott have even played? The early PSU TD said no. Graham has potential but his first PT is against PSU? Really? Holmes is having trouble making plays this year. I liked seeing Scott at SS. But he sat in the 2nd half for AJ Brown. Makes sense. Bruce played decent and made some plays. Then he sits for Chiara in the 2nd half. And where the F is Suter?!!!!!!

A few random thoughts as they happened...

Seeing a promo they showed a drum major. I dont recall seeing SU with one ever. Why not?

The game started off with bad KO cov. PSU ran on their first play and Smith was held to allow a 9 yard gain to the outside. Then we see a nice play by Santiago and a fumble recovery by SU.

SU starts off by giving it right back to PSU. CB dropped the lateral and then Lobdell avoided the fumble like GRob avoids Ws.

PSU scores on a long pass. Game over. Nico Scott was nowhere near the guy. If he is hurt he shouldnt have played. With 13:40 in the 1st Q you can go home.

I noticed that we had ED 44 on the helmets. Nice touch.

Later on PSU has 3rd and 17. SU brings no pressure and sits in a zone. QB makes the read and converts the pass for a first down. If you bring some pressure their the QB has to hit his hot WR and they dont get the first down.

A few times we got some pressure on screens. On both plays the QB threw it away without an intentional grounding call. And both times he hit his OL and didnt get an ineligable WR penalty either. Both turned into breaks for PSU.

I expected more and louder PSU fans. I would guess it was 25K-20K SU. I feared 30 to 15.

SU was in 3 and out city. However on one 3rd down Davis was hit early with no pass interference. We didnt get many calls. PSU woulda won big anyway, did we really need the refs to kick us while we were down as well?

Kimmel and Giruzzi were getting abused. Smith was doing well in pass coverage.

In the Next HC Bowl they showed UBs Hail Mary. I didnt see the game at all but based on losing on the road by a fluke I say Golden was the winner.

A few times PSU ran a bubble screen to the slot with no LB or S within 15 yards and the CB on WR playing 10 yards away. It woulda been an easy 10 yards every time if the QB didnt overthrow it.

Another swing and Flaherty is within the area. No one is blocking him and he is just sitting there waiting for the WR to come to him. Note to Jake they dont tackle themselves. Move! Anyway he misses the tackle.

PSU runs outside and Flaherty is too slow to get there. Why does he play?

This whole game I kinda sat there and felt like Cameron in the pool scene from Ferris Buellers day off.

DC3 pulls up and is hurt. Just great.

Giruzzi gets tossed aside and Mele takes on the FB like a girl. Result long run.

Graham gives up a TD due to not playing the ball. We have 2 DB coaches. Couldnt one of them teach our DBs to turn?

Mayes with a nice pickup. Wasnt an easy catch.

Later on we have a 3rd and 1 and just run it into the line. How many times will we do this?

Owen gets a catch on 4th down. Then on the next 3rd down he drops a 1st down catch leaving SU with a FG attempt.

SU has another helmet fall off. I think that is 4 today. We have to lead the nation in this.

PSU is faced with a 3rd and less than a yard. They take a deep shot but its overthrown. Why couldnt SU have done this the last drive? 4th down a QB sneak gets the first.

Graham gets beat for a TD. If SU ever brought pressure maybe the CBs wouldnt look so bad.

With 2:15 seconds left and SU facing a 2nd and 6 PSU calls TO. Really?After third down, fine. But this showed totaly disrespect with 2:15 seconds left. JoePa pretty much said you aint moving the ball I want 2 min left to work with. Its 35-3 no need.

PSU fumbles the PR and SU recovers. Karma is a bitch.

SU opens up with a swing pass instead of trying for points. Great. Then we follow with a draw. Awesome. 3rd down is a bad pass and SU takes the FG. First you dont win with FGs when your opponent has 35. Second can you be more conservative?

PSU ends the half with a 52 yarder which easily goes through of course.

The seats are all empty to start the second half.

On 3rd and inches in our own territory SU throws long, and a bad throw at that. QB sneak it if you arent willing to go for it on 4th.

Great punt down to 1.

The red headed asst coach on PSU is a dick. He has been yelling at his players all day. Who the F does he think he is? I would pop him if I were a PSU player.

PSU drops a pass on 3rd down and has to punt!

CB does a nice job picking up a blitz. Pass protection has been good.

Dantley throws it right to a DB for an INT.

Our LBs play patty cake with blockers instead of taking them one. Cant we recruit bad ass mofos at LB? How come Dantonio could do it at Cincy but GRob has these guys?

AJ Brown is in. Why? And where the F is Suter?

Holmes is beat on a short pass, misses the tackle, then recovers to cause a fumble. Tribbey and 14 other SU plays miss the ball and PSU recovers.

PSU scores and gets a BS celebration penalty. The refs need to cut this crap. Do you have no common sense?

Hogue converts up the gut on a 4th and 1. Bout time.

Mays has been playing quite a bit. Nice to see.

Davis catches the ball down the field.

4th and 8 Sales catches a TD pass. We are coming back. Maybe not. As SU is about to kick off ABC switches to Oregon vs Purdue. Hey we made it to 1 min left in the 3rd Q. Not bad.

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