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TATTOO: Pittsburgh Panthers vs Syracuse Orange

Welcome to this weeks Team Against Team: Trivia and Obscure Observations (TATTOO). Facing off are the Pitt Panthers and the Syracuse Orange. This weeks TATTOO is an Orange Pitt (ok its a Peach but lets pretend):

Born on Date
Pitt: 1787 vs SU: 1870

Ottos Edge: Pitt... which was founded as Pittsburgh Academy, and later became Western University of PA in 1819. In 1845 a fire destroyed 20 blocks in Pittsburgh, including university buildings and records. In 1908 they finally became Pitt but were not a public university until 1966.

Not affected by the fire was…

Pitt: Allegheny (1859) vs SU: Holden (1887)
Ottos Edge: SU… we moved ours around campus. They built a replacement in 1912.

Sticking with buildings…

Famous building
Pitt: Cathedral of Learning vs SU: Hall of Languages

Ottos Edge: Pitt... its the tallest educational building in the US (535ft, 42 stories) and 2nd tallest in the world. After a Pitt W it is illuminated in gold-colored lights (which should happen around 7pm Sat).

While we are on learning…

Pitt: 58th vs SU: 53rd
Ottos Edge: SU… barely beat them

School known for
Pitt: UPMC vs SU: Newhouse

Ottos Edge: Pitt... the polio vaccine was developed there by

Notable educators
Pitt: Jonas Salk, Mr Rogers vs SU: Pat Moynihan, Peter Weller

Ottos Edge: Pitt... wouldnt be such a beautiful day in the neighborhood without Salks work

A neighborhood is part of a city…

GPS (Location)
Pitt: Pittsburgh, PA vs SU: Syracuse, NY

Ottos Edge: SU... basically are the same but SU gets the nod for being in NY. PA sucks.

City Nickname
Pitt: Steel City vs SU: Salt City

Ottos Edge: Pitt... we are not bigger than US Steel.

Speaking of steel...

Pitt: Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and Andrew Mellon alum vs SU: Carnegie Library

Ottos Edge: Pitt... but thanks for the gift Mr Carnegie

Pitt is also known as the City of Bridges having 446 of them. Which are needed to cross…

Bodies of Water
Pitt: three rivers vs SU: finger lakes

Ottos Edge: Push... not too annoying having to drive over a million bridges, but lake effect snow is no better.

And snow is a pain when traveling down the…

Pitt: Washington vs SU: Olympus
Ottos Edge: Pitt… they have an inclined rail to travel down in.

At one time in that area panthers used to roam, which is how they got their…

Team Name
Pitt: Panthers vs SU: Orange
Ottos Edge: SU… panthers are carnivorous so we are safe from being devoured

And from the name came the…

Pitt: ROC vs SU Otto

Ottos Edge: SU... Otto cannot be eaten, I mean beaten

Mascots usually chill with the…

Pitt: multiple champs including 1992-1994 vs SU: nice to look at
Ottos Edge: SU… thats what they are there for

And they can be seen supporting the team at the…

No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around (Home Field)
Pitt: Heinz Field (65k) vs SU: Carrier Dome

Ottos Edge: Pitt... you can get ketchup at Heinz, you cant get AC in the Dome

Old Home
Pitt: Pitt Stadium 56k 1925-99 (home of Steelers from 1963-69) vs SU: Achbold Stadium 40k 1907-78 (3rd concrete stadium built)
Ottos Edge: Push… both were better off before (Pitt: on campus, SU: outdoor)

Pitt played at Recreation Park until 1899. Then moved to Exposition Park until 1908, followed by Forbes Field until 1924. In 1925 they started playing in Pitt Stadium, where they stayed until moving to Three Rivers for the 2000 season and have been at Heinz since 2001.

Sticking with history…

1st year of FB
Pitt: 1890 vs SU: 1889

Ottos Edge: Push... basically the same

All Time wins
Pitt: 647 vs SU: 672

Ottos Edge: SU... it is too bad that the 3 best traditional BE teams (WV, Pitt, SU) arent together dominating the conf

Which means we should all be competing to be…

Big East Champs
Pitt: One vs SU: Four
Ottos Edge: SU… I still dont understand how in the hell they were given the BCS slot in 2004

From conference to…

National Championships
Pitt: depends on who you ask vs SU: one

Ottos Edge: Pitt... 2 came after polls started (1937 and 1976)

The teams also compete for the…

Lambert Trophy
Pitt: Six timw winner vs SU: Six time winner
Ottos Edge: Push… both are tied for 3rd all time, one behind Army and many behind PSU.

Also marking success is ones…

Bowl record
Pitt: 10-14 vs SU: 12-9-1

Ottos Edge: SU... its been too long since either team made a Bowl, 2004 to be exact

Sticking with Bowls…

Sugar Bowl Shenanigans
Pitt: 1956 Bobby Grier was the first black man to play in the game vs SU: 1987 Auburn went for the tie ruining SUs perfect season
Ottos Edge: Push… there are no winners here.

