Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Daily Directive

Another commitment, another kid from the NYC. SU now has 7 commits, four of whom hail from the NYC area. I guess TGDs Orange in the Apple campaign is finally paying off. That and Mr Anselmo who seems to be working those connections. But the key now will be having a successful 2009 season. A bad season could make these kids vulnerable to PSU, RU, and UConn. On the contrary a good season will put SU back in the picture with some recruits. Maybe Dominique Easley can be convinced to join his fellow NYers. Going in together and being a part of something could be a draw. Also SU hasnt fared very well in CNY so far. But a good season might help SU get some of those kids back on board with the Orange. There is still a long way to go until signing day, which is 8 months away. But you have to be happy with what we have seen so far from Marrone.

Peace out

King Otto III


Edit SU just picked up another recruit from NJ. Hopefully I will have to edit this again later today.

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