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TATTOO: Northeastern Huskies vs Syracuse Orange

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). First we had the Sox and Yanks. Then we had the Pats and GMen. And now competing for the TATTOO are the Northeastern Huskies and the Syracuse Orange. This weeks TATTOO reflects the latest in Boston vs NY:

Born on Date
NE: 1898 vs SU: 1870
Ottos Edge: SU... they were founded as the Evening Institute for Younger Men at the YMCA. In 1922 it was renamed the Northeastern University of the Boston Young Men's Christian Association. Then it was changed to its current name in 1935. It wasn't until 1948 that it completely separated from the YMCA.

GPS (Location)
NE: Boston vs SU: Syracuse
Ottos Edge: SU... you have to be wicked retahded to like Boston. NE is in the Fenway-Kenmore section of the city.

Type of School
NE: Private vs SU: Private
Ottos Edge: SU... NE is primarily a commuter school, which is unprivate like

NE: 96th vs SU: 53rd
Ottos Edge: SU... I am pretty shewah higher is better

School known for
NE: Co-Op/Internship Program vs SU: Newhouse
Ottos Edge: SU... they place about 5k students annually with employers in Boston. Students alternate periods of study with periods of paid employment related to their major.

Zero Point Zero (alumnus that didn't graduate)
NE: Shawn Fanning (founded Napster) vs SU: Lou Reed
Ottos Edge: NE... music should be free

School Paper
NE: Huntington News vs SU: DO
Ottos Edge: SU... their paper was founded in 1926 as the NE News. The paper went indy in 2008 and changed the name.

School Colors
NE: Red and Black vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: SU... just because

NE: Paws vs SU: Otto
Ottos Edge: SU... Paws is a live mascot. The first husky was named King Husky and had an honorary degree. King Husky VII passed away in 1989 and there was no mascot until the arrival of Paws in 2003.

Team Name
NE: Huskies vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: NE... Otto is kinda Husky himself

1st year FB
NE: 1932 vs SU: 1889
Ottos Edge: SU... nearly 50 years better

All Time Wins
NE: 284 vs SU: 670
Ottos Edge: SU... a lot more

HC record at current school
NE: Rocky Hager 15-31 vs SU: GRob 7-31
Ottos Edge: NE... he has more Ws. How bizah that they are tied in Ls. Loser takes the lead.

Ottos Edge: NE... their champ is decided on the field

NE: Colonial Athletic Association vs SU: BE
Ottos Edge: NE... I dont think SU could beat a Colonial team in FB or BBall this year. Before 2005 NE was in the A10 for FB and America East for other sports. When they moved to the CAA for all sports the A10 FB died. CAA absorbed the A10 FB teams.

Conf Titles
NE: 1 (2002 A-10 Co-Champ) vs SU: 4
Ottos Edge: SU... we play real teams

For instance...

Last time played at UConn
NE: won 35-27 (2000) vs SU: lost 30-7
Ottos Edge: NE... ok maybe that was a bad example. We have never won at UConn

Lets try…

Team played most
NE: Rhode Island 55 (25-28-2) vs SU: PSU 69
Ottos Edge: NE... their series is a lot closer

The players that made up the teams…

NE: Sean Jones vs SU: Dwight Freeney
Ottos Edge: SU… that’s Sean Jones of the Raiders, Oilers, and Pack

NE: Dan Ross (former Bengal) vs SU: John Mackey
Ottos Edge: SU... Ross set SB records for TEs when he had 11 catches for 104 yards and 2 TDs.

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
NE: Parsons Field (7K) vs SU: Dome
Ottos Edge: SU... we will likely only have 7K for this game. They share their field with the Brookline HS FB team

NE: Boston Arena (Matthews Arena) vs SU: War Memorial
Ottos Edge: NE... the arena is the original home of the Broons, Seltz, and Whalers. As well as the Beanpot Tournament. It is the oldest surviving hockey arena in the world, opening in 1910. In 1979 it was renamed after NE alumnus George Matthews, who helped fund its refurbishment.

Speaking of hockey...

Sport with Sticks
NE: Hockey vs SU: Lax
Ottos Edge: SU... we have 10 titles in our sport. In the 80s NE won the Beanpot Tournament 4 times and was runner up twice. In 1982 they made it to the Frozen Four.

Other sports…

BBall Coach
NE: Dave Leitao is alumnus vs SU: JB
Ottos Edge: SU... he is a Husky Squared

Athletes of note
NE: Carlos Peña, Reggie Lewis vs SU: Dave Bing, Melo
Ottos Edge: SU… two BBall greats

NE: usually Top 10 vs SU: long history
Ottos Edge: Push… I don’t know enough to pick a winner

Sports Media
NE: Michelle Bonner, Dan Orsillo (NESN/SOX) vs SU: Mike Tirico, Joe Castiglione (Sox radio), and all
Ottos Edge: SU... we have had some good ones

NE: Will vs SU: Sean
Ottos Edge: NE… father comes first

Speaking of fathers…

FB Founder
NE: George Matthews (helped create USFL, owned Boston Breakers) vs SU: Al Davis (helped create AFL, owns Raiders)
Ottos Edge: SU... the AFL was a tad better

From Sports founders to…

NE: Robert Black (founder Black & Decker), Robert Davis (founder Lycos) vs SU: Arthur Rock (provided capital to start Intel), David Rockwell (founder Rockwell Group)
Ottos Edge: NE… tools (power and web search) rule

JFK, Teddy, and Bill Clinton (no this has nothing to do with a Hollywood star and going to town, nor a car and watching one drown, nor a cigar and a dirty gown)
NE: commencement speakers vs SU: commencement speakers
Ottos Edge: Push... they also had Michael Dukakis, Mikhail Gorbachev, Madelein Albright, Bill Richardson, Christine Todd Whitman, Tip ONeill, Coretta Scott King, and Henry Cabot Lodge all speak at commencement.

Many of those were politicians…

Poly Sci Prof
NE: Michael Dukakis vs SU: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
Ottos Edge: NE... he has more to talk about like Dukakis in the tank

Dem VP Candidate Connection
NE: Hadassa Lieberman (Joey's wife) vs SU: Joe Biden
Ottos Edge: SU… unless he loses and then it goes to NE (since Gore/Lieberman at least won the popular vote)

Speaking of elected office...

NE: Patrice ONeal (on Office) vs SU: GMac (could be Mayor of Scranton)
Ottos Edge: SU… as well as Mayor of the Cuse

Sticking with NBC...

NE: Jane Curtin (SNL) vs SU: Jerry Stiller (Seinfeld)
Ottos Edge: SU... that was a great show

As was…

Flavor Flav
NE: Jennifer Toof (Toastee) vs SU: Tiffany (New York is from Syracuse)
Ottos Edge: NE… she downs drinks like water out of the bubblah

Since Toastee often gets drunk, you want to make sure you take her...

NE: what you staht the cah with vs SU: pants
Ottos Edge: SU… most annoying accent

Sticking with transportation…

Getting around
NE: Orange Line of T runs by campus, have underground tunnels linking 13 campus buildings vs SU: Centro and snow shoes
Ottos Edge: NE… underground tunnels sure beat snow tunnels

And finally the category of the week…

I love the 80s (aka oh yeah I remember him)
NE: DE Keith Willis (1978-81) vs SU Terry Wooden (1986-89)
Ottos Edge: NE… Willis played for the Steelers in the 80s

And the TATTOO goes to....

The Syracuse Orange as they win one that is tighter than it should be.

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