In that 1956 game GTech threatened not to play because of Grier. Props to Pitt for holding their ground and demanding that Grier play. In the game (a 7-0 loss), Grier was called for a controversial pass interference call in the end zone. After the game Louisiana outlawed integrated competition and no black players participated in the Sugar Bowl until a Floyd Little and Jim Nance led SU team played in 1965.

It is wrong to hate unless its…

Penn State
Pitt: 42-50-4 vs SU: 23-41-5
Ottos Edge: Push… we are all winners hating State Penn. Both teams main rival was PSU but no longer play on a yearly basis.

Second biggest rival
Pitt: WV (Back Yard Brawl: 59-37-3) vs SU: Colgate (29-31-5)

Ottos Edge: Pitt... they also have a rivalry with ND and now have added the River City Rivalry with Cincy

And we can also consider each other rivals…

Head to Head
Pitt: 30 wins vs SU: 30 wins

Ottos Edge: Push… this game is for the lead. We also have 3 ties.

Rivals usually play for a trophy. But trophies can also be an…

Individual Trophy
Pitt: Outland winner Mark May vs SU: TE trophy named after Mackey
Ottos Edge: SU… a deserving honor

And the most important individual trophy of them all…

Heisman winner
Pitt: Tony Dorsett vs SU: Ernie Davis

Ottos Edge: Push... both were pretty damn good

Other RBs
Pitt: Curtis Martin, Ironhead Heyward vs SU Jim Brown, Floyd Little, Joe Morris, Larry Csonka, Jim Nance, Moose Johnston

Ottos Edge: SU... easy win

Handing off to them is the…

Pitt: Dan Marino vs SU: McNabb

Ottos Edge: Push... neither could win the big one

QB that lead team to undefeated season
Pitt: Matt Cavanaugh vs SU: Don McPherson

Ottos Edge: Pitt... he has the ring

Other QBs
Pitt: Pete Gonzalez, Rod Rutherford, Alex Van Pelt vs SU: Marvin Graves, Wilmeth Sidat-Singh, Todd Philcox
Ottos Edge: SU… by a slim margin

And they pass it to the…

Pitt: Latif Grim, Antonio Bryant, Larry Fitzgerald, Greg Lee vs SU: Ark Monk, Rob Moore, Marvin Harrison, Kevin Johnson

Ottos Edge: SU... one is real the other is fake

Pitt: Mike Ditka vs SU: John Mackey

Ottos Edge: Push... both were great

Skill players get the credit but just as important are the…

Pitt: Mark May, Russ Grimm, Bill Fralic, Ruben Brown, Mark Stepnoski vs SU: John Flannery, Craig Wolfley, Jim Ringo

Ottos Edge: Pitt... nice blocking there

Joining them in the trenches are the…

Pitt: Hugh Green, Chris Doleman, Bill Maas, Tony Siragusa vs SU: Dwight Freeney, Tim Green, Ted Gregory, Rob Burnett

Ottos Edge: Push… both teams have some great sack men, including Goose (as in eating)

Behind them filling the holes (unless you are a current SU LB)…

Pitt: Ricky Jackson vs SU: Keith Bulluck
Ottos Edge: Push… both are underrated

Bobby Boucher (best current defender)
Pitt: LB Scott McKillop vs SU: Art Jones
Ottos Edge: SU… whats a LB and how are they important?

And leading these players are the…

Pitt: Pop Warner, Johnny Majors, Jimmy Johnson, Jackie Sherrill, Mike Gottfried, Marty Shottenheimer, John Gruden, Mike McCarthy, Joe Walton, Mike Ditka, Wannstache vs SU Tom Coughlin, Ben Schwartzwalder, Coach Mac, Coach P

Ottos Edge: Pitt... in a landslide

Sticking with coaches...

Current HC
Pitt: Wannstache vs SU: GRob

Ottos Edge: Push... neither can coach

Former HC

Pitt: Walt Harris vs SU: Coach P

Ottos Edge: Push... neither have recovered from firing the last coach

From HC to…

FB Staffer
Pitt: David Walker (SU Alum) vs SU: Desmond Robinson (Pitt Alum)

Ottos Edge: Push... doesnt seem right, lets trade

Sticking with sports staff...

Ralph Willard
Pitt: HC vs SU: Asst
Ottos Edge: SU… not surprisingly he was successful here, since Pitt has never done a thing in BBall

Staying with BBall...

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
Pitt: about Pittsburgh team vs SU: Marv Albert appeared in
Ottos Edge: Pitt… Pisces are the best. This happens to be McNabb’s fav movie.

If they did a remake of the movie you would likely cast a…

Crazy Sports Exec
Pitt: Mark Cuban, Pat Croce vs SU: Al Davis
Ottos Edge: SU… Davis was able to win a championship

Davis rules the Raiders like a…

Pitt: Friday VIII (Mr Rogers) vs SU: Otto III
Ottos Edge: SU… what kind of freaking king lives next to the train tracks?

