Sunday, September 7, 2008

King Ottos Konclusion Part II

I am not sure if I will be able to watch this a second time. Not because I cant stomach it but because I dont have DTV and my friend who recorded it likley deleted it in anger. Anyway onto my initial thoughts:

Not really anything bad to say here. It is for the D that he will get blasted.

I thought he called a good game. The 3rd and 4th down stuffed runs are more blocking. Maybe I spread it out on 3rd. Also if you notice we run a twin set 90% of the time. This helps the QB as it cuts the field in half. They only have to look one way and can make a decision faster, which also helps the OL in pass blocking a shorter length of time. However this also helps the D as they only have to cover one side of the field. Which also hurts the running game as the D can play 8 in the box without a risk of getting beat deep. With a twin set you have both CBs on the side with a S over the top. While if you have a WR on each side, to prevent the deep ball you need 2 Ss deep. Right now MB is getting away with this but teams will catch on quickly. He will need to adjust.

Awful. He just doesnt get the college game. We arent aggressive enough. He has had 3 full classes to recruit kids on D yet they cant beat out Ps left over kids. He is playing the SLB no where near the middle of the field. If you are going to have him so far away you may as well play a S there who will be better at coverage and get to a ball carrier faster. There were several times when Akron went with trips and Smith was over the second WR in. Why would you want your LB all the way over there? It isnt smart FB. That being said, Smiths INT happened in this senario. But it isnt like a S wouldnt have made the same play.

The KR blocking has been bad. The KO coverage even worse. We have kicked it off 8 times. One was a touch back. Of the 7 that were returned three have been taken back past the 40. The KOs yesterday seemed much shorter as well. The punt blockers yesterday just ran into the protectors and never jumped up to try for a block. Why even run in then? Would be nice to have a STC.

I thought Cam played well. The two series I think he had jitters. After that the fumble was his only bad play.

Hogue got the start but never came back in after the second series. Odd. DC3 didnt come in until the last play of the half. Odd. But he did have a good second half. Brinkley had a great game and needs to be getting the bulk of the carries. He seems like a different back this year and is running really well.

The TEs stood out yesterday. Good game by Owen and nice catch by Provo. The WRs were quiet.

They played well again. Baubach got beat a few times. I didnt notice Chavers as much which is always good. And we had a true frosh playing at G.

Jones made some nice plays. I didnt really notice anyone else.

Smith had a nice INT. Mele ends every play on his back. I think I have heard Flahertys name called twice this year. Dont see how he is better than Stenclik.

Well we looked much much worse. Merk cant tackle at all. We dont have much depth at CB but if any one the youngins are ready ala Holmes last year, Merk should go back to WR. Speaking of Holmes, he got beat a few times through the air. Then we have our wonderful Ss. Brown just isnt good. His effort on some of those missed tackles was a joke. Who taught him how to tackle? Then on the long TD draw run guess who was the main culprit? It was AJ. GRob put AJ near the LOS, like an LB and his only job was to watch out for the draw. Of course AJ lost the RB and was no where near him. Then we go and mis a few TDs and bam TD. Not GRobs fault there. Chiara gives a good effort but why is he in. He is a RB. After 3 full classes non of GRobs kids are better at S than Chiara? How is that possible?

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Rewatching Syracuse games?! John McCain at the Hanoi Hilton had it better than that!

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