Monday, July 20, 2009

The Daily Directive

It is Summer and with Summer comes conf talk. So what can we do to somewhat fix college FB? Well King Otto would cut the fat by making some new requirements. The first requirement would be for a team to avg 20k per game over a 5 year period. This would be going forward from the time of the announcement, so 2010-14 the earliest. Using the last 5 years as a guide would result in 4 tiers of teams.

Tier I- teams that could lose 10% of their fanbase and still avg over 20k (86 teams)

B11- Mich, PSU, OSU, Wisc, Mich St, Iowa, Illinois, Purdue, Minn, Indiana, NW
SEC- Tenn, UGA, LSU, Bama, Fla, Aub, SC, UK, Ark, Miss, Miss St, Vandy
B12- Tex, OU, Neb, A&M, Missou, TT, KU, Col, Okie St, ISU, K St, Baylor
P10- USC, UCLA, ASU, Wash, Cal, Ore, Zona, Ore St, Stan, WSU
BE- WV, USF, Pitt, RU, UL, UConn, SU, Cincy
ACC- Clemson, FSU, VT, UNC, NC St, UVA, MD, GT, Miami, BC, Wake, Duke
CUSA- ECU, UCF, Memphis, UTEP, USM, Marsh
WAC- Hawaii, Fresno St, Boise St
Indies- ND, Navy, Army
1AAs- Montana

Tier II- teams that avg'd 20k the last 5 years (8 teams)

CUSA- Tulsa, Tulane, Houston
MAC- NIU, Toldeo
Sunbelt- Troy
1AA- Delaware, App St

Tier III- teams that need to gain up to 10% in fans to get to 20k (7 teams)

MWC- Wyoming
Sun Belt- La Lafayette, Ark St
1AA- Southern

Tier IV- teams that have no shot at averaging 20k over 5 years (23 teams)

1AA- everyone else
Indies- WKU
MAC- UB, BGU, Temple, Akron, Ohio, Kent St, Miami OH, Ball St, EMU
Sun Belt- FAU, FIU, Mid Tenn St, La Monroe, North Texas
WAC- La Tech, Nevada, SJ St, Utah St, NM St, Idaho

So the first two tiers would be eligible for the new D1A. The third tier has a good shot at getting the 20k requirement. However once in the new D1A, teams would need to sustain that 20k avg per game over a five year period. So those teams in Tier III would have to think long and hard about if they could get that 20k and if they are willing to commit to D1A FB.

So now that we have a pool of 101 teams, what do we do with them. Well friends that is for next time.

Over and out

King Otto III

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