Instead of a king we have…

Pitt: Orrin Hatch, Rich Santorum, James Traficant vs SU: Al D'Amato, Joseph Biden

Ottos Edge: SU... ouch not the best group there, Pitt

Santorum is a contributor to Fox News Channel. Fox also employs…

Fox NFL guy
Pitt: Tony Siragusa vs SU: Daryl Johnston

Ottos Edge: SU... Moose beats the Goose

Other media guys…

Sports journalist
Pitt: Beano Cook vs SU: Bob Costas
Ottos Edge: Pitt… it is fun hearing his senile views

Pitt: Mike Gottfried vs SU: Dave Pasch
Ottos Edge: Push… not a fan of either

But I am a fan of midgets,

NFL battle
Pitt: a mini Ditka coaching a midget squad of da Bears vs SU: a Tom Coughlin coached Giants team using real giants

Ottos Edge: Pitt... a mini Ditka with a mini Fridge would still win

A mini fridge can store food from…

Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner! (Eatery)
Pitt: Primanti Brothers vs SU: Dino BBQ

Ottos Edge: SU... I will pass on the slaw

Primanti Bros have famous…

Pitt: called hoagie vs SU: called sub

Ottos Edge: Push... as long as it tastes good I could care less what you call it.

What doesnt sound good is Chipped Ham, a local fav in Pittsburgh. It is very thinly sliced chopped ham loaf (which is a mixture of ham chunks and seasoning ground together and packaged in loaves).

The most important meal of the day…

Pitt: Eatin' Park vs SU: Denny's

Ottos Edge: Push... the only winner here is the toilet paper industry

You cant get TP but you can get a portable toilet at…

Dicks Sporting Goods
Pitt: HQ in the Burgh vs SU: started in Binghamton
Ottos Edge: SU… everything starts in NY.

If yinz get a portable toilet you may need Mr Belvedere (show took place outside Pittsburgh) to redd up. Otherwise your place will be trashy like Britney Spears. Remember when she used to be an important…

Pitt: Christina Aguilera (native) vs SU: Vanessa Williams
Ottos Edge: Pitt… she was born in Shaolin. Wu Tang is forever.

Lets stick with singing…

Pitt: Gene Kelly (Singin in the Rain) vs SU: Peter Falk
Ottos Edge: Pitt… he was also in Achors Aweigh featuring this famous dance scene with Stewie Griffin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNJACOVlQ_8)

While we are on movies…

Pitt: David Dalessandro (Snakes on a Plane) vs SU: Carl Gottlieb (Jaws)
Ottos Edge: Push… both were scary (SoaP for its acting and Jaws for the shark)

Jaws gave people a fear of…

Pitt: several Olympians, won 19 mens and 9 womens BE Titles vs SU: what swim team?
Ottos Edge: Pitt… our program is no longer

But still here is…

Pitt: Karl Krauser vs SU: Devo
Ottos Edge: SU… wait Krauser is only a Soph? How can that be? He is an old man.

Sticking with old people…

Pitt: Pitt Band vs SU: SUMB
Ottos Edge: SU… Pitts majorette squad is known as the Golden Girls. Not a good name choice. Do they need to be helped across the field?

While we are on bands…

Elastic Bands are called…
Pitt: Gum-Bands vs SU: Rubber
Ottos Edge: SU… I need help understanding Pittsburghese

Speaking of help…

Students helping students
Pitt: Pitt Pathfinders (host campus tours) vs SU: Goon Squad (help move new students in)
Ottos Edge: Push… people helping people, how existential

And finally this years category of the w...ait a minute, we cant let those bastards from State Penn have the biggest TATTOO of the year. It wouldnt be right for either Pitt or SU. Onward we go.

While we are on getting things right…

Pitt: many Panthers vs SU: Saltine Warrior, ED
Ottos Edge: Pitt… they dont have Nike shoes on their statues. The Millennium Panther dedicated in 2001 has a time capsule buried beneath it to be opened in 2051.

Someone who would set things right…

Manly Man
Pitt: Charles Bronson no explanation needed (native of Pittsburgh) vs SU: Thom Filicia who sets things as in decorate
Ottos Edge: Pitt… I dont have a death wish

Speaking of death…

School Paper
Pitt: The Pitt News vs SU: DO
Ottos Edge: SU… the late great Myron Cope (Steelers radio voice and inventor of the Terrible Towel, passed away this year) once worked at their paper.

Sticking with radio guys…

Disc Jockey
Pitt: Adrian Cronauer (inspiration for Good Morning, Vietnam) vs SU: Bob Shannon
Ottos Edge: SU… Bob was big in the Burgh. He originated and hosted “The Sunday Night Oldies Party”. The show became the highest-rated in Pittsburgh radio history, with a 25% share of the audience.

While we are on parties…

Pitt: Bigelow Bash vs SU: Block Party
Ottos Edge: Push… we are all winners here. The Bigelow Bash is a spring festival and has nothing to do with Bam Bam Bigelow breaking things (although that would be cool).

Bam Bam got his wrassling start in the 80s which brings us to the category of the week…

I love the 80s (aka oh yeah I remember him)
Pitt: RB Curvin Richards 1987-1990 vs SU: RB Jamie Covington 1981-84
Ottos Edge: SU… close call but Jamie is from NYC (Bayside to be exact) so he gets the W

And the TATTOO goes to...

The Syracuse Orange as the win a game that will be as close as can be.

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